Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Completed Gates

I'm four into my proposed ten pieces of working with acrylic, collage and ink on Yupo. I've decided to change my approach as I cannot keep trying to layer on this 'plastic paper'. The print of the gates 'lifted' as I added layers of color.
This first piece measures 11"x11", acrylic, collage and ink print. The meditation or conversation was about openings, new beginnings and so these gates have a feeling of opening. I added the black netting so as to focus on the center area.
The next image, also 11"x11" has the gates printed over a cloth collage and the meditation was about counting...all the counting I seem to do in a day...I wrote in ink with my left hand the numbers up to 8 and the bottom lines are as marks of time for me.
I like how as an artists we ask ourselves to be inventive, to take risks and all in all I'm playing well but again I'll need to change up my approach to this wonderful opaque paper. I believe I will need to work faster and allow the 'inner conversations' to be quick one word prompts...motivation to move forward with color etc...Wish me luck!


  1. Fabulous work and fabulous colours with the added bonus of meaning as well. I love the way you plan your work, I tend to just see what happens, which isn't always successful.

  2. Such colors!

  3. I love the first one the best but that is only because red and black are my two favorite colors! I like the concept of the gates and the numbers: 8's are my lucky numbers. I count everything! It seems silly sometimes but it is just a habit (or maybe an OCD response--not sure). Interesting how you challenge yourself to do a certain amount or a certain theme. I am not that good at keeping my word with myself.

  4. These are great. Love the netting, and your marks so interesting!
    I'd say the second is my favorite, but it's only the color choices,,as they are both very nice compositions.
    Congrats on reaching your Mexican destination in the previous post. That's quite an accomplishment!

  5. Very nice - lots of dynamism.

    I'm not much of a fan of Yupo. I watched two different artists working in watercolor on Yupo - and I found the results were controlled more by the characteristics of the paper than by the intent of the artist.

    Maybe I'm just a control freak!!

  6. I am enjoying your conversations with yourself. I like where they are leading your art. Trust, baby, trust!

  7. mmmm, I really like the second piece - yupo a bit tricky huh!

  8. Hi There !
    Love your colours and your exiting works !
    Do not think I know What yupo is?
    best from Liv

  9. I love these images. so evocative. i like the first one best really due perhaps to the lifting. makes it look worn.

  10. You have my wishes and it looks like you are already doing it. Really like the idea and the looks of the "Gates". This is good!

  11. Ro, Success is illusive...plans, hopes it all can fall apart...just finding the time for art making is success for me.

    Suz, Thank you...these gates have been speaking to me.

    Teri, I find everyday life just demands counting and keeping track.
    The number 8 is my lifelong number as well!

    Babs, Thank you...the netting held my lemons...who knew?
    I'm in the regular exercise groove so Canada here I come!

    Patrice, Sounds about right for has its own properties and the artist is left to react.

    Louciao, Shorter conversations and quicker painting time for the next few yupo pieces! yes, trust!

    Jeane, That is putting it mildly...tricky, yes, very!!

    Liv, Thank you...Yupo is a plastic paper used mostly for watercolor but I like the opaque, smooth quality.

    Suki, I like the first one because of the netting and the second one because of the hand work.

    Pat, The look of gates, doors opened or closing...lots of symbolism!

  12. I love the mesh on the first piece - I just seem to like grid lines, how they seem to give a middle ground somehow.

  13. The pieces have very different vibes. I'm drawn to the top one more - I feel like I can see the path beyond. Lovely!

  14. This work is stunning and extremely do keep going on! Thanks!!

  15. You have done some fabulous things with the Yupo. I've had a few battles with it myself. I must not have your patience because I gave up. You have really inspired me to try again.

  16. Wonderful organic feel and love the added black netting- these have a deep mesmerizing appeal!

  17. I have been lucky enough to see the one on the top right (with numbers) and the "Time" that you posted several weeks ago, in person. They are absolutely fabulous, with the rich colors, markings and unique story. I know this has been such a challenging material for you - and you have kept showing up for the conversations! Way to go!

  18. Sorry I've haven't been visiting for awhile. However, I enjoyed catching up. I love both of your new pieces especially the bottom one with it's rich color. I LOVE Yupo. I think after many years of painting one can get into a rut.It's nice to have something to challenge that.

  19. Annie, I agree, the grid is calming to me...a center place.

    Karen,Yes, they are different in color and texture...and a very different conversation.

    Lyn, I keep going with this yupo until the tablet is finished...I'm trying to keep the learning and playing equal.

    Deborah, Good to hear I'm not the only one wrestling with this for sure!

    Lori, The netting is a big hit with me too...a real go/to material in the collage pile!

    Deena, This observation has lit up my heart!

    Eva, Nice to hear about the love part of yupo...I'm too easy to complain about the tricky part. Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Hi,

    Thank you for your nice comment on my Indian cooking post!
    And: I love your work, did I mention that before??!!
    Regina, SXM

  21. These are both wonderful, thank you for sharing a bit about your process and the in-progress stage. Thank you for sharing your work!

  22. I like this, very "celtic" and " my wedding ring we designed...

  23. Greetings,

    I know it has been more than a while since I have visited and I see that you have been busy and what I behold before me I feel is not only some of your best work, they have a quality that reveals how far you have come as an artist.

    The tones and colours of both of these artworks of yours have a very mature quality. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend,

  24. This is exciting to see what others do with Yupo. I love this (non) paper. It ivites the artist to be only partially in control. You are doing well with it and making your mark. I like it.

  25. Regina,Always welcome and thank you for menu selections!

    Joan, Thank you for stopping by...I will be over to visit soon!

    Teri, Thank you I like your take on these very much...Celtic you say?

    Egmont, Your comments are appreciated ...thank you!

    Zappha, This non paper is very much in control...the artist is O control but sometimes lucky!ha

  26. Mary Ann, has it really been so long since I have visited you on your blog? I've been away...Love these 2 yupo pieces, and yes, you need to be experimental with yupo as it doesn't behave like fiber papers. These are so complex, I'm surprised they are only 11x11.