Friday, August 28, 2009


For some strange reason I can't get on the Internet...I am posting this from Pablo's computer. I have contacted my server and that didn't help because it seems to be a firewall problem. Any way my Computer Guy is coming on Tuesday so I won't be posting for a few days. I can receive comments but not able to post them. So talk amongst yourselves and I will be back on Tuesday late afternoon.
Kitchen Update: Painting will be done today and Monday they take out the old countertop! Slow but moving along.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Walls: Art Hanging Over Our Bed

36" x 36" canvas, "Dawn" acrylic, photo collage, oil pastel. I believe the painting of Dawn and Dusk could be a lifetime project for me. I have made hundreds of sketches (mostly abstract), written poems and researched poetry written on this subject. For me it is celebration and completion...big subjects. In this "Dawn" I placed gateposts on either side as an entrance to dawn, the lotus buds to speak of beginning life, the bird for the song of a new day, a clock representing the time allotted to the gift of a day, the sun rising over my longboat filled with my portion of light. The photo of the lamb...for the lamb of G-d. Symbol for me but universal as well. This painting hangs above our bed and four other paintings share the same wall. I change my art work around, usually with the change of seasons.
Studio work is impossible this week and I've come to terms with this simple fact. I have no complaints as things are moving along rather smoothly. Painting today and tomorrow and old sink and countertop removed on Monday. New countertop by the end of next week and then appliances and plumbing. Now that they are painting the pressure is off me...I can't tell you how many paint swatches I have collected...after awhile they all look the same. Too late now, the paint is going on today!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kitchen Art

A couple pieces of my kitchen art or art hanging in my kitchen. The first one measures 10"x10" paper, copper leaf, photo, oil pastel and copper wire. The second piece measures 9"x15" paper, silver tape, fork and knife, photos taken in Vienna and CA. Both have been hanging in my kitchen for several years and now time for a change. Also the chili peppers are dusty, the garlic rope is old and the my childhood 40's dishes need a good cleaning. I have just a little wall space and now the green walls will be a shade of yellow so it will be fun adding new things to the walls. I'm getting ahead of myself as they are today removing the old appliances.
I'm still working on my silk purse piece posted August 16th. I did add silver leaf and shiny red stones. I'm seeing an ancient dashboard? Surely one would need a dashboard on one's ancient ship or chariot...surely instruments of star gazing, dials and directional pulls. I'm dreaming again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Walls by Pablo

Two gifts Pablo received years ago from a Japanese client. In Japanese culture it is traditional to bring a gift when you visit someone. The fan is made in Korea and the ball is from Japan. Pablo wanted to display these gifts and I was stumped as to where. We decided to place them on the wrought iron curtain rods as an extra ornament and it added a touch of red to an otherwise green/tan living room. I also think they have a fun festive quality. I have a red bird (fake) in
a nest in the chandelier for more red but that's another story!
Kitchen update: Today begins the scraping and patching of cabinet walls and the start of painting the base coat...the cabinets will be painted "muslin" off white. I'm writing this to the tune (errr noise) of the saw doing some outside repairs. Not much in the studio today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silk Purse Syndrome

I think it is a real syndrome because I suffer from it! Too many years buying dumpy houses and remaking them (on a budget) into homes. One house we bought had Coppertone appliances and pink Formica? I ended up changing the obvious and adding browns, beige's, spots of red with chocolate sushi curtains. So now I started this piece and it quickly became confusing and washed the silk purse syndrome kicks in. It measures 18"x18" on paper, acrylic, collage. I know I will add a compass and other collage and so far I only like the black and white edges so I have a challenge. I believe, (clicking my sandal heels)I believe I can find a home here?! Wish me luck!
Kitchen remodel update: I've researched consumer reports against my checkbook and shopped around. I've ordered disposal, sink, dishwasher and cooktop. Not top of the line but with the blessing of CR as good products. Randy (contractor extraordinaire) is making new cabinet doors and drawer fronts...his son will do the painting. Next is counter top and I think granite is not in my budget...I'm still looking!

Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

I received this award from Rosie of
ruminations, rambles and reflexions . This is not easy for me. 1. I am not a very random type person. 2. I am rather shy and private 3. This blog has been primarily an art blog but it is a lovely award from a great blogger and I will just try my best. Taking a Deep Breath:
1. Began my life in Northern CA, Lived in NY,NJ moved to Los Angeles, Northern CA, Central CA and now the beach Santa Cruz CA. Altogether 11 houses as we moved around in some locations...even counting a cabin in Groveland CA. I spent a lot of time making houses into homes.
2. I have two handsome adult sons, unmarried and living in CA. One in Central and the other in Los Angeles area.
3. I was a widow and met my current husband on Yahoo personals in 2004 and we married in 2006. He is a writer and lives in the den!ha I live in the studio and paint...we have a happy life together.
4.I rented my first art studio space in the 80's for $100. No heat, no air and water and bathroom shared down the hall...I was my happiest ever!
5.I created an installation in a gallery titled "Where has the Goddess Gone"" A small alcove filled with belongings of the Goddess?!
6.I took my only cruise called the "Path of the Vikings" It began in England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, New Foundland, Halifax and ported in Boston. No raping and pillaging was allowed but we had great fun at the buffet table! ha
7.I had a 10 day stay in hospital in May 2008 with complications from a chronic pulmonary problem I've had since late childhood. I was sent home in the care of hospice. I rested, prayed, had love and support from countless friends and family, ate good food, a little morphine and I improved! I was taken off hospice care in July 2008...I blogged the whole time so I can say blogging was one of my cures. I am very careful, exercise, carry antibiotics and the doctor says I am a miracle. I am grateful for my life, I paint and know on the deepest level...Life is Good!
Rather than pick 7 people for this award I would like to invite anyone who would like to be a part of this sharing to let me know and I will set up a link. Whew, I am now breathing again...not so bad after all....thanks Rosie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That's It!

"Ukraine Circus" 18" x 18" Rives BFK, acrylic, paper and cloth collage including, cotton, trim and cheesecloth. photo transfer, oil pastel. This piece has had many starts and stops but I feel complete now. The always directing me on my art journey, forwards as well as backwards. Years ago as newly widowed, I had a profound dream that the roof had blown off our home (no hidden meaning there?) and I looked over the living room wall to see a herd of elephants passing by in a row...the elephants were very light, almost unreal. (meaning?) I had created the torn paper elephants ages ago but never found a place for them until now. My first mother in law was from the Ukraine and had told stories so the whole thing seems (to me) to fit with the red and green of festive carts and wagons as well as old buildings and spectacular churches of old Russia. All in all it's a piece that is connected to me and when that happens I'm moved to a better and sweeter place. I like it.
About my exercise: My mileage on the stationery bike is over 340 which means I have metaphorically passed the cotton fields and oil wells of Bakersfield and am now cycling over the "grapevine" towards the Los Angeles basin. Haven't even broken a sweat! ha
Tonight's dinner: Cobb Salad. I wonder who created the Cobb Salad...anyone know?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Afternoon Iced Chai and Mocha

This is Deena a couple of weeks ago in my studio preparing a monotype. We worked a couple of hours printing an assortment of prints...raw material for further development. It really isn't that dark fact I have an overhead skylight?! Tomorrow we will check in by phone around 11am and then begin work in our spaces for a couple of hours with the intention of meeting late in the afternoon with our results. A way to jumpstart some new work!
Yesterday, I met with another friend, Florie to catch up on our lives and work. We both had ordered the "Art Revolution" so we discussed what we have learned....neither of us have gotten very far in the book...actually we had both enjoyed reading "transformations: from chaos to order " by artist Kathleen Canover. The demonstrations pages that followed have us both intrigued and we will give it a try. Funny these ideas are not new to either of us but it is so easy to forget and so we will see how to incorporate these tools into our new work. Florie is driving over to Virginia City, Nevada to view the wild horses in their natural habitat. She is staying a few days...bringing charcoal and sketchbook and returning Wednesday. I'll be anxious to hear of her adventures! She also shared a new book "Acrylic Revolution" I need to order that one too! ha.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting On and on & on

Same paper...I just keep painting on and on and on. More acrylic, collage and oil pastel. Actually I'm mostly satisfied with the color and all I need do is five or six different things and I just might finish this one! Silly me!
Tomorrow I will meet the contractor at the granite store and we will pick out our new counter top. We need to upgrade the kitchen so here we hell!! Actually I feel very confident and we are doing bare minimum...cabinet & drawer fronts, new sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove top and counter top...! Wish me luck!
I was honored to be chosen for a "Stroke of the Brush Award" meme by Rosie over at ruminations, rambles, reflexions
I will post again tomorrow!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Disjoint

Funny how in between studio work leaves me "lost". The only thing that has stayed a constant in this work is the photo collage of the compass at the bottom right hand corner. This is on paper, 18"x18" acrylic, collage and oil pastel. I've never had an easy time with green so here is one of my challenges. I knew of an artist that worked on one painting for several years! I do find my journal helpful so I'll keep plugging away...not for years but I will keep at it!!
"Art Revolution" arrived the other day (suggested by Leslie) and it has a beautiful cover.Friday I'm meeting my friend Florie for coffee and a mini book review as we both have ordered the same book...should be fun!
On a personal note I'm making yogurt in my trusty Salton yogurt maker. I'm going to add honey and it should be a great compliment to all the abundant fruit selling at the Farmer's Market.
Good start for August.