Monday, October 26, 2009

Southern Exposure

Another canvas, more meditation and writing. 8"x8" canvas, acrylic, tissue, gold ink and stones. Some of the writing coming out of the meditation described imagery of crossing borders, floating along a lazy green river and calls from winged Gods. The writing also touched on longing hearts and exotic secrets of the mist?! The words exotic and secret are hand printed on the sides of the canvas. I admit to a very colorful palette but these little directions are feeling "bright" even for me. I'm tempted to take another look at the seven directions in a more softened grayed down palette but that will come later...for now COLOR!

personal update: I've had such a great birthday...65 being one of the big ones! Comments and cards filled with good wishes...packages, lunch, brunch all from dear friends. Pablo has been busy for days on my gift and I was surprised and so pleased. My Hebrew name is heroine and Moses sister. She is known for her songs, dancing and tambourine playing at the Red Sea. Pablo wrote a beautiful prose piece titled "Song of the Sea" , illustrated with antique paintings of Miriam. The piece spoke of her life and brought out my connection. He added to this a beautifully wrapped tambourine...a perfect gift for me and out to dinner too!


  1. beautiful painting. I like the colors. And how sweet of Pablo. Wow what a lovely gift. Glad you had a joyful day full of light and love.

  2. Pablo is a keeper and so is this piece Mary Ann!! I'm missing everything - up to my elbows in a new house - unfit to inhabit (yet). :-) I'll email to catch up. Happy Birthday - you look marvelous. Hug!

  3. Dear Pablo - such a heart felt gift, personal and perfect. I am so happy to hear you had a divine day. And I love the photo of Deena holding the collage she surprised you with! What a lot of love for you on the day of days.

  4. Is there any way that you can show us the piece from Leslie? I try clicking on it and it won't get bigger or even load so that I can look at the piece. I would love to see lucky you are and what a wonderful birthday you had. I guess turning 65 isn't that bad!!! Not with such special gifts and people around. Happy BD to you, belated. Love the bright piece you did.

  5. Beautiful piece of art..The colors are wonderful. I am glad you had a wonderful day and you are truly blessed.

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I love what you have written for your profile – here’s to finding inspiration - cheers! Alicia

  7. You look great, Miriam!
    It's also a wonderful painting,,I love vibrant color!
    What an incredibly thoughtful gift from your Pablo,,,he's a real keeper,I think?
    Happy,happy belated birthday to our Blue Sky girl,,,,

  8. You are a lucky girl to have that wonderful Pablo!

    And I am SOOO envious of your wonderful LAM piece!!!

  9. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful, creative year you just went through. You are on a roll. This new piece is terrific. The colors are my favorites and the composition really makes me feel of my voyage through life.

  10. so romantic that Pablo - really nice work here :)

  11. Happy 65th! I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. I particularly love the texture of the art you showed here. And how the normally cool blue and green seems hot!

    I've always secretly wished someone would give me a tambourine for my birthday. Lucky you!

  12. Suki, I'm loving the tambourine!

    Karen, Pablo is a keeper...great gift! Yes, email me when you have a moment.

    Leslie, Your name was mentioned throughout the brunch...what a joy to receive your work and so beautifully framed!

    Teri, I photographed it again but without much improvement...the glass has been a problem as it glares each time...know this piece is far more beautiful than the photo!

    Katelen, Thank you...I feel blessed!

    Alicia, And thanks for your visit! Art making is my joy!

    Babs, Thank has been a good birthday...if one MUST turn 65 then at least it can be joyful...!HA

    Willow, I'm lucky to have Pablo and now lucky to have the LAM on my wall!

    Pat, It has been a good art making year. I'm go glad you like this one with the blues and greens!

    Jeane, Pablo is rare...a good man and a good gift giver! ha

    Louciao, Thank you, I appreciate your comments on this blue green piece.
    Tambourines always seem so joyful...we should all have one!

  13. This is going to be a bright year for you Mary Ann, so its very fitting that your paintings reflect this.
    What a thoughtful and romantic gift from Pablo.

  14. Hi - love your new photo! Just happened upon it - it's great to see your face close up. :-)

  15. What a treasure your Pablo is! I hope I have such a lovely day - my 65th is coming up in December and I will be away on my travels - in Thailand or Australia - see my blog about plans! or no plans!

  16. well, your comment about the tamborine playing on my blog made me very happy! Love the attitude and Rumi would too..

    happy birthday should last at least thirty days...

    the work is wonderful.

  17. Love the colors in this one. Your birthday and the tambourine? What a great way to stay young!