Monday, August 24, 2009

Kitchen Art

A couple pieces of my kitchen art or art hanging in my kitchen. The first one measures 10"x10" paper, copper leaf, photo, oil pastel and copper wire. The second piece measures 9"x15" paper, silver tape, fork and knife, photos taken in Vienna and CA. Both have been hanging in my kitchen for several years and now time for a change. Also the chili peppers are dusty, the garlic rope is old and the my childhood 40's dishes need a good cleaning. I have just a little wall space and now the green walls will be a shade of yellow so it will be fun adding new things to the walls. I'm getting ahead of myself as they are today removing the old appliances.
I'm still working on my silk purse piece posted August 16th. I did add silver leaf and shiny red stones. I'm seeing an ancient dashboard? Surely one would need a dashboard on one's ancient ship or chariot...surely instruments of star gazing, dials and directional pulls. I'm dreaming again.


  1. hope you will show us pictures of the new kitchen. how exciting. and fun to pick out new art to hang on the yellow walls.

  2. I especially like the copper one, Mary Ann. And I love the notion of an ancient dashboard with all of its powerful instruments!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the copper/orange piece! right up my alley so to speak! :)

  4. Ancient dashboard....sounds very intriguing. I thought of you this weekend whilst looking at some amazing digital art using the compass. see here >>>>

  5. Don't forget that compass. Is this a rocket ship? Your words are making me see a rocket ship in my mind.

  6. Why is the Aug. 16 piece titled silk purse? I might be missing something. Love the orange in this post! the kitchen sounds like it will be terrific!

  7. Suki, I'll be glad to take photos...I just wish it was closer to being done!

    Willow, Thank you...copper always works in the kitchen.
    I am excited over the ancient dashboard!

    GW...You love too!

    Robyn, I'll head over to the flickr site...thank you.

    Pat, Sure, why not an ancient rocket ship?!

    Karen, I was thinking of the old saying of making a silk purse out of a pig's ear....always trying to make something beautiful out of almost nothing of when it works!
    Kitchen is in paint mode!

  8. Your kitchen art is wonderful, especially the copper colored piece... so warm and alive... Roxanne