Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Sunflowers

This week Pablo brought home Sunflowers. I photographed three as I didn't want to dismantle my arrangement. Pretty! Several years ago I lived near the David Sunflower Seed Farm out in the central part of CA. This time of the year the fields were filled with tall beautiful sunflowers. They were working fields so people were not welcome to wander about but I must say it was very "Van Gogh" like driving by those sunflowers lining the country Highway.
I have what I think is my finished old fashioned (for me) collage titled Masada in the sidebar. Too much imagery for me and I all but beat these beautiful photos of ancient artifacts back to rubble and dust. Ha It's a slow summer in the studio and my explorations so far have not been lighting my fires. New piece to start on Friday.
Tonight is the Capitola Twilight Concerts...every Wednesday a different band plays on the Esplanade during the peak summer months from 6-8pm. The village beach can turn into a parking nightmare but once settled the beach, music, dancing and eateries are a load of fun....everyone turns out and from old ladies to children there is some dancing going on! Tonight the "Harpin Johnny & The Primadons will be rockin.


  1. Sunflowers are so drenched with joy. They grow wild at the side of the road in our neighborhood.

    Your Masada is rich.

    Have a beautiful Twilight. Music under the stars--what could be better?

  2. If daisies are the friendliest flowers, then sunflowers are definitely the happiest.

    Masada has a wonderfully calm, domestic quality about it. I like the rich colors.

  3. I love sunflowers and they are wonderful dried too. your new piece is lovely and does look ancient.

  4. I remember seeing a field of sunflowers up by Stockton. They were following the sun. I can relate to that with the number of times I turn my face to the sun. I ask the question, can we separate ourselves from Van Gogh enough to judge sunflowers on their own merir? I can't.
    The Masad is wonderful, wonderful!!!!

  5. I like Masada too. Love the sunflowers.

  6. How nice that he brings you flowers! Enjoy the beach & band!

  7. San, I agree about the Sunflowers...can't be too unhappy with a vase of Sunflowers.
    Thank you, I'm beginning to like this Masada.

    Willow, Thank you, I like the Masada colors too.
    I like the big less colorful ones with all the sunflower seeds.

    Suki, Thank you...I was going for ancient in color and mood.
    I like sunflowers in the fall when they are drying and heavy with seeds.

    Pat, Van Gogh had a strong impression of the sunflower but my memories go back to those fields.

    Leslie, Exploration turns out some unexpected sometimes unwanted humdingers...Masada is just okay for me but does speak to me of the ancient qualities of those remarkable days.

    Karen, I said when I met him I was hoping for a man to bring me flowers and he has fulfilled that hope.
    The music...not always so great but the crowd always so happy and festive, it's hard not to enjoy! Great community.

  8. So will you be dancin'?
    I mean I can visualize your being very childlike and carefree.
    Where I'm from the sunflowers are almost like weeds,,but still are precious for me.
    And to see Van Gogh's in the real,,,fascinating!
    And yes, the Masada looks very rich indeed!

  9. Sunflowers are wonderful. Me and my mom have one growing in a flower pot dropped by the birds due to their eating habits.

  10. Love the photo (I remember from a class that the instructor said to photograph things in "threes" as it draws the eye to "look around" and not "stare"

    Very nice collage, too...reminds me of spices

  11. It's sunflower time here too. Amazing since we are having winter and you are having summer.

    Mary Ann, I love your collage in the sidebar. (one of my favourites) Perhaps you are tired of it but once you've rested your eyes from it for a while I'm sure you'll be pleased with it. How could you not? :-)

  12. sunflowers are almost iconic - I just love them - one year I planted them in the flower bed right by our bedroom window - they got huge - every morning I would wake up and they were looking at me - it was so cool :)

  13. Babs,I spent my musical evening eating pizza and watching others dance! Sunflowers as weeds...the best weeds ever!

    Katelen, Without even asking you have been blessed with a sunflower!!

    Teri, I had six in all in the vase so I grabbed three...just to show the colors!

  14. Robyn, Global Sunflowers!
    I have put the collage away and as you said I'm sure I'll warm up to it later.

    Jeane, Sounds like they became welcomed guests greeting you in the morning. They do have faces of joy and I love how they turn to meet the sun!