Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heart and Head

I began new work on a large format using small circles but after much effort, quick fix, slow fix and plenty of starts and restarts, I decided to rip and cut and begin again. This piece is one of three 12"x12"from that earlier effort. Funny how plans change and the work has a way of demanding its own life. The three jewel like circles (again working with the theme of human and divine and the glow of that connection) on the left machine stitched red and gold cloth with an outline of aqua. The imagery on the right is from an old page from somewhere and found in my collage box. It is machine stitched to cloth, netting, felt with the addition of stones and plastic spiral. I like the aqua line and the black background, I rarely use a solid black but in this case I believe a kind of serenity is achieved? All in all I like it and it came from such earlier struggling on my part...lesson given hopefully lesson learned...listen to my heart more than my head.
I am still recovering from my hospital stay...Pablo is a great caregiver and this spring weather is better than all the pills. I have been sitting on the deck just "breathing in" fresh air and fresh hope. It is also the NBA playoffs so there are plenty of games and some excitement. Our favorite team, the Warriors didn't make the playoffs...bummer. I'm not working very long in the studio but I am staying connected to my journal...writing, another healing force.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last of Three

Well here is the last beauty of the three. The red is greyed down and even more so with the scratched silver leaf. I think the circle collage is strong in this one, showing many textures and the silver thread very clear. It has a framing quality and the lines below still talk to me like time markings but I could be wrong? I like the circle on the left side...saying moon, saying round repetition of the circle in the square...human and divine. None of these three came under the category of huge struggle. I don't mind when some work develops with an easy hand and eye rather than frenzy overly trying. I think all three look good together but each one also holds its own. The other night I passed by them in the late evening in the studio with the lights dim and I was so surprised at their strength and quiet beauty...luminous with dark places.
I am on shaky ground today as well as the past two weeks. Do you ever have those times in your life when everything is perfect and then.....!?! Getting this blog up this winter has been my thrill and meeting and marrying Pablo soul enriching.With that said, I just spent 10 days in the hospital and our life has been turned around like a spinning dial? I'll spare you the details but we are still looking for places to land.

The blog just may not flourish as I had hopped , it may take more time than expected and I may need to learn a truckload of patience. Reporting I am still here, Pablo too ,a wide circle of loving friends has appeared and our dance of recovery begins. Love the blog!