Friday, March 12, 2010

Tax Appointment Reward!

Pablo and I had scheduled our tax appointment with our CPA yesterday and rewarded ourselves (we have resistance to the whole tax information gathering process)with a short drive to Moss Landing. A small little area between Santa Cruz and Monterey. It is located on the shore of Monterey
Bay at the mouth of Elkhorn Slough. The wildlife on any given day is amazing...sea otters, sea lions, gulls, pelicans and egrets to name a few. It is also home to Moss Landing Marine Laboratories research facility sponsored by seven CA universities.
We stopped at an eatery called "The Whole Enchilada" for a wonderful meal. Along with my icy/'salty Margarita, I ordered a shrimp and crab Chile Relleno! Spectacular, the best of my whole life! Pablo ordered a Corona Light with lime and shrimp/crab Enchilada combo....also spectacular! The air was sparkly fresh and sunny (today we have clouds and rain) and we were going to walk around looking at the fishing boats and little shops but we were both so full we waddled over to the water and took this photo, did very little shopping...mostly drove home digesting all the way! Next time we may stick with appetizers! ha

On a note of recommendation: Santa Cruz, as most places, is loaded with coffee houses. Ours have beach atmosphere with high and low tide info as well as cozy coffee places tucked into book shops. We have at least 5 Starbucks that do very well. When we stay home in the morning we have been enjoying Starbucks VIA ready brew (instant) and not at all like my mother's Taster's Choice . We buy the Colombia in 12 separate servings...I'm serious it is really good!


  1. I love the way you and Pablo find a way to celebrate so many days, and so many things. Cheers Mary Ann!

  2. What a wonderful place to squelch the tax time blues!
    I love Mexican,,,my favorite food, and this place appears to have great ambiance.
    (I have the same iron chairs on our deck at the lake)
    What a nice reward,,,you and Pablo certainly know how to do it!

  3. Must to fun to wander the coast to celebrate a tax task completed. I had Mama's to do and got that at her accountant. I'm working on mine, adding up the gathered numbers...I do mine myself, as I've not found the accountant of my dreams. Not easy on my mind either.

  4. It seems like a wonderful place.
    I like the way you two explore and enjoy.

  5. What joy you are sharing with each other....spending the day given
    in love and beauty and good food
    A true getaway!
    ...and the taxes got finished too
    I so enjoyed your photos..the eatery looks like a very relaxed fun place and the boats....!!

  6. Bravo! Great way to celebrate the paperwork being over for another year. One year, I did mine listening to a weekend long Motown anniversary tribute on the radio at full blast. Seems like the only way to get it done.

  7. My mouth is watering..pretty sure I once stopped there.
    Had taxes done on Fri./ no delicious rewards..good for you!!

  8. love the Starbuck's instants - Jim uses them when I'm not here! they are gooooood! how can they put tax time in the same slot as spring! it's just wrong :)

  9. I have been to Moss Landing and what a treat after tax stuff! I too hate the prep, the appointments and the anxiety... Your lovely lunch and time at Moss landing I'm sure soothed you and calmed you with the rhythym of the Pacific and her beautiful sea creatures!

  10. Moss Landing and the Whole Enchilada!!! I am so jealous. Every time I would drive home I would want to stop but when I am in "drive" I don't stop anywhere for anything. Well, you mad one of my dreams come true. I am glad it lived up to expectations.

  11. Leslie, Easy to celebrate the end of the tax appointment! ha

    Babs, The inside is real authentic Mexican seaside decor but too dark so I took a photo of the patio! Chile Relleno my favorite!

    Maggie, Taxes preparation is highly personal and must be a good fit. I was married for 26years to a CPA so I had the best of two worlds! ha

    Katelen, The Monterey Bay has little jewels to discover...this little place is both a jewel and funky at the same time!

    Suz, It is very authentic in decor and I hear they have live jazz on Sundays...big bar crowd.

    Annie, So true...anyway to get through the pain of shuffling through papers! I like your choice of music!

    Lyn, Reward after pain is high on my list of personal wisdom. Even if it is just a really good chocolate cookie...a reward is a reward!

    Jeanne, I'm so glad you also like the Starbuck's Via...good stuff!
    We have a follow-up tax appointment and then free again!

    LoriSaul, As you might remember, Moss Landing is a mix of earthy, rugged and beautiful...great fresh fish too!

    Pat, I've been driving by for years myself but always focused on getting to Monterey or getting home...I was so pleased too that it was so good!

  12. Hi Mary Ann,

    Oh, all the yummies you mention in this post, I simply skip the tax part.... As you can read in Secret Sunday 16 (at the Altered Page of Seth Apter) I loooovvvve Starbucks, not just for the coffee. Here on the island we do have Nescafe (Yeah!) and an occasional cappucino-like drink in the more french restaurants. But: you can't have all, we do have plenty of sun! Thanks for you lovely comment on my latest blogpost,

    Grtz, Regina, SXM

  13. What a beautiful place. I'm putting it on my (very long) list of places to visit! And congrats on being finished!

  14. p.s. Thanks for the advice on my commission piece; I think that's a good idea!

  15. You live in such a fabulous place you must have to pinch yourself every now and again to know it's real. :-) That Friday rain was such a surprise to me.

  16. Regina, Most of us would gladly trade your sunshine, and beautiful water for a cup of Starbucks!!ha

    Sharmon, Hope the suggestion's not easy making art to please...good luck!

    Karen,I am grateful for this beautiful spot here on earth...but frankly everyplace has it's beauty. This week is supposed to be sun, sun, sun!

  17. Regina, I think I meant that the other way around? ha

  18. that sounds delicious!

    i am at the point where pleasure and attention is life this week, at least. Smile.

    love tequilla and my sister brought me to some great places in boston i am still missing the taste of.

  19. The Whole Enchilada sounds like my kind of place. Gathering the tax info--who isn't resistant? A margarita to numb the pain, and a chile relleno to stick to the ribs--that's what I call Comfort. With a capital C. Such things should be deductible.

  20. It makes me want to visit the Monterey area again...and include Santa Cruz. Plus I am a nacho, burrito, enchilada aholic...