Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here I am!

12"x14, painted cloth, hand cut stamp, copper beaded letter, copper sheet, digital photo copy, embroidery and machine stitching, beaded fringe.

The letter Hay featured has the sound of breathing effortless sound. This letter begins many holy and special words. My favorite is the call 'Heneini' which means 'Here I am". A letting go, a complete availability to the one who calls.

The copper sheets for the wings was once a heart shape in an art book I made several years ago. It was great to re-purpose the heart into wings.The small straight stitches in the bottom section has two small x' way of marking my place in 'Here I am'. I placed a close up view...I seem to go from perfect stitching to loose machine stitching/drawing...trying for the ancient scribe...the found fragment. I have one more letter to go and I will have completed seven Hebrew letters in this scribe has been a great experience and a huge lesson in trusting my process.

Happy Spring! Drought or no drought, I'll enjoy this beautiful dry spring and savor the flowers still  able to bloom. I'll use grey water and enjoy some potted color plants too!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello Yellow

A mixture of yellow... the first one is a monotype using a gelatin base from my "sacred vessel series". The second one is a gathering of experimental stamped squares, adding stitches, beads and tossing in my stamp palm trees! The third one is my favorite...a wedding veil as in a found fragment. The base is painted cloth that was at one time a curtain. The bottom prints of olive tree leaves  pressed into a gelatin base and attached with silver thread. The beads are clear  and turquoise and silver. It draws me into a dream of desert weddings with beaded veils...mystery. For the fun of visiting more 'YELLOW' sites stop by Julie and Jennifer for links.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sparks of Heaven

13"x15", cotton cloth, hand stitching, silver beads, stencil created with molding paste, silk photo transfer (Dead Sea Scroll), silver leaf, blue trim.
The letter Tsadi (four examples above) is a letter of commands beginning in words that are about doing good deeds and repairing the world with healing efforts. Turning back even and revisiting past mistakes. Beautiful concepts of mending divine sparks.

I tried applique' for the first time with the letters, ironing a thin fabric to the painted cloth and then stitching. I needed to hand stitch this whole piece because I created a raised stencil (molding paste) and I was worried the needle would break if I tried to machine stitch.

Update: Well, Spring is almost here and we didn't get the rain we had so hoped for...I'm losing two large tree like shrubs and will miss not only the privacy but also sharing living space with the little neighborhood birds. I know others have too much snow and rain and here I am complaining...need to follow my mothers advice: Bloom where you are planted.