Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time in Four Parts II

A blue heart with a clock...I never thought I'd paint a heart but I surprised myself on this one. In reviewing my writing, it seems I was focused on relationships of the heart and the ongoing ticking of allotted time in matters of the heart. With this one, I painted fast and with my eyes almost closed...never easy dealing with the heart. Mostly acrylic and some collage.

Confession: I watch "Project Runway" on Bravo, Wednesday nights. I'm not all that interested in the contestants or the emotional flare-ups. What fascinates me are the challenges and the burst of creative resolution...not always successful but I so enjoy the effort. Lately I've been getting ready to begin new work and a personal challenge is what I need. Also some boundaries and a timetable. These lazy summer days have my mind and heart buzzing on what's next!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lucky Day Yesterday

I received this award from San at A Life with a View...she said, "The Blog whose title is Just Plain Fun to Read. And the blog is every bit as beautiful." Thank you San! I have enjoyed having this blog and feel it has enriched my life. I welcome all visitors to take the time to click on each site at my Favorite Blogs. I believe you will find a great collection of blogs created by unique,smart,talented and humorous women who have sites that are Just Plain Fun to Read!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm loving this summer but can't help but notice the calendar...July 17th already!!
The canvas to the right is part of a four part series on personal time...time issues I've written about over the years. It is difficult to read the collaged words:
On this dark sky night
Relinquishing Living Promises
I placed the words as to be falling, a letting go. These words came from writing about my marriage vows...I was a widow and clearly having difficulty accepting that the vows had ended.
On a different note...I bought a metal rolling cart with drawers and I've been organizing my small art supplies, pencils, ink, charcoal etc.... what a great feeling of accomplishment! I can't believe how I hold on to unnecessary things, just junk! I come by this problem from both my parents. When I was cleaning out their house, I found such stuff! There were unimportant receipts way back to the time of my birth! The house never looked bad but underneath and in the closets were boxes and files of PAPER! I have found moving as a great way to clear out the unwanted collections or in this case buying a really great looking cart!

Monday, July 7, 2008


A garden complete with tile, palm tree, windows and a singing duet. A place to stop, pure pleasure, soft morning light or afternoon breeze...a place to come back to, yard, patio, home. The song is also simple, not looking forward or back but timeless serenade. This is the beginning and ending this is the call, this is the sanctuary of needed rest, available heart, available song.
Writing is a big part of my art making. It leads me to the imagery and sometimes defines the images. I'm in a place in my life where I still love painting but I'm no longer as interested in building a career. I have kept a journal well over 25 years...almost daily writing. It has served as my true sanctuary, my mentor and my learning tool. I wrote the above piece shortly after gluing down the two yellow birds. It gives me joy.