Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Traveller's Altar

12"x18", tea stained cloth, assorted printed cloth, stamped cloth, paper, machine and hand stitching, ribbon and beads.
I believe this is my beginning of some new approaches and yet with my usual subject matter...still interested in the desert journey, antiquities of forgotten tribes and the forever love of cloth, beads and stitching. This piece represents (to me) a time when travel was measured with light weight burdens and that even altars and important documents needed to be rolled up and tied for safekeeping. I'd like to think of this cloth altar as a touchstone for the wayfarer: unrolling and saying prayers at the days end. Many rolled parchments have been found in clay jugs in caves as they were put there until the traveler would return.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Caravan Dreams

                                                         5"x11", "Caravan Dreams", walls are made of foam core & tape, Each wall carries a collaged circle form dismantled from an abandoned mixed media piece. Added assorted fabrics, machine & hand stitching and beads. The top dome has a Styrofoam base. the bottom legs (not seen) consists of three wooden spools from my grandmothers sewing tin. Inside is filled with red cloth and silver and black trim.
                                                     My inspiration started in fourth grade when our teacher read to us from a book about the adventures of Marco Polo. I was entranced! It became a favorite day dream...traveling ancient roads, trading silk, precious stones, beads, meeting Kublai Khan and later I continued these dreams to include camel caravans carrying incense through the desert.  None of these daydreams included robbers, dirt, heat, bad smells, etc...!
                                                        Each wall of this caravan box was a project in itself and then the connection to one another was also important. So it was like creating six pieces. I'm stopping the box series for now and going to pick up a project slower with less color, less demands...we shall see how long that will last?!