Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raw Beginnings

38"x38" paper and beginning markings similar to a particular butterfly in and around Australia 'euthalia cyanipardus'. The idea of Wings of Grace have come into my writing and my handy thesaurus speaks of divine influence, benediction and a quote by William Hazlitt, "The outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul" With all this and some meditation, writing and studio time, I have begun here with this raw start. I've added texture to some parts to help the pastels grab and I've also started with a here's to beginnings.

On a household note: Our water heater went out and because of improper installation, the water leaked into the master bath...yuuck! I have spent the weekend with fans trying to dry the floor. The plumber replaced the old one on Saturday so wet floor or not, we got our showers and ran the dishwasher. Couldn't help think how spoiled we all are and how awful and primitive conditions are in Haiti!

I have re-installed the notification approval on the comments page. With all the Hackers seems like one way of taking precautions. I so easily forget that this is a vast network...rather than a small circle of artists. I know it can be an inconvenience but please don't let it discourage you from leaving a few words...I so like this process of sharing who we all are as we live our creative lives.


  1. Love those blues. There's a little natural history museum just up the road from me containing the most wonderful display of butterflies, so this has reminded me to go and have a look again soon.

    Hope the hackers have lost interest. I see down on this comment slip that I could leave a comment anonymously. When I was getting 36 weird comments a day I removed that option and now it doesn't happen any more.

  2. I really like the black grid.
    I look forward to watching your process...watching the blue wings
    take flight...I love the blue in your last wings..Blue and orange together stir my do your paintings
    Sorry about the water all over..but this is just an annoyance...not your life...forward!
    I have never given much thought about hackers...but we must protect ourselves.. you are right about that...

  3. i have to figure out how to 'reinstall the noitification approval" thing, i guess. i read leslie post, put the fear in me.
    not sure what how to do that.
    but meanwhile,
    i'm all about the blues...gorgeous colors there.

  4. love how you approach your work-- with meditation--blue butterflies-- lovely connection.
    bah humbug to hackers!

  5. I agree w/layers. so interesting to read of how you work, journal, think and so forth as you work. Interesting beginning.

  6. I have modification on posts older than three days and that seems to do the trick for me. (knock on wood...uh, that would be my head)

  7. Hi,

    Saw that you just have become a follower of my blog: welcome and thank you!
    This hacker stuff is awful indeed, let them do something more fruitful, e.g. making art ;-)

    Regina, St. Maarten

  8. Love that quote"....inner harmony"...
    Divine influence, of course..
    The blues are shimmering, look forward to more!

  9. The vast network vs the circle of artists aspect can be so easy to forget. I put more security back on my blog too - I tried to follow Willow's advice. I think comment approval is required after 3 days now at my blog. I was so surprised how blogger is no help if we are in difficulty. One thing about all the help that was given such as links to blogger forums and so forth - they will always be on that blog post. I hope none of us ever need to reference it again however!
    I enjoy the depth of blue in this beginning Mary Ann and look forward to seeing where it takes you.

  10. Annie, I received a beautiful color book on butterflies of the world and have been amazed at color combination.
    I haven't received any unusual comments but Maggie of colormusings was hacked into with Viagra sales promotion? Just being cautious.

    Suz,Thank you...I was able to work a couple hours today and have made some progress in the area of added collage.

    Neva, On my's a click to to comments and then scroll to choices.

    Donna, The meditation is a never fail way to get to what's next.

    Suki, This is a good way for me and a challenge every time. I like to unlock secrets and find new approaches...I also whine when it is difficult! ha

    Willow, Good tip because you have plenty of commenters...maybe even the pope! ha

  11. Yikes - the water heater. Glad you are getting that all resolved. These colors are striking and I love the Wings of Grace idea. I tend to think of being under a protective wing of the grace of God - but then there is the flying that is so appealing. Have fun!

  12. Regina, I found you thanks to Donna on 'layers' and glad I have an interesting site and I look forward to more visits!
    You live in such a beautiful area...very inspiring!

    Lyn, Thank you...I've marked my calendar for a couple hours most matter what...must stay the course!

    Leslie, I sure was disappointed in this hacker thing...I like my vision of circle of artists...caution is the keyword.
    The blue and lavender, black and more is a pretty to find the heart.

    Karen, My focus has been 'wings of mercy' 'wings of grace' and 'wings of comfort'...challenge is the size!

  13. Hi Mary Ann, I think my site was entered through email option and i have disabled that, though I now have more security on my site also. It's like getting slapped for being open and sharing. Still I love the community which has grown through blogging and I will give it my best energies, not let fear prevail.

    Your blues are electric and glowing. Sorry about the blues story of the water heater, always something.

  14. oh, wow! another fabulous piece - blues just seem to carry us to soft happy places i think - i know what you mean about the hackers thing - i've had a few messing around my places lately so i may do the same thing again - anyway, beautiful piece - again -
    have a great day!

  15. Mary Ann--I love how you are so methodical about how you work. I just don't do that and really should spend more time meditating. It seems I always put things off "until tomorrow". It's something I am not happy about that I must change. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. this is just beautiful and love being in on your process!

  17. Such glorious vivid blues! I'll be watching your progress, Mary Ann. Here's to beginninings!

  18. Greetings,

    It will be interesting to see where you will take this painting. The process of making art is a mystery as so many different things can influence the artist.

    Sorry to hear about your water heater. I hope that ours does not spring a leak for a lot of stacked books would get ruined.

    Thank you for sharing,

    PS: Thank you for having added yourself as a follower to my DIRECTORY. -e

  19. Really like what you are doing now. It does look like new beginnings. So appropriate , what with the way Mother Nature always catches us up. she tells us now go back to Go. But that is a good thing, don't you think. I am (at this late date) beginning to think that change is good. With every one of your paintings, you are starting at Go. I like that idea.

  20. oh there you are with water in all the wrong places; i Hate that!
    Hope it is better; getting in hot water to bathe is so wonderful...

    i love the meditation and expression of language falling into your writing, then into your art... its a holistic way of being.

    also love your Mercy painting too.
    hope your New Year is wonderful so far.


  21. Maggie, So glad you have your site back to yourself...scary!

    Jeane, I like your words "the bones laid down' for all the layers ahead.

    Gypsywoman, We all must be cautious with these unseen threats...spoils some of the fun.
    Glad you like these blues!

    Teri, My art making self and my spiritual self do a dance and it seems to work well for me.

    Cat, Thank you...time and energy are a big factor in art making, don't you think?!

    Robyn, Yes, Here's to beginnings. Art making can be a wild ride or a sure thing...beginnings are so full of promise!

    Egmont, Water damage has been an ordeal...we are still running fans and waiting for flooring to dry...difficult in this damp weather.
    Thank you for listing me in your directory under painting.

    Pat, An interesting comment...'every time a new painting, I begin with GO' So true actually.

    mansuetude, Holistic way of being is what I'm aiming for...sometimes it's a miss but I'm still aiming!
    Plenty of hot water here but wet floor is taking FOREVER to dry!

  22. I love the blues and your composition....always wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    Hackers have too much time on their hands, there are so many productive things they "could" be doing.
    Best wishes....