Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yes, here I am 493 miles later....the Mexican Border, sipping Margaritas and purchasing colorful textiles from street vendors.......METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING!!!!!!!
I've been clocking mileage on my stationery bike and according to Google the miles between Santa Cruz, CA and the Mexican Border are approximately 485! I refuse to tell how long I've been at this but for me it's a celebration. Exercise on this bike most days, tracking the mileage has given me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Have I lost weight? no, but this kind of determination gives me confidence to complete some very large artistic goals I have set for myself in the next year. What's next? I'm turning this bike around and will begin pedaling tomorrow morning...yes...that's right, I'm heading for the Canadian Border...metaphorically!!!
Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Good for you, great perseverance! Enjoy your "trip".

  2. You had me believing it was true for a minute! Good luck for you journey North. I used to swim laps for an hour twice a week. All very healthy until I nearly died of boredom!

  3. have a nice trip... metaphorically! thanks for the comments on my blog, was thinking of your beautiful work.. when I did the butterflies! xx's

  4. Congrats! You had me worried for a minute given the situation on the US/Mexican border at this point.

    When you ride do you listen to music? I enjoy my spin classes where the lights are turned low and the music is energetic. I've also found that using a heart rate monitor helps me see when I need to push it a little harder.

    Take care on those hills as you head north to Canada!

  5. Well Done!!! Did get over excited when I saw the word "Mexico" (will be there in June :)
    Loved your previous post...wonderful to see some printing on YUPO :)

  6. I loved this Mary Ann and good for you! :)

  7. Haa ... you are so funny Mary Ann! Maybe if I put in some serious riding time I can meet you on the Canadian Border.

  8. Sounds great. The only exercise I've ever been consistent about is yoga and yoga doesnt help, me anywya, lose anything but tension and bad moods. Have fun on your trip up north.

  9. good for you...and you're looking fab in your textiles there w/sunglasses...brava on perseverance. hard stuff, getting on those stationary bikes

  10. You didn't stop for a cup of tea. The weather has been good cycling weather. So,enjoy. That is a funny post. Keep it up!

  11. too much, mary ann!!!;)
    you go, girl!!!

  12. Enjoy the ride! The weather is finally starting to break here in Ohio, so I am going to start walking to Scotland. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

  13. Gosh you look so pretty in the picture....all that biking !
    good for you....
    how long will I have to pedal to get away from all life's obligations!

  14. Did you hear me cheering as you crossed over into Mexico?? I know what a committment this has been for you - and applaud how you set yourself up for success and self-care!

  15. what a hoot! I thought you were truly south of the border -- goes to show you can't trust digital images as truth? congrats on your bikathon -- maybe no weight loss but I bet your blood pressure is great!

  16. Sondra, It has helped to track miles for motivation!

    Annie, The secret has to be in keeping these things's all very tricky!

    Cat,Yes, the butterflies of yours are beautiful!

    Lia, Yes, I change up the music all the time but I think you are worlds ahead of me in a spin class...!wow

    Jo, Odd printmaking on plastic saturation? Still having fun.
    Wonderful, the real Mexico!

    Jeane,Thank's all a bit of work. I know you said you walk in the natural setting...good for the soul and body!

    Robyn, I would love seeing you at the Canadian border...I gave myself a bonus 50 miles as an incentive! ha

    Suki, Yoga is so great and you can do it in the home!

    neva, Not easy going for that ride to nowhere so tracking, music and even taking the bike out on the all helps!

  17. Pat, Great difficulty finding the off ramp...LA rush hour!!

    Gypsywoman, This is my best effort...soon swimming which means really just floating.

    Willow, Don't forget your water wings when you get to the Atlantic!

    Suz, You probably need to head over to your Galena for R&R!

    Deena, Was that you playing the marimbas while chatting it up with the border police?!!ha You are my best fan...thank you!

    Kelly, I learned in first grade to always go for the stars etc..feels good and I hope healthy!

  18. this is the BEST post i think i have seen. a creative award to you!!!

    love it.

    no stationary bike
    i will have to write on stationary the words Italy and Bahamas.