Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ohhh, It's so Brown!

This is the continuation of 'Wings of Mercy' and I've made two discoveries....I've remeasured the paper...it's 38'x38' instead of 48'square. I stand corrected... it is smaller...( still feels like 48') I have also discovered (I think I already knew this one) I don't care much for browns. I thought of my wardrobe and everything is in grays and blacks, very little in browns. I don't even have a tube or jar of burnt sienna but rather mix it myself? I want to finish this piece all in soft pastel so I need to make some bold changes. The words on the right are in Latin describing an African butterfly with similar markings.

Personal note: Yesterday Pablo and I had a day out (long overdo) which began with lunch (Chinese) and then on to a matinee "Invictus".

We are still formulating our plans for the year....places to go, things to do and see. We did promise one another more pool time and more beach time and more picnic time. Maybe because it is raining but all three sound like a wonderful dream. We ended our day by reading the poem "Invictus" along with our nightly Robinson Jeffers. Sorry about the bad photo glare but the studio is dark with all this overcast and rain.


  1. Maybe it is Ohhhh so brown , but look how wonderful the turquoise and gold look on it. I must say my wardrobe is devoid of browns too.
    More beach and picnic time sounds good!

  2. artists' color sense is very strong - of course I love the browns, but that is my color palette and I know yours goes more for the turquoise and gold - looking forward to the bold changes in store for this one :)

  3. Greetings,

    I wanted to share with you a few words about Robinson Jeffers.

    Several years ago I came upon a collection of poems he wrote and since I have discovered a few more old books of his to add to my library.

    He has had a great influence upon my writings and one day I had a chance to visit Tor House.

    So I am very delighted to learn that others, like yourself still read his work.

    warmest regards

  4. I am so amazed by your art--I love visiting here!!

  5. I also mix my own browns, which I like to use to age things. This is lovely, the gold yes and turquoise as someone said look very nice against the elemental earthyness of brown.

    I started subscribing to "The Writer's Almanac" so I get a poem a day emailed to me plus bios of various writers or other folks of note. Jeffers had a recent b-day (course he's dead but you know what I mean) and a long bio note was written about him. So interesting. You might enjoy that service. Garrison however you spell his last name, reads the info daily on NPR but I never know the NPR time frame so now get the info mailed to me, but you can also listen to it from the email. Whew, lots of words here.

  6. When I looked again at your painting and then at your photo across the page, I saw the same coloring, a golden glow. An earthy moth still has flights of fancy. Beach time!

  7. I adore browns and this piece is gorgeous, my first thought was butterfly and so I think you just nailed it! beautiful work!

  8. I actually am partial to browns. I think this piece is fabulous as is!

    Would you believe WT sings "Invictus" around the manor?

  9. Brown-eyed girl here...wearing a brown turtleneck today. Ha! :-)Love the piece and agree with so many of the previous comments about your piece. I notice most words you include are not in English - can you say more about that?

  10. Robyn, I'm crazy for turquoise and learning to love browns.

    Jeane, So far nothing very bold! ha

    Egmont, Robinson Jeffers was introduced to me by Pablo, the poet/writer in the marriage.

    Diane, Oh, yes keep visiting...yout comment lifts my spirit!

    Suki, I would like that service...something everyday instead of leafing through a couple hundred books. I'll make a request on your blog.

    Maggie, You captured me on the "earthly moth still has flights of fancy"!

    LaDolceVita, I was going for wings, angels and butterflies...the brown is becoming an interesting color for me.

    Willow, WT singing Invictus....powerful words filling Willow Manor!

    Karen, You would look stunning in a brown turtleneck!
    I used the latin words describing a specific butterfly in a special color specimen book of butterflies...no english titles.

  11. I can't believe that this is the same piece...it has really changed. Where did all the red go? Or am I thinking of a different piece? I do love the browns though. They feel so warm. You really work hard, don't you!

  12. Wow, I knew there was a reason why I love this piece. It is like a butterfly wing. The brass pieces on the top look like prayer flags to me. And the white circles falling, or raising moons. I love browns, and whatever you do will be wonderful! roxanne

  13. Bold changes? Go for it! And by the way, I find the piece far far richer than the drab appellation you've given it of of "so brown". It's looking good. Keep on pushing.

  14. brown is not so brown in good company, which you've given it...lightened up its life and ours.
    the zen drawing/meditation/haiku post i did had me thinking of you and your approach, mark making, and meditations you write of

  15. oh, i love love love this piece!!! especially the colors together in it - magnificent, lady!!!

    speaking of size, i went up north yesterday to pick up some canvases - measured my cargo opening and was sure the 48x48 would fit - but don't you know, i get there and try to load them into my cargo and they won't fit the opening! so had to leave them till i can get up in my daughters monster jeep - man!!! i was so excited to get them - plus i got an incredible sale on them - will have to wait for the weekend now -

    anyway, i love your work, lady!!!

  16. Teri, I think I covered a lot of white...and yes I do work hard and yes, I love every minute. Nothing is sweeter for me then to fall into a nights sleep after a studio day!ha

    Roxanne, Good words for my ears...soft pastel is a challenge but I'm loving it!

    louciao, I'll hold each of your encouraging words..."keep on pushing", thank you!

    neva, I have been blown away by your latest post...thank you for the connecting words to my process.

    Gypsywoman, So glad you like! I have had similar experiences with canvas not fitting...bungee cords, attaching to roofs, red flags hanging? ha This paper has limits but it does roll up! Good luck

  17. It reminds me of a beautiful butterfly, I think the splashes of turquoise do the trick.

  18. After a major computer crash, I have been away for about two weeks. It is surprising how much goes on with out my being aware. The brown paint is very moving and I think you should go for it. It is rich in design and color. And it would be easy to live with. The eye would always find something else to explore.
    Your plans sound wonderful!!!!!

  19. So this is how it turned out! Just beautiful, colors are in lovely harmony..I could wear it!!

  20. Your plans sound divine Mary Ann. How is the brown coming along? We are very sensitive to color - I try to put some in a piece and end up taking it right back out.

  21. Although it hasn't been a predominate color in my work since the 70's. I do like the color, particularly beige tones, which are in my wardrobe.The brown is such a wonderful neutral background for the turquoise which manages to steal the show. I love this piece.

  22. Ro, Thank you...turquoise is a go to color for me.

    B&W, Thank you

    Pat, Thank you, I have been checking in and waiting for your repairs.

    Lyn, This is the second look and it has gone through a few more changes...not big but not done yet.

    Leslie, The brown is here to stay and I'm appreciating the warmth and the contrast.

    Eva, Thank you, the brown does seem to be a warm neutral and I have added more turquoise.

  23. These colors together are striking, I love turquoise also...the warm brown, gold and turq makes a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it. Best to you.

  24. I have one brown suit, bought years ago and rarely warn. Not a favourite colour of mine. Your piece is rich and the turquoise adds a sumptuous touch.