Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Love the Baabee"

"Mercy" 38"x38" paper (unknown type or weight) paper collage, fabric collage, acrylic and soft pastel. There was an old episode of "Seinfeld" about seeing someones loved baby that was not such a pretty was hilarious! I feel like the parent (artist) who has labored and brought this loved not so pretty baby into this world! ha I re-learned so much about these materials. The paper and soft pastel were a gift from my friend Josie's studio. I have been using these materials in this project as an act of memory to Josie as she passed away a couple of years ago. Using the paper without a lot of 'tooth' along with very soft powdery pastels has been a challenge...!I will take what I've learned to the next piece that I've already begun. I even changed the background color of the site in order to better enhance the piece....just loving the baby! ha


  1. you're funny, and full of heart!
    how nice to have josie in mind as you "labor"ed! and now you wait for the non-indentical TWIN to be born!

  2. I wouldn't call this baby unattractive at all!

  3. Congratulations of having reached your 100 follower! I know it was several days ago, but it too is a milestone.

    Your most recent artwork is a pleasure to view and your challenges were certainly challenges. But what better way of learning then by doing, just make sure to keep a good written record.

    Best wishes

  4. "Ya gotta see the baby"- Well, yours ain't ugly!
    Soft pastels on smooth paper-what a challenge!

  5. Love the new born baby. The texture and the color look great.

  6. as a professed circle lover - love the circles. And the color on your Baabee!

  7. wow, Mary Ann, you really brought this to its own fabulous life - all the parts fit together in a wonderful statement :)

  8. Mary Ann, always learning is a good thing. I think you pulled this one through beautifully!

  9. wonderful baby. I just love the texture of soft pastels. but yes, a paper with no tooth. yikes.

  10. Your baby's delightful, I love it. Fabulous colours too.

  11. Mary Ann---I love this piece. I view it as though I am in an airplane looking down at the landscape. I see the ocean, the sandy cliffs of Santa Cruz, the houses perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and on and on. What a fabulous piece. Are you selling????

  12. Well,to begin with, art doesn't have to be pretty to have a huge presence.That said, I don't think it's unattractive either. It's a nice composition, with strong (for me) symbolism of endless, circling mercy.The colors work well together, and the smoothness of the paper can actually enhance the soft pastel, looking much like oil paint.
    It's a very nice piece!

  13. funny that you would relate your art piece to that goofy Seinfeld bit about the ugly baby-- your piece is a labor of love

  14. Neva, Next 'wings' will be color choices...blues, lavender and blacks!

    Willow, Seinfeld show coined so many funny statements...I'm learning to love the baby!

    Robyn, I think it's in neutral territory for most parts.

    Egmont, Thank celebrate the 100 followers, Pablo slipped me a check for $100 for art shopping trip!

    Don, Thank you for sending the exact line from that episode...too funny! Smooth paper has forced me into making different choices for this next one.

    Katelen, Thank you, it's been intense...finding ways to keep the colors strong.

    Renee, Me too on circle loving and squares too...not so much for rectangles!

  15. an incredibly beautiful piece/baby! one which speaks many languages! absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  16. Jeane, Your words sit well with me...thank you...especially 'all parts fit together'.

    Sondra, Thank always works for me.

    Maggie, So true about learning...every time something new to learn.

    Suki, I added texture by adding heavy gel and then pastel over.

    Ro Bruhn,Thank you, the test has been to add variation with the limits of the pastel.

    Teri, Such an interesting perspective...this work and two others are for a proposal for a show. I am always open to sales...just sold 4 '4 directions' over the holidays.

    Babs, Your comment blew me off my chair...I'm okay now....thank you! ha

    Donna, Goofy Seinfeld true and still funny to me. You are right about labor...and I'm still working on it!

    Gypsywoman, Hopefully the language of the heart!

  17. I like how you have "mothered" the baby. Doesn't it feel like that sometimes? But I think that you are too hard on yourself. It is Not an unlovely baby. It has warmth, strenth and true beauty!!! Good going, I do like your work.

  18. What a fabulous celebration of being open to your own art and process! And it sounds as if you are really enjoying yourself. That's what counts!