Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That's It!

"Ukraine Circus" 18" x 18" Rives BFK, acrylic, paper and cloth collage including, cotton, trim and cheesecloth. photo transfer, oil pastel. This piece has had many starts and stops but I feel complete now. The compass...as always directing me on my art journey, forwards as well as backwards. Years ago as newly widowed, I had a profound dream that the roof had blown off our home (no hidden meaning there?) and I looked over the living room wall to see a herd of elephants passing by in a row...the elephants were very light, almost unreal. (meaning?) I had created the torn paper elephants ages ago but never found a place for them until now. My first mother in law was from the Ukraine and had told stories so the whole thing seems (to me) to fit with the red and green of festive carts and wagons as well as old buildings and spectacular churches of old Russia. All in all it's a piece that is connected to me and when that happens I'm moved to a better and sweeter place. I like it.
About my exercise: My mileage on the stationery bike is over 340 which means I have metaphorically passed the cotton fields and oil wells of Bakersfield and am now cycling over the "grapevine" towards the Los Angeles basin. Haven't even broken a sweat! ha
Tonight's dinner: Cobb Salad. I wonder who created the Cobb Salad...anyone know?


  1. i know..who did create the cobb salad? love how pieces, like your torn paper elephants, hang with us for years waiting for their place. that happened this summer with a tanka book i started altering, and will finish this fall. "pieces falling into place"...happy you made it through bakersfield/hahaha. i may need to dust off our old airdyne myself.

  2. I adore this wonderful piece and the meaning and symbolism behind it, Mary Ann. Cobb salad? I don't know, but I bet it was somebody named Cobb, whad'ya think?

  3. 1937, Bob Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby.

    That's a fine finish on your work there.Love how you added the small strip of the black & white; echoing the broad band across the top. Great way to incorporate!

  4. Like the redness of this and how the pieces come together and make a whole. Thanks for the word layer to give it all more meaning.

  5. Mary Ann--I did a search for Cobb Salad and sure enough, like Willow said, it was created by someone named Cobb in LA for Sid Grauman, owner of Grauman's Chinese Theater. There's a whole explanation over at Wiki. I love this piece. I am always partial to things that are red and I love the symbolism of the piece. Great stuff always comes from things that mean something to the artist, don't you agree?

  6. Mary Ann, I really like this painting - it feels like a circus - the colors are wonderful! :))

  7. Hey, your're not far from LA. I'll put clean sheets on the bed and get a good bottle of wine?
    That painting is wonderful, wonderful. It really has such a festive air. You could have left it nameless and still we would have known. Ver-ry good!

  8. this is just gorgeous. I love having seen the earlier versions. HOw rich it is with all the layers. I love the way things, like the elephants, sometimes sit around for years and then suddenly a use for them is found or maybe they find their place.

  9. this is such an exquisite piece and one to which i relate more than i can even express - your use of color is brilliant in this piece - and in all your others - i, being a sun sign in the truest sense of the word, love the use of reds and oranges - and the symbolism! divine! anyway - beautiful piece in every sense - thanks for sharing -

  10. Nancy, Agree, those little scraps of art in the big boxes are just waiting for the perfect moment to be placed perfectly!

    Willow,Thank you from a woman who loves all things Russian! ha

    Babs, Thanks you...and thanks to Mr. Bob Cobb for this great salad!

    Maggie, Thank you...I enjoyed working with the red and green...a challenge!

  11. Teri, Thank you for the info...Cobb!
    I have reached a time in my life that making art with personal meaning is a must!

    Jeane, Thank you...I am so glad it has that circus "feeling" !

    Pat, Slow down on the housecleaning, I only accomplish 3-4 miles a day! ha
    I'm so glad you see the circus atmosphere!

    Suki, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the many lives of the piece. It is always interesting to look back at what was!

    Gypsywoman, Red and orange are the true sun colors..also glad you like the symbolism!

  12. Thank you for the nice welcome to blogland-- one week old now. I see you are a color person--- I think there are two kinds of artists--- those that love color and those that don't -- me for one.
    but I do like your work. I think someone named Cobb invented the Cobb salad-- it is such an odd name it has to be named after someone.

  13. Heart lifting piece Mary Ann, I like the symbolism too...

    Cobb salad? will need to look that one up, sounds interesting.

  14. Fun thread with the Cob salad thing thrown in... Congratulations for your cycling miles! Nice to bring a piece to completion isn't it?

  15. Nicely done! Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Donna, I know what you mean about color...I do love my color, even when it is subtle, it's still color.
    Congratulations on your week old blog...it is beautiful!

    Jo, Thank you and the words "heart lifting".

    Leslie, Now everytime I make a Cobb salad I will think of the Brown Derby!
    The excitement of finishing is the new challenge of beginning again!

    Karen, Thank you...enjoy your weekend as well...summer weather for sure!

  17. I love cobb salads! This painting is rich with culture and color, and I love how the compass directs you on your art journey and this vibrant red!
    Wow, your elephant dream is wonderful, and the story of your mother in law...