Sunday, October 11, 2009

Entourage or Motley Crew?

Being a mixed media artist it wouldn't be difficult to explain my mix in favorite men. These are just a few of the living or dead men I would willingly spend time with...some easy to enjoy on a dance floor and others I'd rather dream of a starlit night on the Willow Manor patio or a shadowed corner of the room? Ha

Jeff Bridges and his "Big Lebowski" hearing all about Hollywood and the inside stories of filming. Jeff Bridges has an affable smile and the Dude likes white Russians...nice combination!
Robert Reich former Secretary of Labor...I always like a handsome face, nice voice and a head full of brains!
Frederic Chopin goes without saying....he was genius and his romantic music leaves me breathless.
Bob Dylan...speaking of breathless...I just love the guy!
Pablo Neruda...who wouldn't want to sit next to him and have him read one of his poems!
Pablo Picasso....Always!
Javier Bardem...Good acting, great characters and a charming face...intriguing!
Julian Schnabel...fine artist, fine director, huge ego and charming as well!
Van Diesel playing Hannibal...I've always liked Hannibal (I am a peaceful person?)his campaigns against Rome, his elephants...I've been told he was the greatest General and now this Van Diesel will be Hannibal in 2010l...I would like to hear his approach on playing this giant.


  1. How fun! Dance committee gathered and ready!

  2. One face here is my all time favorite too-- The Big Lebowski--the Dude.
    and the director of THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY for sure!

  3. Hmmmm...I would probably take Picasso to the ball for entertainment but that's as far as it goes. He didn't treat his women well.

  4. Oh-oh-oh, I am so excited you are bringing this gorgeous entourage of delicious men!! My daughter will be swooning, since she is toooootally in love with Pablo Picasso. And I hope you won't mind if I take a little turn with Mr. Chopin around the dance floor!

  5. Why don't you just put them in line and save Reich for last. I think the brains go for a longer time. You are funny and have a lot of nerve to put your dreams out there!

  6. well you will be busy dancing in your lovely high heels. I'd like to take a whirl with bob.

  7. Impressive! I'd have to squeeze Russell Crowe in there somewhere (be still my heart). My alter ego - lover of bad boys - would sneak Sammy Hagar in. Ha! Yes, of course, my dress would be Red...give me red...there's no substitute for red!

  8. Leslie, Yes, I have my dance card in the sidebar and the dress tonight and then the Ball!

    Donna, We agree on those two...and evening with the Dude and Julian is the top of my list!

    Robyn, His reputation wasn't the greatest but then who really knows the dynamics. I've loved his work all my life!

  9. Willow, Yes, to the dancing with Fredric...he is fragile but will still be thrilled for a lovely waltz with you. Please, warn your beautiful daughter about Pablo's intensity! ha

    Pat, Good suggestion...I'm sure most will be sipping brandy in the library! ha Oh, this is just dreams...just play!

    Suki, I just knew he would be popular...have a fun whirl with Bob!

  10. Karen, I am all for Russell Crowe! Bad boy Sammy Hagar you say and you in a red dress...I won't tell the drummer! ha

    ...mmm..., Yes, Robert...handsome, smart Robert!!

  11. I too adore Javier. I would add Tommy Lee Jones to the mix. And Sam Shepherd, although I may have misspelled his name.

  12. San, Thank my list would be longer for those two handsome guys. Good choice!