Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting On and on & on

Same paper...I just keep painting on and on and on. More acrylic, collage and oil pastel. Actually I'm mostly satisfied with the color and all I need do is five or six different things and I just might finish this one! Silly me!
Tomorrow I will meet the contractor at the granite store and we will pick out our new counter top. We need to upgrade the kitchen so here we hell!! Actually I feel very confident and we are doing bare minimum...cabinet & drawer fronts, new sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove top and counter top...! Wish me luck!
I was honored to be chosen for a "Stroke of the Brush Award" meme by Rosie over at ruminations, rambles, reflexions
I will post again tomorrow!


  1. I am loving the color in this.
    Wow a new kitchen make over..Sounds fun and maybe a little stress involved. LOL

  2. Your painting is looking fantastic. I hope you don't change it too much :-)
    Good luck with the re-construction.

  3. You probably know the drill - create a temporary kitchen elsewhere. I like your painting. Looking forward to your 7 things...

  4. Aaaah, new kitchen.
    Ours needs a facelift, but the lake one looks young!
    Hang in there,,,it's worth the chaos.

    Love the colors in this piece!

  5. I like this painting Mary Ann...:)
    The layering gives it so much depth!
    Goodluck with your reno...have fun with it.

  6. this is looking fabulous. it really sings now with the red color. have fun with your new kitchen.

  7. I love the happy colors you use! This piece is wonderful.

    Okay. I am having some serious countertop envy over here. Ours, from 1988, are looking pretty sad for the wear. We're gonna want "after" pics, you know. :^)

  8. absolutely love this one - the colors are magnificent! truly beautiful, girl!

  9. yikes, kitchen remodel! you are a braver woman then I! - your piece feels like summer :)

  10. So this used to be green? It's really all the same piece? What a transformation! Love the colors.
    It's good to have a project going - even a kitchen. :-)

  11. Katelen, I'm hoping for a stress free kitchen update?! ha

    Robyn, I am happy with this one but I may add to it...need to be careful as sometimes I overdo!

    Leslie, No, I don't know the drill...I've lived in each house for six years and then moved...very little remodeling...I'm in for a new experience!

    Babs,There is chaos in this remodel and it is all worth it?!!
    Thank you...I think I landed on the right amount of red and green.

  12. Jo, I agree, the layers have built an interesting mix...almost there!
    I'll try to have fun with the new stuff!

    Suki, Thank you...I'm liking it too!
    Remodel...a challenge for sure!

    Willow, I'll be happy to post photos...even a little construction chaos! Today I buy the new kitchen sink!
    Thank you, it's getting close to a portion of a dream I once had of being in the Ukraine with my first mother-in-law.

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  14. Gypsywoman, Thank you, I'm glad you like this one...reminds me of some of your gypsy colors!

    Jeane, Yes, to dumb to no update seemed like a perfect summer project?!

    Karen, Yes, it is all the same paper...I'm liking the way it is now...knowing when to stop is my next project!
    The cupboards are all really is time for new door and drawer fronts as well as new applicances.

  15. Love the painting. Great colors, colors that challenge, colors with energy.