Monday, March 1, 2010

Yupo: TIME

8"x8", Yupo paper, acrylic, collage and ink. I placed this mosaic to better see the progress of this adventure in Yupo. What did I learn? This paper can handle lightweight fabric and paper collage. Glazing worked well or at least I'll try it again.
Below is the 'conversation' that I wrote as I began this piece and referred to as I painted. I'm looking forward to creating nine more and I have topics to consider from 'forgiveness' to' choices' to 'belonging'...nine in total!

I have also finished my last of the three large pastel pieces having to do with wings and my long standing meditation. I had a place in mind to hang these three...a lovely restaurant with smooth concrete walls. I was willing to approach the owner with my photos and I planned on special framing. Alas, the restaurant has closed...sign of the times. So now I will photograph and then carefully store them in a safe place unframed until I see a place that will work.


In space
Where cares are few
In light
Where all is seen
In circles
Where movement is guaranteed
Counting what has been
Counting on what will be
Black marks making secret wishes
Is there time?
Time enough for me?


  1. Fabulous work so very vibrant. I love your words too.
    I never actually think of words when I'm working, I might give this a try.

  2. I love the way you have been able to respond to the changes (restaurant closing) and look for another appropriate spot to show this work Mary Ann. I especially love your questions to yourself and the universe - is there time?

  3. Sorry about the restaurant
    But it must hang somewhere where there is energy..generous energy
    Loved the poem about time

  4. happy that there is time enough...
    THESE ARE DELICIOUS works on the yupo...tasty, lively, vibrant...telling time.

  5. Yupo seems to be catching on. Your work here is lovely.

  6. Yupo seems to be catching on. Your work here is lovely.

  7. I just love seeing you using yupo in a new way! These are fabulous, and the poem is wonderful.

  8. Though you have given many clues by sharing your process there is still a sense of mystery about this piece which is wonderful.

  9. wonderful to see your process and the piece is so very rich and beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  10. Wonderful evolution of thought and pattern.

  11. beautiful progression - your colors as always, so wonderfully rich :)

  12. Ooohhh . . . these are amazing! What the heck is Yupo anyway? Who cares if these are the results. Your poetry is wonderful, catches that sense of fleeting time --

  13. How good these all work together. Will you framed them together? Yes, and finding the right place to show the art work to its advantage is such a concern. Best wishes on that.

  14. I loved checking out your posts, getting caught up after having been away.
    There absolutely will be a perfect place for these works.In time.
    I got so much out of your poem,,,thanks, Blue Sky.
    Gorgeous, intriguing work,,,makes me think about 'eating dessert first' for some strange reason.

  15. Your words are great Mary Ann, nice to see read what you are thinking, while your are working :)
    The YUPO intrigues me further...Jeane got me interested too. Have you printed onto it yet?

  16. Yupo can be so versatile and easy to make changes to-- nice to see the transitions and your words are wonderful

  17. I love your work here, and your words, "time enough for me?" Very moving. sending blessings. roxanne

  18. Ro, The words really lead and guide me and sometimes time the images take over and guide the words.

    Leslie, Thank you...In all these years alive...resiliency has been key to my happiness.

    Neva, Yes, time is enough!

    Suz, Yes, it was only perfect because I liked the concrete walls...there will be an even better place...!

    Zappha, Yupo seems to be on fire here in blogland! ha I'm glad you like this one!

    Elizabeth, Thank you, I'm going to continue playing with Yupo and I'm glad you like my words.

    Robyn, Oh great news...I always wanted to give mystery to my work...thank you.

    Cat, Thank you for stopping by...nine more to go!

    Pat, Thank you for such thoughtful remarks!

    Jeane, Thank you. I enjoyed the glazing very much and will keep at it on the next ones.

    Kelly, Yupo...kind of a plastic paper...interesting. Yes, fleeting time.

    Maggie, I only have the one...the last one as this was a progression of one piece. I had fun creating the mosaic.

  19. I love what you have done on one of my favorite materials, Yupo! It is magical stuff when you paint with watercolor on it. I have not tried any other medium. You have inspired me! You poem says so much. Thank you for sharing it.

  20. Babs, Glad to have you back and thanks for good words on my writing!

    Jo, Yes, printing on Yupo is on my list as well as staying with lightweight collage.

    Donna, Thank you for your comment and I hope to find the versatility in Yupo in the next 9 efforts.

    Roxanne, Thank you for your blessings and for your friendly voice!

    Eva, Now you have inspired my to try watercolor on this Yupo!

  21. Thank you for all of the info on using Yupo. It is interesting to find out that there are so many options. Exploration is the key and you always do that. Thanks again. Great information. Best to you, Sondra