Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hope Regained

15"x27", tea stained cloth, machine stitching, assorted embroidery, trim from a scarf, beads and equations written in ink.
This is the biblical story that tells of the wandering in the desert where hope and faith in finding water might be lost. The answered prayer is discovering an oasis where it offers the abundance of 12 springs becoming a grateful and joyful celebration!
 I developed this piece as an ancient map, a traveling scroll placing location and distance to each spring. One being a spring covered in yellow flowers, another reflecting morning stars and one with vines surrounding a fish pond...12 in all!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Almost Forgotten

Looking in my shed for a frame and I came across this large collage. All my work has my personal story but this one has strong details...like a prayer remembered. I unframed it and will store it in a better and safer place. It is mostly magazine collage with addition of gold and silver leaf with watercolor here and there.
Still working on a large stitched piece inspired by Bruce Feiler "Walking the Bible".  The piece represents one of the many oases in the 40 year exodus.