Monday, March 29, 2010

Village Memories

I've re-posted the photo of the village lino cut from March 15th and now the result of that print is the 11'x11' piece in golds, greys, reds and black. My conversation began with the topic of memories and with the beginning of adding acrylic the print started lifting, floating and smearing while I began dabbing, blotting and wildly brushing. It was a back and forth effort at which point I added linen, plastic netting, photo collage to finish the 'scene'. It feels like a memory...not mine but maybe a memory floating in the cosmos. I'd much rather work in the abstract but this little village was a fun distraction.
The other photo is of a crochet matzos cover I made a few years ago for my holiday table. My crocheting had some major flaws so always the artist, I sewed on leaf applique' to hide the obvious errors and painted the leaves with fabric paint...added beads and a linen backing! Speaking of holidays....Happy Holidays and Spring Joy to each and every one!


  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    Lovely piece! Great that we can click and see more of the details. Very interesting the way the photo of the village merges into the gold. Really neat results with the gold paint. I really enjoy this.
    Thank you for sharing your process and thoughts.
    Happy Holiday to you,

  2. I like how you've developed the village lino cut but I also like the clean lines of the lino cut as is. Different memories of the same village.

  3. a really interesting piece Mary Ann - love the colors, as always :)

  4. I like the moody sky above the buildings, but I also love the original village and the sense of huddling there. It reminds me of wood cut illustrations in fairy tale books.

  5. Hi !
    Looks great both paintings , village and gates !
    Like the way you work -- to inspirations for me and others !

    B. Liv

  6. I love the linocut and so interesting to see how it melded into the final piece. Happy Passover.

  7. These pieces are so rich in texture..just want to feel the beauty..and "find the matzo"! Happy Holidays!!

  8. I adore the light
    you have added to the windows
    Happiest of Holidays
    and you made me laugh with the mistake hiding !!
    even when covered it is still there for us...what a lesson

  9. Crochet - now you area talking my language. Ha! Your repair via adornment is lovely. I will have to remember that trick. It's wonderful how nothing is wrong with your work - you just take what you've got and further develop it. Beautiful.

  10. amazing how you transformed that simple linocut! and your "salvaging" of the crochet cover is amazing, too!

  11. I love the village in both it's lives. The starkness in the black and white is stunning, but the richness in the colors of the collage are wonderfully effective.
    As is the texture.
    (making lemonade)
    Happy Passover, BlueSky!

  12. And now the matzo cover is a true work of art. It looks so lovely and holy.
    And you kept working on the village. I am so glad you did. We all have our "village" stuck in our memories and this "painting" brings these memories out.

  13. Spring joy back to you and I love the leaf solution... I always tell my students that mistakes are opportunities for embellishments and you have illustrated that beautifully! your piece is wonderful btw!!

  14. Sondra, I so like enlarging to catch details. Thank you...the lifting of the print (not my idea) created the fuzzy connection with the gold.

    Robyn, Thank you...developing the village piece was a lot like blotting...the ink ran all over! ha

    Jeane, Thanks Jeane, I'm really into variety with this yupo.

    Annie,Glad you like the moodiness of the sky...I am crazy for fairy tale books.

    Liv, Thanks...these gates and old village prints have been interesting.

    Suki, Melding or melting...there was plenty of ink running! ha
    Thank you for the holiday wishes!

  15. Lyn, Thank you for noticing the texture! Last night there were 8 little children "looking for the matzo" !! ha

    Suz, Thank you. I think the leaf addition was the most fun!

    Karen, You so get me! That is my philosophy in short form!!

    Kelly, Desperate measures for desperate situations! ha

    Babs, Thank you...good holiday...ate so much!

    Pat, Beautifully said..."we all have our 'village' stuck in our memories"

    I cut the applique leaves out of old curtains...I love fixing things! ha

  16. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thanks for your comments on my curry chicken post. Please don't hesitate to ask for mild food at an Indian restaurant!! In my opinion a Lamb biryani would be a delicious start. Side dishes: raita (cucumber with yoghurt, very refreshing) and some naan will be perfect. In fact anything that is mild and is prepared with eg. coconut, lentils, tomatoes etc will be a good start. Just feel free to ask, you are not alone! Of course I have gotten quite acustomed to very spicey food over the years and mostly the waiter is quite surprised that I say I want it very spicey (I don't look that way :-), so maybe I'm not the right person to ask; but in general they adjust the taste to 'the surroundings'. Enjoy!

  17. hello you,

    i love the rawness of the atmosphere above the city air

    happy spring.
    sunlight and warmth into your bones!

  18. "A memory floating in the cosmos." A graceful turn of phrase that fits this piece perfectly.

    And I adore your inventiveness with crochet mishaps! There's a life lesson there, Mary Ann.