Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Northward

I can't paint as fast as I can post. This piece might need a revamping but for now, I'll call it done. 8"x8" canvas, monotype, collage, tissue, acrylic and stones . I meditated several times and struggled with my writing. I picked through the writing and wrote phrases on the sides of this one: "winters heaven has long been waiting" and "North, top of the world just above our heads and hearts" with a silver pen. The star holds a compass and below are pieces of clocks. This one went slowly and the next two have been smooth starting. They are the directions of sky above and earth below. Funny how some just make themselves. The last direction is inward and I will have done seven in this meditation. Next? Already I am gessoing four larger canvases 24"x36" for the next project. These canvases were given to me by a friend about 18 years ago!!! The shape never called to me and they have a narrow wrap as he stapled them to the sides rather than the back which means I might need to build a frame to hide the staples. I thought after all these years I would challenge myself to make art in this least before they fall apart in the shed. Just love the art making!


  1. I can't paint as fast as I want to post either! I like this series a lot - the thoughts that go into them - the symbols and the pleasing compositions. And how fun to already know part of what is next - bigger!

  2. beautiful and evocative. I like the way you integrate writing and painting. It will be interesting to see what you do in a larger space. like yr new photo.

  3. It's obvious that you love what you do and that is what's important. It radiates through the art. Interesting piece. Nice work.

  4. I like this VERY much!
    The clock pieces hold so much interest.
    How fun that the new ones have practically painted themselves!

  5. Leslie, Bigger for tired of these little ones...!

    Suki, I like the word evocative...thank you.
    I took the photo of me...need a longer arm!ha

    Jean, Welcome back...I was just at your site...nice to see your smile.

    Babs, Glad you like the clock pieces...I appreciate your input.

  6. Yes,Mary Ann, make art on those canvas growing stale. Revive them! Collage over the staples...there are other ways around framing...sometimes when I make that size vertical it helps. I love squares! Why is a square known to be so difficult? Nice slideshow!

  7. Maggie, I have been devoted to squares for quite sometime but these new/old canvases will be a fun change!

  8. Do we get to see tham all together. That would be fun. My mind's eye like the grouping but it would be good to see them all at once.
    This look so good.