Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

I received this award from Rosie of
ruminations, rambles and reflexions . This is not easy for me. 1. I am not a very random type person. 2. I am rather shy and private 3. This blog has been primarily an art blog but it is a lovely award from a great blogger and I will just try my best. Taking a Deep Breath:
1. Began my life in Northern CA, Lived in NY,NJ moved to Los Angeles, Northern CA, Central CA and now the beach Santa Cruz CA. Altogether 11 houses as we moved around in some locations...even counting a cabin in Groveland CA. I spent a lot of time making houses into homes.
2. I have two handsome adult sons, unmarried and living in CA. One in Central and the other in Los Angeles area.
3. I was a widow and met my current husband on Yahoo personals in 2004 and we married in 2006. He is a writer and lives in the den!ha I live in the studio and paint...we have a happy life together.
4.I rented my first art studio space in the 80's for $100. No heat, no air and water and bathroom shared down the hall...I was my happiest ever!
5.I created an installation in a gallery titled "Where has the Goddess Gone"" A small alcove filled with belongings of the Goddess?!
6.I took my only cruise called the "Path of the Vikings" It began in England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, New Foundland, Halifax and ported in Boston. No raping and pillaging was allowed but we had great fun at the buffet table! ha
7.I had a 10 day stay in hospital in May 2008 with complications from a chronic pulmonary problem I've had since late childhood. I was sent home in the care of hospice. I rested, prayed, had love and support from countless friends and family, ate good food, a little morphine and I improved! I was taken off hospice care in July 2008...I blogged the whole time so I can say blogging was one of my cures. I am very careful, exercise, carry antibiotics and the doctor says I am a miracle. I am grateful for my life, I paint and know on the deepest level...Life is Good!
Rather than pick 7 people for this award I would like to invite anyone who would like to be a part of this sharing to let me know and I will set up a link. Whew, I am now breathing again...not so bad after all....thanks Rosie!


  1. This was all so very interesting. I didnt realize your illness awhile back was life threatening. I am so glad that you are still here and painting and living life to the fullest. Also I hope those fires in Santa Cruz are not near you. Also that they get doused soon.

  2. Well, Blue Sky, I found that very touching, and loved the way you told your 7 random things, which really was many more than 7 because each was quite dense in its unfolding. Congratulations on finding the miracle within and being alive! Do I want to draw up my list? Perhaps I could.

  3. Wow Mary Ann! Your are a miracle! And a great blogger. I'm glad the blogging world has allowed us to find we are ducks on the same pond...The richness of life experience is a tale of which I never tire. And the richness shows in your art.

  4. Your 7 random things were so interesting, thanks Mary Ann.

  5. Oh, my, that was a close call last year, Mary Ann. Thank God, you are a miracle! I love the story of you meeting your husband on Yahoo and living happily ever after. Sigh.

  6. Suki, Too scary to give details as I was new to blogging and I did improve so then it seemed odd to mention.
    The fires can be seen from here and we hear the planes going over...the highway if filled with fire trucks going back and forth to the command center.

    Maggie, Thank you for your comment, I don't see my 7 as very random but I was okay with sharing. Just let me know when you post your 7 and you are welcome to the icon.

    Leslie, I think the miracle is finding so many wonderful ducks with common goals and rich insights...just what I had hoped would happen in blogging...a sweet connection.

    Robyn, Thank you...I had planned on sharing my Goddess installation sometime and the personal stuff is not easy but turned out okay for me.

    Willow, I remember laughing about attending a ball at Willow Manor and having hospice care....quite a contrast in reality!!
    Grace...most of my life has been touched by grace.

  7. And because you are shy, you neglected to say that your friends think that you are terrific!!!

  8. Mary Ann - you are inspiring (and a miracle too!) - I felt humbled by your sharing - and also felt a strong connection too! thank you so much for taking up my offer because I and others have gained so much from your blogging! I would love to meet you one day (who knows!) You have a rich life indeed!

  9. Pat, Thanks so much!

    Rosie, This comment leaves me wordless but not without a full heart...rare indeed...I would so love to meet...your pond or mine!