Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Studio Day

These are my 8"x8" canvases denoting my exploration into the seven directions. So far I have written words to guide me with these four...east, west, south and north. I will stay focused on these and then work towards "above, below and inward". In order to give myself boundaries, I have limited myself to three techniques and three materials.. I still feel challenged but I also feel I'm less scattered and not so out of control(mixed media gone astray!) with these limitations....we shall see. I have been working on "east" and it's been several hours with some changes and more to follow....I will keep posting my progress.

correction: Willow's birthday is not the 13th but rather the 20th. Mine is only five days after hers but I am a Scorpio instead of the fun flirtatious Libra! ha

Note: Sidebar...I fell in love with this little silver satin lining, elegantly pleated calf, with a witty stiletto heel clasp! Little over my budget but I promise myself to use it until I die! ha 71/2W x 41/2H x 11/2D made in Italy!

Note: Sidebar...Do you love the new Jimmy Choo shoes on the sidebar? I picked them out for the Willow Manor Ball. Elaphe Peep-Toe Platforms, 4"heel! I thought the ankle strap would be a nice support when dancing?! This is too much fun for me...I'm making Pablo crazy!
Jimmy Choo: Choo is Malaysian of Hakka Chinese descent, who was born in Penang in 1961 into a family of shoemakers. Notable student of Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, London. Choo had a workshop in Hackney, East London which he opened in 1986. He was soon noticed and 1988 featured in Vogue magazine. In 2001, Choo sold his 50% stake in his company for 10million pounds. He has been expanding into Ready-to-wear which includes accessories such as handbags.


  1. interesting concept to be exploring in your work-- and I have not worn heels for many years-- I think I would fall over...

  2. I like your work..
    I also love the shoes..

  3. I think the limitations you have set on your directions compositions is an excellent way to "control" your focus. When we work with many materials, because that's what attracts us, there in always that fear of rushing off in all directions. I'm very guilty of it and I have to fight it consistently. I love the circular motifs that are in your work lately. Thanks for the many visits to my blog. I always enjoy your comments. I am a very lazy responder but I promise to do better.

  4. Perhaps Pablo is feeling left out. Maybe he needs a new outfit for the ball too :-)

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress with your canvases.

  5. love your shoes for Willow's ball.

    Adore these paintings. nice seeing them together. i like that antiqued look they have.

    and my b-day is today.!!

  6. Eager to see which 'direction' you take these pieces.Excellent idea, to start out limited. I would just cheat and add to it as I progressed,,,probably.
    The Choo shoes make me just a tad dizzy looking at them. Remember when we used to wear 4inch spikes? Maybe you still do?
    Other than the Ball?
    Anyway, these are beautiful,,,

  7. your approach is so interesting - these pieces already have impact and yes! on the shoes!

  8. I always feel like what a man in drag must feel like when I put on high heels like these (very un- natural) - my feet are so darn big and my height is already nearly
    6'. The virtual ball is the place to wear these. The peep hole toe is the bomb!
    Oh - love the new artwork.

  9. Donna, I am enjoying the levels of looking to directions for both questions and answers.
    I agree, high heels only for the imagination!

    Katelen, Thank you...I like working on projects and series...I feel more engaged.

    Margaret, Yes, boundaries...much better work if I can stay focused.
    You have had a busy summer!

    Robyn, Pablo is having fun...He is amazed at the prices of these high design items and glad this is an imaginary Ball!
    I started with East first so it will be interesting on progress!

  10. Suki, I remember your birthday last's been a year ..I think that is so wonderful to have shared in our lives and art making.

    Babs, I solved the "cheating" problem by making an agreement with my friend Deena...we are both trying to stay honest! ha
    My shoes are Mary Jane trekkers by Land's 4" heels in reality!

    Jeane, Thanks, these little canvases seem to have a good beginning!
    Love the shoes the evening purse?!

    Karen, I've picked out shoes that are the bomb!! I hope I do as well with the purse and dress and oh yes the date!

  11. Your exploring is very interesting!
    I enjoy your posts!

  12. Those shoes are to die for...30 years ago I would have worn them (if I could have afforded them!) I am having fun watching the preparations for the ball. Can't wait to see your gown!

  13. Great work Mary Ann.

    Heels!! be careful, they do look gorgeous though. :)

  14. B&W, Thank you, There are plenty of directions in this direction thing!

    Leslie, I remember high heels...30years ago as well, not so much anymore! Yes, the gown...think plum!

    Jo, Thank you, these are holding my interest!
    Nice to notice what is in fashion.

  15. We had better get pics of you all decked out for the ball. Sounds lovely but in those shoes, my 5'9" would be over 6 feet tall!

    Also, love the compass art. Always.


  16. C. Next I will post my date and then the dress...thankfully for everyone, I will have a model modeling the dress! ha