Monday, January 30, 2012

Callisto's Heart

14"x14" acrylic, collage, mylar, stencil, wax thread on paper, oak stain.

The mythology of Callisto is a similar story when connected to Jupiter/Zeus. It begins with jealousy, betrayal, illegitimacy, almost matricide and ending with magic and revenge...ahhh a day with the Zeus family! Not one to use heart shapes in my work I surprised myself when I found this old mylar heart in my collage box. It seemed to be perfect and I got past my resistance and added it to the mix....a possible heart totem. Also added wood stain to unify the colors?!

The actual moon of Callisto is airless and the most cratered place in the solar system with one huge crater that is completely iced over. 

We took our trip south to the Monterey and Carmel area where we relaxed with beautiful surroundings and winter sun. Found a breakfast place in Pacific Grove that served a fabulous frittata. No complaints...great place to sit and watch the waves.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Excavation of Ganymede

15"x15", acrylic, oil pastel, gold leaf and collage.
Ganymede is one of the four large moons of the many moons of Jupiter and the first one I thought I'd explore. There is the dark side of the moon, the unseen and excavation would be a great idea. Some photographs show long grooves on the surface very much like giant raked areas so there is plenty of mystery. I added the bird  sitting on the scaffolding because the mythical God Jupiter/Zeus is famous for disguise!

A trip to Carmel is in my near future and I have no plans for excavation there beyond placing my toes in the sand. If it rains...I'll need to step up the shopping and or coffee/bakery stops!

Happy New Year of the Dragon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heat and Smoke

18"x18" acrylic, digital fabric transfer, paper collage, clear tar gel, wax thread on paper.

One last look at the asteroid belt and the myth of Icarus. Here I've placed the wings moving downward with stitching and a faint dark blue color at the bottom of the piece. Used the clear tar gel as a glaze and wax thread for the stitching. I could create with wings all day...something about that feeling of flying or maybe a universal call to angels with massive white wings. Wings of any kind or color make a beautiful image to me.

Leaving and moving out to the area of Jupiter where the heat and light from the sun is very very far away. Here the light is created by strange mix of gasses, electrical storms...light created from within you might say.

I'm so slow with my computer but I finally bought an iPod and I'm enjoying all my tunes in one well as growing my playlists! Shopping at iTunes and listening to so many radio stations....where have I been.... in a cave?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Floating in Asteroid Field

18"x18' acrylic, oil pastel, paper collage (one of my re-purposed pieces)and black gesso.

Most days in the summer I go to the neighborhood pool to float about watching the sky, the occasional seagull passes overhead and sometimes way up high a silver jet. I began day dreaming on what a difference it might be floating in a dark crowded asteroid belt. I'm sharing below some of what I have written in my journal and what inspired me in creating this piece.

Black alley with shapes misshapen
Rumbling along this narrow passage
Sounds of collisions safely behind or possibly ahead
No wheel for steering, no wing for rising
What was thrust into this debris filled orbit is both purposeless and random
A ride unsupervised by wise eyes
Mindless sounds of THUD, THWACK, SMACK, SPLAT AND SPEW!!!!!

I used a loose grid and a few feather like shapes in this rather dark piece. Not sure if it's a keeper but I'm having my artist/mentor, Lisa dropping by Monday morning so I will get her take on this and also show some other new works. Maybe more splat and spew?