Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Blue Sky Birthday!

"i thank you God for this most amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and for the blue dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."

October 25th all day, brunch planned with friend and dinner with Pablo...presents any time.

UPDATE: Brunch was wonderful...My friend Deena gave me a beautifully framed collage by Leslie Avon Miller!!! Deena contacted Leslie and picked a beautiful piece for me and framed it in a muted silver frame. Check the sidebar for one happy me!!! What a treasure! Pablo gave me another big surprise but I will update tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on your milestone!

    Now remember you do not need to observe the 65 speed limit, so go zooming right by it at full speed ahead and enjoying every moment.

    Best wishes

  2. Happy Birthday to you Mary Ann! All the best for the Blue Sky Dreaming!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Mary Ann. May your week be one long blue dream of sky. Yes!

  4. Happy, happy day, dear friend!!! Hugs and kisses!!! :D

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I feel this is going to be a good year for you, family and art. Says I, the big, great prognisticator. The Great Oz has Spoken!!!!!

  6. the happiest of birthdays Mary Ann!

  7. A toast to you dear Mary Ann. Wishing you a joyful birthday filled with abundance and love.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday and hope it is a gorgeous day for you. Many blessings for a year filled with love, art and joy.

  9. Patrice, I love you back!

    Egmont, Thank you, I sailed on Hwy 1 to my birthday limits!

    B&W, This is one of the best birthdays!

    Robyn, Now it's a birthday week? I can handle a week!

    Willow, Accepting all good wishes and hugs and kisses too...dear bloggy friend...thank you!

    Pat, Love your goes well with your prognisticator decree...thank you!

    Jeane, Yes, this is one of the happiest of birthdays!

  10. Suki, Thank you for your good weather and birthday wishes...the fog rolled out and the sun in... just in time for our outdoor brunch! Yes, art all the year through!

    Leslie, Thank you for the birthday toast and being such a good secret keeper! My life is abundant in friends and art!

  11. Oh, Mary Ann, glad I could be here to add my wishes for a very fine birthday all the way through the day, the week, and the year. Blessings, happiness, success and peace

  12. Oh happy day, another trip around the sun!

    Best wishes on your birthday,


  13. Maggie, Never too late for Birthday wishes...thank you!

    Laura, Yes, it all begins again...thank you for the good's been a fun day!

  14. Have an exhilarating year full of wonderful adventures!

  15. Lia, Thank you...It has been exciting for me so far! ha

  16. I missed your B'day but loved reading about the celebration!

  17. yes, another magnificent ride around the sun for you, lady! and as egmont so eloquently go full speed ahead and enjoying every moment!!!

    you go, girl!!!


  18. Belated Happy Birthday to my dear and beautiful friend.