Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Fashion Beginnings!

Twice a year my mother gassed up the "Buick" and the three of us went downtown to find our new dresses. She mastered handling that big chrome tank with it's column shift in her suit and heels, talking the whole time about fashion (she was the lay-a-way Queen) and my older sister reading catalogs. One year I took a real interest by finding my own dream dress but it wasn't to my sisters taste or my mothers purse.It was aqua nylon with matching taffeta slip, the dress had raised velvet dots in pink and was a beauty! I had to take a stand with these wonderful Leo relatives so I barricaded myself in the plush carpeted dressing room. They sent in the sales matron but I didn't budge...finally they were so afraid I would blow a fit and embarrass them that they gave in and the dress was boxed and bagged and we went on to the fountain for our chicken salad sandwiches and root beer floats. This family story got bigger and bolder as time went on and long after the dress was sent to Goodwill. They never took a photo of me in my dress but I remember loving it. This is of me a few years later and here I have my gloves, and crocheted purse (by my mother) and I began posing and enjoying fashion without the worry of sister and mother bossing me around so much!
Years I have enjoyed reading fashion magazines and lately Project Runway has been fun. The young designers seem out of control but yet all are innovative, clever using wonderful materials! I can't wait to show you my gown....I went with a new designer!


  1. I love stories like this Mary Ann! It is funny things that were real stand outs to us and no photos exist, nor any remnant but memory. I can't wait to see what you come up with to go with t.h.o.s.e s.h.o.e.s!

  2. your mother taught you well!!! and now, JIMMY CHOO shoes for willow's grand event!! i'd better get shoppin'

  3. Oh, that was fun, Mary Ann. Good story telling, cute girl you were, and nice getup. Bruce got me a Bazaar for my couch reading, and I get W just to check out what's going on in fashion...yes, and sometimes Project Runway keeps me very entertained. Looking forward to seeing the gown.

  4. Is it not wonderful what we choose to remember? These types of little pieces of mosaics make up the image of who we are.

    Thank you for sharing

  5. your hair goes with your dress back when you were a young girl-- cute.. and do we get to see what dress will go with those Jimmy Choo shoes present day?

  6. What a wonderful story... I love how you got the dress... and I can just imagine it's beauty... The painting in your last post are intriguing are intriguing and mysterious.. have a lovely day. Have I told you that I love your spirit. Roxanne

  7. This picture could almost be me at that age, in fact I had those shoes - navy blue. What a good story and memory.
    Your idea of the seven directions is really something to think about. It could be very deep!

  8. I am the only one left of that threesome...I hold the memories...a sweet but sad job.
    I'll post the gown on Monday evening!

    Nancy, You too can have Jimmy Choo shoes here in Blogland! ha

    Maggie, I used to read Women's Wear Daily but I think it is now W.
    True stories are sometimes the best!

  9. Egmont, Don't they say memory is selective? Growing up in the East Bay was very different...I hold many memories of places and people long faded.

    Donna, I remember thinking I was so cute with my hair parted down the middle...?! ha
    Monday for the big unveiling of the dress!

    Roxanne, We all have such funny was fun to share one of mine.
    The seven directions seem to have a direction of their own?
    You made my day...liking my spirit, thank you!

  10. Deborah, Yes, the shoes...did you wear the white socks too? ha
    I think this first effort of seven directions is just that...I could do this many times and possibly find the layers and depth more interesting each time.

  11. I can just imagine the scene - you painted it so well, MaryAnn. I can so relate to them not wanting you to make any commotion that could be noticed - Oh, I've been there, too. You can sure see the resemblance to your dad in this great photo!