Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Disjoint

Funny how in between studio work leaves me "lost". The only thing that has stayed a constant in this work is the photo collage of the compass at the bottom right hand corner. This is on paper, 18"x18" acrylic, collage and oil pastel. I've never had an easy time with green so here is one of my challenges. I knew of an artist that worked on one painting for several years! I do find my journal helpful so I'll keep plugging away...not for years but I will keep at it!!
"Art Revolution" arrived the other day (suggested by Leslie) and it has a beautiful cover.Friday I'm meeting my friend Florie for coffee and a mini book review as we both have ordered the same book...should be fun!
On a personal note I'm making yogurt in my trusty Salton yogurt maker. I'm going to add honey and it should be a great compliment to all the abundant fruit selling at the Farmer's Market.
Good start for August.


  1. Hi Mary Ann - I think these are very interesting - I actually worked on a piece for over three years - it was in my workspace and I just kept messing with it and it finally resolved - it's an 8' door that is now in our bedroom - making yogurt - yum- I use to have a salton yogurt maker years ago - can't imagine what happened to it :)))

  2. Oh, I think you will both have fun talking about all you find in the book. I hope to hear your "book report". What do you mean "lost" Mary Ann? Are you feeling lost about your art? Or maybe you are referencing the compass as a symbol. The farmer's markets are grand just now for sure. I put an image of my foraging on the side bar of my blog. Most of what I got was local. But the fresh lavender had to go outside. My sinuses don't like it, but I think it smells divine.

  3. Oh I do like this, Mary Ann. It looks to be nearing completion. Love the black and white strip.
    I'll be ordering Art Revolution because of the cover (and Leslie's recommendation)

  4. I really enjoy seeing the progression,,and I think the green is just right! All the marks too. Lots to see and contemplate.

  5. I switched from cottage cheese to my own yougurt. It is more satisfying because I made it.
    Really enjoyed the paintings, like the bottom especially. Maybe because I need a compass in my life right now!!!! Your color choice is always exquisite.

  6. I really like how this work has evolved. Bonnard (hope I got his name right) worked on his paintings for many many years. I myself have had things I set aside and gaze at for a few years and then suddenly know what to do. I too wonder about "lost." I feel pretty lost right now myself. I also used to have a four cup salton yogurt maker eons ago.

  7. LOVE your work!!! just love it! i wasn't familiar with the book you mentioned so i'm gonna have to pick it up - thanks for mentioning it - it's always fun dropping by your place for such visual treats! yumyum!

  8. Jeane, I have all but made a hole in this piece (not a bad idea, a hole) so I'll lay it aside and work on it when and if the mood strikes.
    I let go of so many small appliances in my many moves but the yogurt maker I have kept!

    Leslie, I will be ready with a "book report" for sure.
    "Lost" meant I couldn't remember where I was going with the piece and had to refer to my notes...too many days not working. I am open to surprise but I do take notes as well.
    Yes, Lavender mmmmmm

    Robyn, I think it is nearly done...maybe resolve the greens but that is me with my green hang-up! ha
    Oh. good another book review!

  9. Babs, Thank you. The markings are a favorite of mine on this one.

    Pat, They have some tasty yogurts at Whole Foods but I do like my own too!
    Glad you like the greens in this piece...It isn't easy for me painting greens! ha

    Suki, Working on a piece off and on sounds like a great way...why rush and some things just demand more time.
    Using a mechanical device in my art is a challenge but I sure like it as a metaphor.

    Gypsywoman, Thank you so much. If you do read the book be sure to drop by with your review!

  10. Mary Ann--I really love the first and third ones the best. I'm not sure if it is because of the colors (I love the orange in the first especially) or what but they are very nice. I would say "done" too! Isn't art great? I just purchased three small pieces from "Other Peoples Flowers" that I just love. I will be hanging them either late tonight or tomorrow. I wish I had unlimited money...I would buy stuff from everyone!

  11. I like your green, MaryAnn! What makes one color more difficult than another - a non-artist wonders?
    Oh how the FM's are busting with seasonal color and intoxicating fruity fragrance right now - get it while it's fresh and local. Soul Food (seasonal, organic, unrefined, local)- the way we were meant to eat. :-)

  12. Teri, Art making is great but change is an important factor. I shared these piece's evolution from the first to third and now it has changed again...I'll post the new red one in a couple days!

  13. Karen, Today is our downtown Farmer's Market complete with our local hippies coming into, sweet smelling smoky something and free samples on the fruit for everyone!
    I have heard other artists complain about green...I don't know why. That piece has had many lives and now it is red!

  14. Hmmm yummy and here goes....I don't know if you participate in this sort of thing but I thought I would warn you that as a recipient of the "Paint Brush" award, I was to share 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers. You guessed it - you were one of my seven!I hope you are having a great day!

  15. That is one evolving artwork, Mary Ann. Believe me, I know the feeling of something never being done. Someone said that poems are never finished, just abandoned. I believe the same could be said for paintings and collages. I do, however, like each incarnation of this one.

    Homemade yogurt. YUM.

    Have a great time with your friend. That sounds equally yummy.

  16. Oh Rosie, I would be just fine with the 7 has been awhile since I have written a revealing!

    San, I sometimes say in a very proffessional way "It was a failed piece"!!ha never should I say I screwed it up?!
    Yogurt is wonderful...a bit of honey and vanilla and added to fruit!!