Friday, February 26, 2010

Heading towards the Finishing Line

Third photo of this "conversation' piece and I think I'll be finishing in the next approach. Each time one begins to work...all new challenges present themselves so I'm all talk...we shall see. When I am done, I hope to put these efforts together in a photo mosaic for display on the blog. Still working on 'Wings' series and will be ready to share a small peek...a photo of progress or's at a do or die place. ha

I promised to reveal 7 things about myself but this is about my third set of 7 reveals so I'm digging deep into my unusual claims to fame and or secrets or just more of me and my life. I think I'll need to decline awards as I am out of 'stuff' about me or at least 'stuff' I can print!

In no particular order: 1. In 2000 was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and surgery and radiation were required...I still keep a close watch. 2. At 58 I had a 'little work done'....lazer surgery and it refreshed my skin nicely....terrible burn recovery though. 3.I have forgotten how to swim so I float up at the pool using my reliable 'noodle'. 4.Lived in LA and husband worked in Beverly Hills...we met a ton of stars...even Lassie and The Lone Ranger! ha 5. For a short time served on a board of a woman's gallery in Sacramento, CA. 6. Lived in a Victorian House on a waterway with a small dock...enjoyed nature's critters. 7. Created an installation in a art gallery called 'Goddess Room???'


  1. It really is so nice to get to know you better...listen to me...we've hardly met! But it deepens the way I look at your artwork and read your posts..Thank you
    I love the shot of blue in your collage and time..oh yes time..that rascal

  2. Mary Ann---I am curious about you living in Sacramento and on a river way. Can you tell me about it? (Email if you don't want to divulge to public). And, what gallery was that? There used to be such a thriving art scene in Del Paso but now it has moved to downtown Sac where bigger galleries have moved in and promoted many artists. I love second Saturday there in the summer. Can't wait until it starts again. Were you close to any of the local artists that I might know? Great piece by the way. I am really fond of orange lately.

  3. Hi Mary Ann,

    Your work even looks better today, I already loved it yesterday. Can't wait to see its final look! I always wondered why American tourists use those foam 'thingys' when they are in the Caribbean sea: but they apparently all forgot how to swim, now I know ;-)!

  4. well, you have certainly had an interesting life so far and survived as well-- and shows in your wonderful work..

  5. When we look back isn't it amazing all the things we've done, been, tried, places we've lived and things we've been through.

    I've been using gauze in some of my encaustics, so interesting to see how you've incorporated it, and I love your saturated colors.

  6. Interesting facts about you; thanks for sharing them. I've been watching the progression of this new piece and I think it looks great! do you like the yupo?

  7. Beautiful art- looking forward to your photo mosaic! It was lovely of you to share these personal things about your life- you are strong and sensitive and your art reflects that!

  8. Wow, this is great! And you haven't finished. The colors and symbolism (that I see) seems like time and how when things get hot, time speeds up.
    How is that? I don't usually express my self in that way but this is terrific.

  9. mmmm, such a nice peek back at your life - and the colors in this piece are so striking and alive :)

  10. You are so much more than "all talk"..
    Your work grows in a beautiful way...

  11. Suz, Thank you, blogland is a special place for people to connect on many levels...especially art making. Our friendship feels real to me!

    Teri, I lived in Stockton on a fairly shallow waterway that was affectd by the tides but gated so no access to the deep channel to the bay. I drove to Sacramento and was a member of Matrix Gallery and workshop for women artists. They were located on I street but I know they relocated after I moved to SC.

    Regina, Thank you...I'm still working on it!
    Too funny about all the tourists floating with the 'noodle'!

    Donna, Some of my interesting life I could have done without! ha Actually, I agree, our lives inform our work.

    Lia, Some of the fun of living a long time is looking back and as you said remembering it all...interesting to me!
    Cheesecloth is the great collage go never seems to fail me in texture or line!

    Sharmon, I have only worked on this one piece so I'm not sure...I like the smooth texture but I also like to sand and find layers...I'll really know after I do the 9 more!

    Pat, The hot short fire of life?! Actually I have written the meditation down and hope to connect it to the piece.

    Jeane, Yes, a peek back but not to be lived again...I'm happy to move forward. I've been glazing color and it is getting bright!

    Lyn, Some of this work grows nicely but not I made a great 'save'...even Pablo was surprised! ha

  12. Good to see how the work is progressing. I'm with you on the awards front. It's always so hard to find things about yourself that you are happy to have online especially when you would rather be working!!!

    However, a part of me is just so jealous that you met one of my childhood heroes - Lassie!!

  13. Vibrant colors. strong and powerful. like LIa said, it is so amazing to look back on our lives and realize all the things that happened and that we worked through in one way or another. Prayers for many more eventful or non-eventful years, as you will.

  14. its funny but looking at this in the tiny snapshot version before i opened the post it almost looked like one of mine with those little rectangles on top.

  15. More layers uncovering the mystery of Mary Ann. From reading your blog I had a feeling that you were bohemian at heart, an adventurer given the chance and definitely romantic.
    Your new piece is progressing nicely..... I also like the touch of blue in the glorious orange.

  16. love the colors and textures of this piece, mary ann! i've been needing some hot red-orange in my daily life here in this blizzard alley! and great post, with all the little tidbits of self exposed! ;)

  17. what a gorgeous piece, I really love the saturated color and texture!

  18. Dear Mary Ann,

    I am glad you have documented the various progressions of your art work, as I like looking at how another artist goes about their creativity and now to your list.

    I am sorry to learn that you had cancer . A very good friend of mine for the last 29 years underwent a double mastectomy a couple of years ago. I myself had stage 3 cancer in 2004, requiring surgery. I was lucky because I did not require Chemo.

    I take it you are doing fine now and that there has been no reoccurrence.

  19. I love that you often have clock faces appearing in your work - or a peek at a clock face. :-) Do you identify with the hands of a clock sweeping around and the comforting symbolism that there will be another tomorrow, again and again - life is continuous? Is this piece more orange or red - hard to tell from my monitor. Love it!

  20. Annie, Thank you...the glazing is getting away from me...darker and darker.
    Sit down please,I actually met several Lassies (for training purposes) but only one Lone Ranger (he kept his mask on always?)ha

  21. Suki, Finding printable memories of my life is getting harder and harder! ha
    The little thumbnail photos can be eyecatching.

    Robyn, I like that..bohemian...sometimes I was Mrs. executive wife too and that was a challenge! ha

    Gypsywoman, Yes, a little orange would help in a white out blizzard!

    Cat, The glazing has been interesting and a lesson in patience!

    Egmont, Yes, thank you, I am doing fine...!
    Today I will try the mosaic of the photos...I like progressions too.

    Karen, Today this piece lends itself towards orange/purple.
    Time is a big issue in my work...I'm always seeing time running out...a little of your Grandfather's view!ha

  22. OOH ... I really like this Mary Ann!