Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Afternoon Iced Chai and Mocha

This is Deena a couple of weeks ago in my studio preparing a monotype. We worked a couple of hours printing an assortment of prints...raw material for further development. It really isn't that dark fact I have an overhead skylight?! Tomorrow we will check in by phone around 11am and then begin work in our spaces for a couple of hours with the intention of meeting late in the afternoon with our results. A way to jumpstart some new work!
Yesterday, I met with another friend, Florie to catch up on our lives and work. We both had ordered the "Art Revolution" so we discussed what we have learned....neither of us have gotten very far in the book...actually we had both enjoyed reading "transformations: from chaos to order " by artist Kathleen Canover. The demonstrations pages that followed have us both intrigued and we will give it a try. Funny these ideas are not new to either of us but it is so easy to forget and so we will see how to incorporate these tools into our new work. Florie is driving over to Virginia City, Nevada to view the wild horses in their natural habitat. She is staying a few days...bringing charcoal and sketchbook and returning Wednesday. I'll be anxious to hear of her adventures! She also shared a new book "Acrylic Revolution" I need to order that one too! ha.


  1. Don't start me off now..... My wish list is already stretching out the door:-)

  2. you are lucky to have such creative and sharing friends around you to spurt on enthusiasm and to share ideas with in person. Was "Transformations" a chapter in the book or some other book.?

  3. I think it helps to have a community of creative friends to keep us engaged and spur us on!

  4. This is such a lovely image of your friend Mary Ann, certainly looks like it was taken in the middle of the night! amazing. You should see my book "wish list".. It just keeps growing!

  5. Oh the art books,,,,,
    Too many are barely enough!

  6. I love how you've taken the extra steps with your art partners to find a way to work together - very cool!

  7. Thanks for sharing your artistic friendships, books and way in which you work. Just finished strolling through some of your posts- and loved your first post which you showcased in Seth's Buried Treasure project. He has brought so many people together - what a gift that we've all received. Thanks so much for stopping by my post and leaving your kind comment!

  8. Robyn,Oh, no the book list...mine has a life of it's own!

    Suki, "Transformations" is a chapter in the Art Revolution book!
    I believe most areas have creative's just a matter of finding them!

    Lia, The support of artistic friends is beyond measure...healthy for everyone.

    Jo, Funny, it was smack in the middle of the day...must have been the camera. We had such fun printing!

  9. Babs, Funny..."too many are never enough!" ha

    Jeane, Deena is working full time and needs that jump start to activate her creative side and I need playmates!

    Pat, It was a lively weekend artistically now I'm putting myself in remodel mode!

    Jill, Thanks for stopping by...sure enjoyed seeing your Maine trip!