Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beginning Wings

48"x48" Working title is' Wings of Mercy'. I'm beginning this piece on paper in yellows and making real and imagined markings as in butterfly wings...only not. I have stacks of cloth, paper and things to glue and paint. I'm finally feeling better...strong enough to start painting. I intend on doing three of these large ones so I've plenty of space to paint.

Catching up with all the New Year's words of 2010...I report my word as 'Resolute'. The word will serve me well as I have a big project planned for the first of Spring and I need this time to gather and get ready. I did a tarot reading and was happy with the Magician card concerning the project with the outcome card being the King of Swords....this should all be interesting.

Thank you to each one of you on this magical medium!!! I took ALL your advice, woolly socks, rest,tea, lemon, honey, books (Tassajara Cookbook) salt water gargle, and more rest. Pablo delivered fresh soup (Whole Foods)packaged as if by a Shaman wrapped and blessed each container. Your comments made me smile with tears....thank you.

Below is some writing concerning my study with friend Deena this winter.

This dark winter season holding dreams yet dreamed
Warmed by hopes of the promised gifts of Spring
Planting these beginning seeds in dark moonless evenings
Faith in gifts of ancient souls
Find the chant, no the humming lullaby heard not for the child but
Rather for the tired heart long traveled.
Ring the bells, turn the prayer wheels, this winter of finding and
Accepting my soul's rhythm has begun.


  1. Glad you are feeling better--- and painting big-- way to go.

  2. I put this up on my tumblr...

  3. What a dear husband you have...soup!
    your words were warm to hear on this cold snow filled evening
    soul's rhythmn
    acceptance..yes yes

    glad you are well and painting
    you are a devourer of life
    painting so large
    Do you name first then paint
    or paint first then name?

  4. I really like already has such depth and looks as if there is a shelf of sorts there. Incredible what just some paint, paper, and marks can do. Glad you are feeling better. Good Tarot reading too, I guess?

  5. Painting big..Wow and the words are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. all the good cheer from coaches and pablo's soup...into resolute in a BIG way...big is great for your flow, wings which are your arms having room to dash...
    lovely piece you've written. calls leonard cohen to mind in anthen: "ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offerings" which i love. freeing. no need to be perfect.
    just well and healthy and loved with warm soup to chase away the cold.

  7. Ah, Mary Ann, glad you are feeling better! Resolutr, Magician, tassajara---"accepting my soul's rhythm has begun" Yes!

  8. Wonderful color gradation,,,marks,,it's really working!
    Glad you are able too!

  9. YOu must feel liberated going from small to big paintings, Mary Ann. I really enjoyed your writing concerning your studies. Glad you are feeling better.

  10. so wonderful to see you up and about mary ann! and doing such large pieces - as you know, to me, the larger, the better! and this one, like all your others, particularly wonderful!!! i've 2 really large ones outlined in my little notebook of projects and can't wait to get them going! again, love your work!!!

  11. Lots of room to paint - yes indeed. I like the butterfly-but-not wings. Resolute - a strong and stalwart word. I like it! Glad you feel better.

  12. "finding and accepting my soul's rhythm." Sounds so simple but sometimes so hard to accept what is or even see it. good luck on yr large paintings and future project. glad you are feeling better. as someone who has lived alone for many yrs, when I am sick I invent a pretend nurse who brings me soup and tidies my house and feeds the cats. of course, it is really me dragging myself out of bed. :)

  13. Donna, Painting big on paper...oh, the framing?

    LPC, Thank you for the visit...your site is interesting..I worked in the city for many years...nice to know and read the term again.

    Suz, I usually have a point of interest or study that leads to new work.

    Teri, Good starts and good between can get challenging.

    Katelen, This is big for me and especially on paper...a gift from a friend long ago.

    Neva, Your comment is poetry! I too love about more poetry!

    Maggie, Yes, It all feels like a new beginning to beginnings!

    Babs, Always feels good to return to the work table!

  14. Whew -you are better! That's great to hear and your new "large" piece is beautifully taking shape. I loved Suki's practice of inventing a nurse - I think I did that for myself on Wednesday. Ha!

  15. Glad that you are feeling better. Wonderful piece, love the color and the marks. I see a shelf also.
    Be well.

  16. Resolute..what a word!!That will do it..
    So glad you're better..all the recipes and blessings did you good!! Painting and poetry..way to go!!

  17. Ah, 48 x 48"--amabitious and freeing space to work within! Heaps of things to pile on...and take off and rearrange and cover over. A wonderful journey beginning...or should I say continuing. Very exciting.

    In your poem the lines about ringing the bells, turning the prayer wheels, and finding the rhythm of your soul particularly resonate with me.

    Happy voyaging!

    My Word Verification is "yinged"! Perhaps the next one will be "yanged" and then I will feel more balanced. :-D

  18. Winter is a time to go inside(oneself) sometimes a little scarry but we always emerge with a burst of creativity. You are off to a beautiful start with this piece! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog! Take care!

  19. Robyn, It does feel good working large...if I have a problem, I can always go's paper and I'm very good at cutting and ripping!

    Gypsywoman, Always good to have new work in the notebook...let me know when they are ready for viewing!

    Leslie, Thank you...I'm feeling good about the size of the paper and project...wings of some sort!

    Suki, You gave me a smile about the pretend nurse...I remember the living alone can be hard.

    Karen, Hope you are feeling better...we all need a sherpa once in awhile! ha

  20. resolute is a wonderful word! very strong - love the colors in this painting and I'm so happy you are feeling better :)

  21. You sound good, Mary Ann. May the wings of mercy fly you to magical places this year...resolutely!

  22. Hi Mary Ann,
    Painting BIG...funny the word BIG is on my mind too at the moment :) After visiting those galleries in NYC last year, I'm seriously thinking BIG too.
    Look forward to watching things grow here :)
    Glad you are well...xx

  23. Jeane, Thank you, I'm really starting to wear this word Resolute.

    San, I'm feeling better and the paint is flying...looking to borrow some wings! ha

    Jo, Big is really Big...a lot of paint to move around!

  24. Mary Ann -- I love that "planting seeds on a dark moonless night" --the goddesses must be smiling upon you! Good luck with your plans for the new year and thanks so much for "friending" my blog!

  25. Beautiful piece, it really appeals to me!!