Monday, January 18, 2010

Pastel addition to 'Wings'

Almost impossible to post without a photo, so this is a section of the 'wing' that I've been working on. Actually I've been adding the pastel and at the same time resolving shapes and composition. This is a BIG surface and I'm committed to two more. Somehow I have a feeling at the end of these three I will have just begun...isn't that the way it works? While I've been working the word Mercy has been strong for me...the dictionary gave several definitions "relief of suffering' and 'kindness beyond expectation' are two that have touched me the most.

Like everyone, I've been troubled by photos of Haiti. I'm not sure if I've done much good but I have donated to Doctors Without Borders as I see the needs right now to be greatest in helping the injured.

Last night I watched some of the Golden Globe award show. The girlie girl part of me finds it difficult to miss a red carpet with beautiful designed dresses. I wasn't disappointed although I was disappointed in the severe swept back hairstyles. The big moment for me was seeing Jeff Bridges accept his award. I've been on his blog (no I'm not a stalker!ha)to check out his take on the filming of Crazy Heart. I so like his down to earth play and humor!


  1. 'kindness beyond expectation' what a beautiful definition and way of being. I can't post without an image either, therefore works in progress are good for me! I really an enjoying seeing and hearing about your BIG works and the process. With my studio entering the next phase of construction, I'm thinking of your series "art on my wall"!

  2. oh, yes MERCY. relief of suffering, oh please. i agree, and chose drs. w/out borders too.

    i'm a BIG fan of jeff bridges and TBONE BURNETT...for years. LOVED when meryl became "tbone streep". perfect for the guys!

  3. I love the blue
    and I love your mercy
    such wonderful thoughts you share

  4. Thanks Mary Ann,

    Hard to look at the images of Haiti...yes donating money is what we can do to help.

    Glad you are liking working "big"...I'm so tempted to try something "big" too. Jo xx

  5. Oh! You've added blue! Very nice!!
    I'm contemplating working big too.

  6. just started a BIG canvas. will keep you posted, in the mean time I love this piece of yours. and it brings a sense of HOPE along with your word, MERCY.

  7. Your work is always so creative. Never know what you are going to see. That's what makes it exciting. Nice colors and composition.

  8. Ah, yes, the blue! It wouldn't say "Blue Sky Dreaming" without it.

  9. these shapes remind me of peacock feathers.

    Doctors is who I would choose also but reading their website i see that really I'll be donating to any world wide relief as opposed to specifically Haiti but maybe it doesnt matter.

    I just heard that people were leaving the capital, heading to the hills so to speak. I myself had been wondering why one would stay if one could leave though envisioned people with packs on their backs walking pathways into the interior. At least there would be a sense of movement and possible hope of creating a new home.

  10. ps did you get my email with the garrison k URL?? poets thing

  11. Leslie, The 'art on my wall' is a good filler for posting. Good luck with your studio construction!

    Neva, We are both big fans of Jeff Bridges and TBone Burnett....have you seen Crazy Heart?

    Suz, Blue is my go to color!

    I've written these comments twice...we keep having storm black-out...such an aggravation! ha

  12. Wow, that part about the word "mercy" really touched me. I always enjoy your works (plays also).

  13. Jo, Working on a big surface has been challenging! Your imagery is so powerful it will be interesting seeing your work BIG!

    Robyn, Yes, seems to brighten everything.
    Working too, how fun!

    LaDolceVita, More working BIG...yes, keep me posted.

  14. Jean, Thank you.
    Your work is changing...still beautiful but even more bold!

    Willow, You have figured me, blue when in trouble, blue most occasions! ha

    Suki, I gave to DR.WB but for extra measure Pablo and I gave to Starbucks program which is to Haiti through Red Cross.

    I did receive your URL for the Garrison K poets...thank you.

  15. Soft pastel is such a NICE medium. It just FEELS good during the working. I've not ever worked that large with pastel, it might be challenging.(?)
    Love the latin wording, and of *course* the blue.

  16. I like seeing what's happening here on this piece....yes, it seems an image is the spark which brings on the words. I like the word "mercy" and your definitions. We all need to spread mercy toward Haiti to relieve the suffering. I picked up a 1987 National Geographic which featured Haiti....suffering then too.

  17. Kudos for going BIG.. and yahoo for Jeff Bridges-- my long time favorite-THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS for one. He is past due and I hope he gets the oscar too.

  18. About Wings..the end leads to the beginning..super!
    Haiti- we do what we can..the suffering needs a big dose of mercy! Of lovingkindness that spreads from one to the other..

  19. what an incredible piece!! more magnificent every day! love love love the colors!! wonderful of you to share the works in progress - oh, and by the way, i'm curious as to what kind of paper you are using for this particular project?

    and about jeff - ladies, i just like to LOOK at HIM!!! then there's his voice - and his acting - not to mention fantastic personality! yummmmmm.....