Monday, January 25, 2010

Got Me a New Pair of Shoes!

'Just Do It' as the box suggests, well I did. I have been wearing my almost white Nikes for close to 9 years and this weekend was my moment! ha My old shoes have been good to me... feel like soft pillows but because I stand so much when I am is time to get a little more support. There was a lot to pick from and I was surprised at how much bright silver and color combinations are now in athletic shoes.. This pair has an air cushion heel and the trim is gray patent leather. They feel great and I'm sure I will get the support I need.

Movies this week: 'Crazy Heart' and Netflix choice is an oldie "Brazil" with Robert De Niro. We are watching it as a way of a refresher into the same creator of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in which Tom Waits plays the Devil....what fun! With an occasional sprinkling of a NBA Warriors Basketball game,
our TV time is booked.

Almost finished with 'Wings' has been such a challenge. I think I'll 'chalk' it up to learning, re-learning the elements of soft easy trick! ha


  1. Hey, those look comfy! I have an old pair of shoes that are my faves. I'm sure at some point they'll need to be replaced, but not yet!

  2. am planning to see CRAZY HEART on Thursday-- and my Netflix movie this week is District 9-- have not seen it yet--- but want to recommend UP-- a delightful fun animated movie which we saw last week... yahooo for Netflix

  3. I heard an interview about "UP" on NPR and there was a lot of symbolism in that movie. Did you think so too? Have not seen any of the movies that you all are talking about. I guess I really need to catch up!

  4. Being kind to our biggest supporters is no small thing on the must do list
    We ask a lot of our feet
    good for you for just doing it
    I think they are very nice
    and will bring on a surge of creativity
    I will look into those movies. I need to see a good one
    You sound happy...:)

  5. Hmmm, I like the look of those. I wear Nike Slides when I carve. Really comfortable and cool on hot days.

  6. Air cushion is great! I like the look of these shoes too Mary Ann. xx

  7. The design is neat, the look comfy.

    It would be interesting to see De Niro of 'before'. I need to catch 'Brazil'.

  8. It is hard to retire old friends, but sometimes it is important for da feet! May they bring the same comfort to you as you live your creative life.

  9. nothing like a fresh new pair of shoes. I can't wear sneakers as i call them as they hurt my feet and don't allow for sweating. But I know they are useful and comfy. Of course there is always that part too of so hard to give up the old guys.

    There is only one movie theatre nearby with only one screen. I rarely go. In the winter it's Neflix, in the nicer weather I barely watch at all. NO TV except the weather channel.

  10. In the studio, I wear New Balance, they fit my fat feet!
    and i just saw the YOUNG VICTORIA which was quite remarkable and just found a dvd of Off THE MAP also great.

  11. what's not to love (ok, pastels not to love for me)...
    oh yes! to crazy heart/ tbone and mr. bridges! at their best;
    always thumbs up to tom waits in any form; and i'm a KEEN kind of gal...many pairs for all occasions.
    what color pastel will fall first on the gray patent trim? will the heel support spring you back up into 'wings'? enjoy!

  12. Hey - those kicks look great! Go do it! Crazy Heart is coming to my independent theater on 2/5 - can't wait. Saw the Big Lebowski again Sat. and saw The Young Victoria out on Sat. night. Watched Revolutionary Road last night.

  13. Willow, It was hard for me to give up my favorites...comfy feet are so important!

    Donna, 'Up' is on the top of my Netflix list.

    Teri, I think 'Up' is a must see!

    Suz, I've been talking about getting a new pair of shoes for weeks. Good self care is so important!

    Robyn, Nike has been a good brand for me...they run a little small but I've never been disappointed.

    Jo, The air cushion heel is can see through a window!

    Anil P, 'Brazil' was good...a dark only complaint was a little too long.

    I have no excuses such as my feet hurt anymore!

    Suki, Netflix is a great're not missing much on TV.

    Cat, I've heard great things about New Balance.
    Thanks for the two movie suggestions!

    Neva, Clever far the Nikes are still clean!
    We both share some favorites in music and movies!!

    Karen, Saw Revolutionary Road and hope to see Young Victoria. MUST see Crazy Heart this week!

  14. My New Balance are so old,,,I've replaced them, but somehow keep dragging them back out.Should have tossed them, but can't bring myself to do it.
    I rarely see movies,,,,or t.v.,,,so I'm always out of the loop on current stuff.I do catch up with some of the award shows online though,,,to see the gowns and hairstyles.

  15. New shoes! Good for you. I enjoyed Imaginarium, quite a trip, and really loved seeing Invictus. Morgan Freeman was superb. How was Brazil?

  16. Babs, You just know what you like and what feels good and it's New Balance!

    Maggie, Invictus was great, I agree. Brazil was still timely and all dark humor. Good to hear about's on my list.

  17. I keep my shoes until they peel off my takes a lot of love and hard work to get them to feel like socks..good luck with starting all over!!
    Netflix yesterday..Angel At My Table..about the writer, Janet Frame..excellent and sad...