Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Equinox 2017

4"x4" each piece, tea stained cloth, rust stained cloth, printed fabric both stamps and sun printing, embroidery, pearl beads and assorted papers.
Part of my online class. I think I worked too fast and will try to slow down on the next assignment as this is truly about finding meaning in ones work. If I work too fast (being a good student) I will miss some of the depth of the lessons. First one is upper left piece,second to the right, bottom also left (3rd) and right is fourth with the center being the last...fifth. I'm enjoying the online class and especially like seeing others work and their take on assignments.
 Autumn is really here and my garden is changing.  I'm feeling all the ramifications of the changes both physical and spiritual...accepting this early darkness and morning chill.