Monday, March 15, 2010

Conversations from Within

A couple of examples of my continuing quest with Yupo. I'm working my way through my Yupo tablet. I've cut these down to 11"x11" and "conversations from within" is my guiding statement. Typically I've written some topics to these conversations and then it all changes...the writing, the dreams, meditations and beginning imagery truly determines the direction. I'm dancing a dance and after all these years, I'm finally understanding that it's impossible for me to always lead the way...give and take...! Jo of MYSTORY asked me if I had planned any printmaking on this Yupo. The gate looking image is a relief print using a very thin piece of foam core and the one that resembles an odd looking village is a fragment from a very old lino cut. I have plans to add collage, acrylic and inks so I'm beginning to make marks on these two.

My youngest son has plans to visit this week...hopefully we will have good weather, eat well and maybe shopping too. I hope he will help me rearrange stuff in my storage ongoing project and perfect for dry sunny days.


  1. I really like these, especially the tall gates, for some reason that I can't explain - just like their grid like shapes.

  2. Interesting... Do you always start with a guiding statement? Is the work based on something you've written? I like the prints so far...can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. I was attracted to these instantly as I love wood blocks prints or any kind of print. What a good way to start out, using the print first. Can't wait to see where these go.

  4. the image of the tall gates is really wonderful :)

  5. Instantly I got an image of a bridge from the bottom picture and then in a blink they were two whimsical and faceless grandfather clocks. Funny what we see. You will do something terrific, I'm sure!

  6. "Conversations from within" -- perhaps these gates evoke a sense of waiting on the threshold, of opening doorways, of movement outward? I like them. There's something about a vertical structure that resonates within. Looking forward to seeing how your journey continues!

  7. oh, very neat! and something which i've not done - really interesting to see - and to follow - thanks so much for sharing, as always!

  8. can't wait to see how these end up! am really enjoying your Yupo adventure!

  9. Love the tall gates
    this is very interesting
    love your conversations

  10. I'm so drawn to these pieces Mary Ann, and love the "conversations from within" guiding statement. The tall doors/gates are intriguing. They could lead anywhere ..... my mind is conjuring all sorts of vistas.

  11. Sons certainly fill the heart. I hope that this week all you plans turn out well.
    The little village, when I first looked at it, made me think of Cannery Row. And then I leaped to the thought that this was inspired by your trip to Moss Landing. Anyway, which ever way that it was inspired from, I like it. It is something a body could live with. I like wood blocks as well.

  12. OH!
    I'm loving this already! The very second it came up, I'm going: WOW.
    Love the series title,,can't wait to see where this goes on your Yupo trip!

  13. Mary Ann, this "continuing quest" feels meditative, essential. It is opening a gate, isn't it?

  14. Annie, Thank you, I like them too...!

    Sharmon, I always start at a place that holds my interest...heart based concerns and writing is a dialogue.

    Teri, I will write as I work, a little of one then the other.

    Jeane, Thank you...gates are an interesting image.

    Karen, I can well imagine the grandfather's a family thing!

    Kelly, I like everything you said and agree...thresholds, doorways are strong images.

    Gypsywoman, Always glad when you stop by...these are a challenge.

    Cat, Yupo has a luminous quality but it is plastic and so the saturation of ink is impossible.

    Suz, Thank you...the gates have interesting shapes.

  15. Robyn, Funny how a quick cutout has managed such fun imagining...I'm excited about the 'what's next' part too.

    Pat, Sons are the best...never had girls but I bet they are the best too.
    The village plate is about 20years old and I don't remember the inspiration but each day is new again!

    Babs, I'm jazzed about this fresh image and Yupo still is interesting too!

    San, Always nice when you drop over and 'understand' my efforts..thank you.

  16. strong light and dark shapes and contrasts-- love the theme behind the beginning of your work here.

  17. I'm not sure I understand your process, but that doesn't matter..the result is always so feels as if you will never stop growing..
    And..have a great visit!!

  18. Donna, Very stark black and white...I've just begun making it my own with collage and layers of paint.

    Lyn, These past few years have been a time for me to try all things new or at least things on my wish longer afraid of not knowing or the challenges of possibly failing...just too old to care!ha

  19. Hi there !
    Love your work !
    I,m so happy to have discovered you !

    B. Liv

  20. Liv, Thank you for stopping your work as well!