Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Wings of Home"

38"x38" acrylic, collage and soft pastel. 'Wings of Home' is the last in my series about wings and meditation. So each are related in color and or shapes to a butterfly from my color plate book. These markings are from a butterfly from South America. I approached this many different ways and each time had to begin again. The center area is rich with texture from all the changes. I added polka dot trim as I find butterflies sometimes fanciful.( Here in Santa Cruz we are the winter home for the Monarch butterfly and it is a special treat to find them by the thousands clinging to a tree in some special viewing areas. ) I also added a coat of brown glaze before I added the seems to give a muted ancient look as Home to me is a state of mind. I used a thick layer of soft pastel and loved the pure color application but it took hours to clean up all the excess powder in the studio. I'm taking a break from my love- hate connection to pastel and will return later to these beautiful colors.

Last night I took Pablo to a traditional pea soup and pancake dinner at Viking Hall here in town. They served two kinds of pea soup (yellow and green) brown bread, red potatoes and mustard with pancakes, lingonberry and creme for dessert!!! My father and grandparents immigrated to this country from Norway so I was familiar with the culture. Good food, friendly people and three accordion players playing the old songs! Pablo had a good time...had an interesting conversation with a young fellow from Sweden about his country...I enjoyed the pancakes!!


  1. Oh this is so beautiful...and it does have an ancient feel to it
    Well I never would have guessed that combo..pea soup and pancakes...Norway you say?
    You sound like you and Pablo really live life...wonderful

  2. this is so beautiful and I am fascinated by the dots on butterflies. I love going to the Butterfly Pavilion and being surrounded by them and their energy. your pancake dinner sounds interesting!

  3. Wings of Home has such a marvelous dream-like quality. The colors are perfect. Love-love it.

    Interesting pea soup and pancake combo. Sounds yummy.

  4. I love the way you celebrate every day life. What could be better? I love this large Wings piece Mary Ann.

  5. Mary Ann, this painting is fantastic!! It called to me from the thumbnail photo in my sidebar.
    Your pea soup pancake evening sounds like fun. You inspire me to go out and play more often.

  6. Greetings Mary Ann,

    Your outing and enjoying all this wonderful food has me thinking I should head on down again when I drop of my daughter and seek out the place you speak of and soak up a bit of Europe.

    I have enjoyed taking part in a visual journey in the creation of your artwork.

    Enjoy your Sunday,

  7. Gorgeous colours. There's a small Natural History museum just up the road from me which has the most eye stunning display of butterflies. Great that you can have a Norwegian night. Sounds geat.

  8. Mary Ann -- striking collage! I enjoyed reading about your love/hate relationship with pastels -- every so often, I pick them up and use with acrylics, but often they frustrate me! I sympathize with you (especially the clean-up) -- :-)

  9. this is beautiful. I have seen you around on some blogs I go to and thought I would stop by and say hi. Your work is lovely.

  10. the collage piece really is reminiscent of butterflies-- light and airy and colorful.

  11. I do like the rich texture you've described, and the muted rich hues. It's so true that "home is a state of mind." Perhaps instead of house shopping I should be looking for a good psychiatrist.
    I have a 2-layered box of soft pastels that I've had since the 1970's! I even took it to Spain with me when I moved there for a brief time. Haven't used them in years but would never part with them. I hear what you're saying about the dust.

  12. Wow, this is very impressive. It looks like the under structure of the world. Very, nice and compelling.

  13. this actually looks like a shelter - a home - again, your colors so rich - wonderful :)

  14. I loved enlarging, and seeing all the elements on top.
    Home,,whether for butterflies or pancakes,,,it's gorgeous!
    Rich color, interesting composition.
    I suppose dust is why I don't do pastels often, but I do love them. I have been getting the itch lately seeing a good bit of it around.Maybe tomorrow on the patio,,,it's supposed to be sunny and 70. YEEEEHAAAAAAAAW

  15. Suz, Thank you...I'm glad the 'old' feeling showed.
    The pancakes are like crepes with fruit and creme...very good!

    Cat, Yes, butterflies can be fascinating. I like to think of them as almost magical.

    Willow, I wanted it to be Wings of other things but 'home' kept coming works out like that sometimes.
    The topper was swirling mustard on top of the soup and of course, the dark rich bread!

    Leslie, Thank you, three large ones and I'm done for awhile...working small now!

    Robyn, Thank's amazing how good some work looks as a thumbnail?!

  16. this painting is incredible!! I love the complexity and many layers. I also love pea soup

  17. Egmont, Thank you for your thoughtful comments... a pleasure.
    Always nice to visit and discover another area such as this little beach town and surrounding

    Annie, Your neighborhood museum sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time. I'm fascinated by the markings of the butterfly!

    Kelly, You so know what I mean by 'clean up'! I'm pleased with having given them (pastel)another go around.

    Annie, So nice you have stopped by....welcome and please return anytime!

    Donna, Thank you...Butterflies hold a special place for me and I'm glad this piece expresses light and airy to you.

    Pat, Love your words...'an under structure for the world' least my world! Thank you.

  18. Louciao, I so understand your comment on not letting go of your box of pastels. I have limited space but I still hold on to these colors too...years!

    Jeane, A shelter, thank was a hundred different shapes... I finally stopped here.

    Babs, Enjoy your 70' on the patio...pastel or no pastel. Glad you enlarged this piece and took such a careful look...thank you.

    Suki, Thank you...home has many places and memories...err layers.

    kerrdelune, You gave me such a smile...thank you. I stop in at your site almost everyday...a true place to land.

  19. Oh, how I love your new piece and pea soup!The menu sounds as scrumptious and your creation. Lots of layers of good stuff.:O)

  20. gorgeous! But how do you get the pastel to stick to this?

  21. another beautiful picturestory you have created, mary ann - just beautiful! LOVE your work!!!

  22. Very 3 dimensional, almost like a Joseph Cornell box with cubbies filled of goodies. I like it.

  23. Eva, Yes lots of layers...not all intentional but layers anyway!

    Sharmon, I began with crackle in some areas with layers of 'combed' areas separating thick layers.

    Gypsywoman, Always like to when you visit...thank you!

    Maggie, Thank you...this piece had it's own way of becoming!

  24. It's and amazing piece.

    When I was growing up in Central Illinois, the Monarchs came to roost in our tiny town's (pop: 900) park. The maples were completely covered in shimmering orange and black. It was unforgettable.

    I've loved and abetted Monarchs all my life, planting milkweed and fennel to help them on their journeys.

  25. Dear Mary Anne, I love this piece, the color, the butterfly markings and the way you break up your painting. I love too, the idea of pea soup and pancakes, and that you are from norway... your blog is looking fantastic, including your sidebar pictures and slideshow... have a lovely evening and day tomorrow, roxanne

  26. I visited your Flickr site, loved the paintings.
    What are the dimensions?
    I must get back to colour!

  27. Patrice, Thank you. We are together on the love of Monarch butterflies!

    Roxanne,Thank you. Actually I'm planning on revamping the sidebar! My grandparents were from Norway...I'm far removed except the part about liking pea soup and pancakes!

    Janette, Thank you for the visit here and flickr...the 'Wings of Home' and the other two of the series are 38"x38".