Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love Amulet

"Love Amulet" 5"x10", painted cloth, tassels, pearl beads, wedding ring charm, gold leaf, embroidery and machine stitching, gold paper and molding paste.
Taking on the tools of the Amulet Maker in this one as well as my own story. According to Chinese Horoscope, I (monkey) am compatible with dragons. I've loved both dragons and snakes so I guess I've followed ancient suggestions. I created the snake/dragon with molding paste using a hand cut stencil. There were breaks with the paste while drying so I used gold leaf as a patch. The tear drop pearls are from a pair of earrings and the wedding ring set from a very old charm bracelet. Putting these amulets together using what is at hand has been such a good running to the store for more beads or threads. The top piece changed so many times as I couldn't find a color or print that worked for me and then ...this fabric showed up in one of my three fabric bins and I just knew it would be fine...funny how this all works in matters of the heart and art making.

Friday, August 14, 2015

"Money Enough"

41/2"x8", satin, tea stained cotton, machine and hand stitching, narrow rope trim, coins from an old pair of earrings, sepia ink for distressing.

This piece had many beginnings in composition as well as materials but invariably this work evolved into choices that changed outcome from beginning starts. Patterned after Moroccan neck purses this piece represents the need for protection and money attraction. It is one of my ongoing prayers and a protective amulet is always welcome.Trying for universal and personal is an amulet makers challenge!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

'Night into Day'

6"x7", bleached, flour resist, stencil cotton, polka dot trim, beads, machine stitching.

As a new amulet maker, I created one for me from one of my all time on going prayers of 'peace at home, night through day'. The beads represent natural protection, seeds, shells, pearls and crystals. I have since added crystals scattered on the surface. Key for amulet makers is to use what is at hand ...the polka dots at first seemed too crafty but I let go of that as polka dots give me a smile. It is created to turn from night into day and hard to see but the black is sheer with specks of metal over a purple cloth. I'll create a few more with cloth and then maybe switch over to clay?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

'Angel Speak'

So much looking back this summer. This oil paint on paper piece was created way back in the late 90's. Someone I loved had died that summer and I wanted to create a place...a meeting of the next phase.... So on a full moon, on a hillside, I created 'Angel Speak'. For me, a launch of a new winged angel, a way for me to let go of the overwhelming grief.