Sunday, August 16, 2009

Silk Purse Syndrome

I think it is a real syndrome because I suffer from it! Too many years buying dumpy houses and remaking them (on a budget) into homes. One house we bought had Coppertone appliances and pink Formica? I ended up changing the obvious and adding browns, beige's, spots of red with chocolate sushi curtains. So now I started this piece and it quickly became confusing and washed the silk purse syndrome kicks in. It measures 18"x18" on paper, acrylic, collage. I know I will add a compass and other collage and so far I only like the black and white edges so I have a challenge. I believe, (clicking my sandal heels)I believe I can find a home here?! Wish me luck!
Kitchen remodel update: I've researched consumer reports against my checkbook and shopped around. I've ordered disposal, sink, dishwasher and cooktop. Not top of the line but with the blessing of CR as good products. Randy (contractor extraordinaire) is making new cabinet doors and drawer fronts...his son will do the painting. Next is counter top and I think granite is not in my budget...I'm still looking!


  1. Actually, I'm thinking it looks quite good at this stage!!!

  2. soooooo, more good luck with all of the above.....and appliances? putting replacements off....i know it'll cost big bucks...wanting to replace all the major ones, and countertop...will all wait at least a year. soooo, more good luck with that. meanwhile, the silk purse is fab already.

  3. Yummy, interesting layers going on here. I like the back and white too, as a part of the whole. I'm still feeling glad you are a miracle.

  4. Actually, I agree with Lia. I don't think that I would change a thing. I love the colors of it. Maybe just set it aside before thinking about adding more. I think this one could be a new direction for you.

  5. well, I actually like the idea of coppertone and pink together and I really really like this painting in its state right now - the gold color with those little bruises peaking through are wonderful :) will really enjoy seeing where you take this :)

  6. The painting is looking very good!
    Good luck with the remodel....not something I look forward to.

  7. My, my, my! Just think of the meals that will come out of this up-to-date kitchen. Wowie,zowie.
    Love the idea of the compass addition. I think that I need that too.

  8. this stage of the painting could be complete but only you know the inner vision

    interesting that you have been redoing dumpy houses into gems for years. I have never done that which is why having to do it now perhaps feels so intimidating.

    HGTV (they have a website) has done a few shows about houses where folks did not use granite, but found some lovely non traditional counter tops that looked great. Frankly I dont care for granite all that much and dont really get why that is the main thing (on HGTV home buyers shows) that people want in their kitchens. someday granite may be the new gold appliances. ie the thing people dont want.

  9. I think it is interesting that you have related your kitchen remodel to your start of a painting--- the kitchen remodel is probably uppermost in your mind. Every painting has to start somewhere and the challenge is pulling it all together. you will.

  10. Hey, it matches my shirt today! LOL! Happy August 17th! I wish I was in Yosemite. :-)

  11. Lia, Thanks for your good words...a first stage always gives me a leaping off point!

    Nancy, I have found stores with plenty of discounts, rebates and sales...good time to shop around.

    Leslie, I used some yellow tissue paper which made an interesting layer which made it fun to sand it mostly off.
    I like being a miracle too!

    Teri, Thank you for you good advice and making is fun and complex!

  12. Jeane, In that particular remodel I kept the pink tub and!
    Bruises you say...I'll take a second look!

    Robyn, The remodel has been going rather smoothly but it does disturb studio time.

    Pat, What? More cooking? I was going for good looking!. Actually, I have been cooking on a two burner plug in for months! ha
    Everyone needs a compass!

  13. Suki, Granite is so popular but I'm not a convert yet...price and weekly sealing has discouraged me.
    In those remodels, I was younger and did all the paint, wallpaper, sewing...I'm keeping it very simple now. We don't get HGTV but I have heard it is ALL kinds of decorating and home repair.
    New work, new hope!

    Donna, I agree, the remodel is taking up very large spaces in my head.
    I like your words"Every painting has to start somewhere and the challenge is pulling it all together" Thank you.

  14. Karen, Pretty color for a shirt! Yes, happy 17th and like you Yosemite is a big part of my dreams and memories.

  15. Blue Sky, I adore the black& white with yellow,,,or gold. Very earthy, yet has a sophisticated feel.
    I've never been drawn to granite,,I don't care for the high gloss,,OR the high cost.And,,,I think it's already on it's way to being very 'last year'.
    (if that matters)
    I found some incredible Wilsonart laminate that I just love. Earth tones, with texture,looks like stone,,,and no shine!
    (also no upkeep)

  16. ah ~ the silk purse syndrome, what a fabulous name for a much near and dear to my heart thought process that I constantly do...I am right now looking at... well never mind...

    I rather like it but see how you are stumped with it as there is usually more color...I bet next time I see it...

    I have wood countertops and believe it or not, unless you are very picky about the "aging" of them, they work quite well and are very cost effective... just a thought :)


  17. Babs. The key is to save the favorite parts!
    We are of the same mind...I have been looking at the laminate and expecting a call from the salesperson about texture and edges.

    Linda, Haven't been in the studio to make changes as the work in the kitchen is distracting.
    I love wood and I love the way it naturally ages...on my list now...thank you.

  18. This piece is gorgeous!! Another favorite color of mine, this one feels so light and airy but still I can see the textures... good luck on your kitchen, it will be great, I know...

  19. I just want to add that butcher block counter tops have long been a favorite ofmine.

  20. Roxanne, Thanks for your supportive comments on the kitchen the middle now!

    Suki, Wood is always welcome...I'm going today to talk with some home designers.

    Philip, Yes, I love the colors...I'm planning on a little silver.

  21. I think going back and forth between your work and the kitchen remodel will end up connecting and affecting each other.

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  23. It's certainly coming along - how I identify with the silk purse house syndrome - I too have been through this process with at least a dozen houses and NOW I'm doing it again - will I ever learn!!!!!

  24. I love this piece. I don't usually respond to yellow - but this beautiful golden ochre is sunshine itself!

  25. There is something about the painting I just cannot put my finger upon. Nothing negative at all, rather something mysterious.

    Your comment about 'compass' which i feel may be a recurring item that surfaces between dials and knobs of your work I am only now becoming sightly aware with. I will need to dig deeper into the recesses of your blog, so that I am able to decipher your artwork.

    Enjoy your Sunday