Thursday, January 21, 2010

On My LivingRoom Wall

Canvas, acrylic 50"x54" by artist Mike Vigil. He is from an artists family...his father was a well known Southwestern artist Veloy Vigil and he has a brother Dan who also paints.

Years ago in my late 30's and into my 40's I wore all black, carried a journal constantly , drank quarts of espresso and met with other artists in coffeehouses all over town. I was taking classes , workshops and had rented my first studio space, My children were in school which allowed me the time to explore my art making and begin to build a career. I was always visiting museums and galleries. One winter our family vacationed in Scottsdale, Arizona where we visited more galleries. My husband saw this painting and really liked it...said it reminded him of me? I liked it as well and he bought it and had it shipped home. I love owning this piece and it holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the last gifts I received from my husband as he past away shortly thereafter. I mostly keep it on the living room wall but sometimes move it to another room. I never get tired of it and love the colors...turquoise etc... I've had difficulty photographing it in this winter light but the colors are true only brighter in better light.

I've put aside my 'wings' painting and living with it...I think there will be yet another small change. Yesterday I began another large piece and so it begins again. I am writing and drawing and letting it all evolve...the search is on! ha

This afternoon, my friend Florie is visiting...bringing some decaf Chai and I'm supplying the lemon pie. We need to visit and keep up with one another so this will be perfect. We usually meet at a coffeehouse (old habits die hard, I rarely go to coffeehouses... still wear my black!) but it is cold and rainy so we are keeping it in-house!


  1. from all black to your wings/to butterflies! and decaf chai tea! but friends always in the mix, i'm sure.
    art envy here: i LOVE this painting! i'd live with it forever too. i have one by joyce coco that will never come down.
    and...when my hair starting doing its silver (gray) thing, all black and silver jewelry was almost daily for me. then and still. enjoy your visit, and living with your art in the moment and in your memories!

  2. This is wonderful piece of art. The story is also touching.
    Black, chai tea and friends. Wonderful combination.

  3. I adore this painting! I would never tire of it either. It does look like you. I wish you a wonderful artist date and fun with the new b.i.g. painting!

  4. Oh I loved this! Coffeehouses,artists
    good friends...
    your love, who knew
    your heart
    The woman in the very confident,but mysterious
    bold, yet shy

    I can see the attraction to this painting with its passionate colors
    Blessed are you still enjoying the process

  5. It's a fabulous painting...and it IS you!! Sweet memories, too.

  6. She's got your cup, for sure. :-) I've always loved this piece - she makes such a statement in a room. Glad you are staying in - we have been blessed with torrents of rain, haven't we?

  7. What a cool painting. That hair is 'alive'!

  8. Oh Great painting Mary Ann...

    I still wear black, but have swapped espresso for chai lattes (most days)too.

    Search never ends does it?

  9. Oh, thanks for sharing a favorite painting. It is wonderful and special.

  10. Greetings,

    What hit home for me is the special meaning of the painting and that is was the last gift your husband gave you before he left all too soon.

    It is no different from the words 'I love you' when our children go to school. So your painting has a powerful healing properties, comforting the years of pain and now becoming a sharing memory as you begin a new life with another partner.

    Thank you for sharing,

  11. Leslie--You know what I like best about this painting? That great light coming from the right side of the painting. It catches my eye and makes me wonder what is there? A lamp, a window? Oh, how I love black. B calls me Johnny (as in Cash)!

  12. WOW, I see why you love this,,and so do I!
    I too love the light, and search for the source.
    Beautiful gift.
    Enjoy Florie and your tea.
    Now tell me, did/do you wear a black beret? I love berets,,but hats look silly on me.

  13. I loved reading what you wrote about yourself, your husband, the painting. It's a wonderful painting, with a beautiful history to make it all that more special. I can see why you never tire of it.

    How nice you have a good friend to share art talk, chai and pie with! Very precious.

    It sounds like you're in a good space, "letting it all evolve." It's a privilege to be let in for glimpses.

  14. I often visited the Vigils gallery in Taos. Now they have a private gallery or at least did a couple of years ago. this is a great painting. and... black clothes and coffee houses are still in my art date plans...

  15. magnificent piece of art - and really SO YOU! beautiful! just dropping by to see what's new with you - have a glorious day - oh, and i love lemon pie!!!

  16. This painting caught my attention immediately. Its sort of quirky wonderful.... not something I would tire of either.

  17. Neva, Black and silver are stunning with sometimes a pop of fushia or turquoise?
    Post your Joyce Coco on 'What's on your Walls' Wednesdays?

    Katelen, Where would we be without our friends and tea?

    Leslie, It looks like my sometimes wild hair and constant coffee cup! ha

    Sue, I like your take on her...bold,shy, confident and mysterious!!

    Willow, Yes, I think she and I have the one eyed, wild hair too much espresso look! ha

    Karen, I have been staying in for days...eating out of the much rain! Be careful on the roads.

    Don, She holds her space in the room...wild hair and all! ha

  18. Jo, I no longer wear black for my deep thoughts or personal angst but rather just to look a little thinner! ha
    Yes, the journey continues...much excitement,much joy!

    Elizabeth, Thank you for visiting...we all have our favorites.
    Your avatar is the best in blogland...I always smile!

    Egmont, Thank you for your thoughtful and understanding comments. It was a long marriage (26) and took me another 10 before I was ready to begin again. Life is good and it seems generous.

    Terri, I take credit for the cast was my floor lamp...I was trying to brighten the room.

    Babs,No, no black beret but I changed my hair color many many times...high drama! ha

  19. I can see what your husband saw. and maybe he saw you reading tea leaves as well. Isn't an artist a diviner of truth?
    Well, I hope that I have stopped crashing computers. This will be the third edition since Dec.12.
    Really like the painting. Keep journaling (is that such a word?)

  20. I love to wear black too. What a wonderful story and a beautiful post. I love hearing about your creative journey, the coffeehouse days, the communicating with other artists... like we do now in blog world, in such a different way. I am working on big canvases this weekend... it is scary! This painting is tremendous! roxanne

  21. this is a wonderful painting and what a gift :)

  22. louciao, It's a good story and I liked sharing it. We all have our stories...good for blogging!

    Cat, Black clothes, coffee and a great pair of boots! ha
    I didn't even know about the gallery in Taos...!

    Gypsywoman, Something special about a pie loving woman! ha

    Robyn, The colors are very strong...I love your words "quirky wonderful"!

    Pat, So good to have you show up from the dark road of computer repair and or replacement! I like the word journaling but I don't think it is a REAL word.

    Roxanne, Thank you...I like telling all my related that is!
    Good luck with the BIG new work!

    Jeane, It is a nice piece...ever so often in a long marriage...two people get it right...that vacation was a really good one unlike some others! ha

  23. Wonderful painting, wonderful story, I can smell the chai tea now!

  24. I see the resemblance! Also in the colors you use in your paintings. It's nice to surround ourselves with things that are infused with wonderful thoughts and memories.

  25. Wonderful painting and and wonderful story behind it. A treasure for sure. lemon pie sounds good to me with that decaf chai. wish i could pop over too.

  26. What a fabulous painting! Now that is my idea of a good portrait.

    Loving the Wing piece process, too.