Friday, April 2, 2010

Letters and Numbers 5, 6 & 7

This one of three 11"x11" yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. I copied this Q&A from an article in a Parabola magazine on the subject of Threshold. Here I've used my personal form of markings...the divide bars and lines and numbers, all ways I connect with the passing of time and moving across thresholds.

This piece 11"x11", yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. Looking closely on the left side is the title to one of my favorite fables "Running Between Two Suns". I have been wanting to use this piece of plaid suiting for years and here I finally did. Again the markings, thresholds between two worlds.

This one 11"x11" yupo, acrylic, collage and ink. The conversation was strongly about words, letters markings. The left side has a collage copy of a fragment from Einstein's notes and the other side has a fence drawn by me in colored inks with my left hand as well as my own letters and numbers and marks. A combination of the complex and the simple in lines.

Probably over explained all my markings, thoughts, meditations and such....everyone has their own reactions to art. Mainly I wanted to share my process of ongoing conversations from within which guide my art making. I'm down to my last three of Yupo paper. It has been interesting and I will add yupo to my studio as an alternative to paper, canvas, foam core or panels. Actually I'm thinking of returning to boxes this end to studio fun!!


  1. I like your explanations and sharing of processes-- and I like the idea of thresholds and links to the other side as I love doors and windows- which can be considered thresholds.
    love your pieces here.

  2. Like Donna, I also enjoy the insight into your thought processes. I think I like the third piece the best; it feels most personal of the three. Much symbolism has been attached to doors and gates, and these are evocative of a personal transition of some kind. Lovely work!

  3. always interesting, you and your process and your work.
    i just got my yupo paper this week, ordered when reading about it on your site, and it's so fascinating...all the things that can happen on this surface! mesmerized by the blending and drips!
    but you and your process/ meditations-thresholds-transitions-/ inspiring.

  4. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ponderings. An artists process will always intrigue me. These 3 pieces draw me in to look closer. Love them!

  5. Thank you for sharing this ...
    Love your work , inspiring and beutiful !

  6. Your work is beautiful, the fact that it has meaning is an added bonus. I love the black and white on the first one.

  7. I think as artists we love to know about process. why you created it as much as how you did it is always something I am interested in. these are wonderful. love the mix of textures and the black and white and black and tan stripe is inspired!

  8. interesting question: are there negative or false thresholds. To reiterate everyone, i love hearing your thoughts and process along with seeing your work. thresholds is a powerful theme and speaks strongly to me. All three are fascinating.

  9. Dear Maryanne, I love your artistic conversations, and how you create your art. So full of thought, and still so spontanious. These are intriguing pieces. I have looked at them again and agian. Have a wonderful weekend. roxanne

  10. Wow! There is such depth and richness in these works. I agree with Neva -- maybe try Yupo this summer. But your deliberate choosing of marks and symbolism add a level of deliberateness that is refreshing.

  11. your inner meditations and conversations are beautiful.. they are all so lovely .. delicious visuals. . i also love your 24th mar. post images too, 'completed gates' they are just perfect..!! all your work is beautiful, so very inspiring.. thank you for sharing. sarah

  12. These are fabulous. Seems the YUPO trend is in full swing. You work it well.

  13. mmmm, each of these a wonderful work Mary Ann - I so love the bars you use :)

  14. It's always fun to hear how other artists work and I like that we get to see the piece and hear about your process. It's kind of like peeking inside someones head. You let us be voyeurs of the process, you show us where it starts & how it evolves. Thanks for your generosity!

  15. Love the Yupo and how you manage through all the "mind input". I find that it is like slogging through mud sometimes. But you manage so gracefully.
    Really am enjoying the first one with the symbols.

  16. Really beautiful work, so inspiring! I love it!

  17. I like that you explain. It is always interesting to know what the artist was thinking when creating.
    I like them very much.

  18. For me it's all about what goes on in an artist's head. There's no such thing as giving too much information about a piece and it's great to find someone else who is attracted to letters and numbers.

  19. Donna, I'm encouraged...thank you.

    Sharmon, The third is one of my favorites too.

    Neva, I'm sure you have discovered the lift off on Yupo...a bit of water and oops it washes away!

    Robyn, I'm like you, I like to look closely at posted work.

    Liv, So nice to read your words on this work!

    Ro, Thank you, I use the bars in lots of my work...a symbol of marking blocks of time for me.

    Cat, The pull of sharing our stories is so strong...even to the unconscious!

    Suki, 2000 if you would like to order an older copy.

    Roxanne, Thank you for looking at them again and again.

    Kelly, Summer is such a perfect time for discovering a new material...I have a few acrylic gels and a tar I'm going to explore this summer.

    Sarah, Delightful comment. Combining meditation with art making is a rich personal experience for me.

  20. Zappha, I'm coming to the end of my Yupo tablet and will take a break!

    Jeane, Isn't it amazing to find a personal symbol (like the bars)that fits so well and could never have been planned?

    ZenDotStudio, Sharing my art making process is are welcome to visit my head and heart anytime...posting regularly!

    Pat, Love the word slogging...been up to my elbows in collage stuff and glue and now I have a name for it...slogging!

    B&W, Thank you so much!!

    Katelen, The writing helps me know where I have been and where I'd like to go...the writing is important.

    Margaret, Yes, I am loving the letters and numbers of my making...such power in them!

  21. "running between two suns" Love that.
    Portals, gates, thresholds,,,all so intriguing, and so wonderfully interpreted. The black and white is so bold, and I love that too.

  22. Hi Maryanne,
    a quick note to say your thoughts in your lovely comment prompted an addition to the post that explains a most curious thing... ove to know what it makes you think of should you get chance to read it.
    Patina, clolour and layering is very strong in your work... wondered about the inspiration that was behind this for you to!
    really appreciated your seeing ...and generous comment!

  23. Always love to read thoughts that go with one's art and it's always fascinating to see how I interpret what I see- and how it differs. Love the paper and effects you get in your works- all so different too! Your markings are what's so integral to these works. Just love the first with the words!

  24. Hi Maryann, I've searched everywhere for an email address so that I could ask you if you mind my using one of your images on my blog. See what you think. I've linked back here.

  25. really LOVE the top two...
    and the threshold ideas. Heard Jane Hirshfield talk about threshold once. Your words brought it all back to me.


  26. Hi there,
    came over from Art Propelled and wanted to say I find your work very intriguing! (That little stamped "village" is so cool, by the way!)
    I am linking to you.
    I haven't really done collage or this type of work, but who knows, I may find myself doing it at some point.

  27. I just came across your blog via a post on Art Propelled and...I am fascinated! thank you so very much for explaining your art, your process of creating and the symbolism and insight you bring. I really love your work-so very beautiful and with so much meaning/symbolism. thank you!

  28. Each of these is quite amazing. And I am glad you shared your thoughts here too.

  29. Babs, Thank you...I am fascinated with twilight, dusk and all things between!

    Sophie, So enjoyed seeing your work.
    I always look within for my next art move.

    Jill, Thank you...markings and words are important in glad you like.

    Robyn, Posting my email is on my list of things to do.
    I am so pleased and happy to be on your blog...thank you so much!

    MANSUETUDE, So glad you like these favorites as well. Thresholds...don't get me started! ha

    Jala, So nice to meet you and I will be visiting your site as well. Thank you!

    Soraya, Thank you so much for visiting and your comments are appreciated!

    Seth, Thank you...not always easy to share ones process but I'm glad I did in this yupo series.