Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday's Wall Mask

King of Cups or King Neptune measures 10" x 17" acrylic, beads, glitter, cheesecloth, clay, wire and fabric. He hangs with about eight other pieces of art over my bathtub in a salon style. It's quite a mood with candles lit and steamy bath water. The walls are a light tinted rose and they glow in candlelight.
Several years ago three of us picked a tarot card and each made a mask. It was great fun researching the card and the connecting mythology. It's not that I have so many walls (my home is small) but I change the art...always moving things out and around and I have a little shed outside where I keep art and seasonal clothes.
We are leaving next week for a vacation so I've been out of the studio doing ordinary life...stop at the drug store, vitamin store, grocery store and cleaners. Last minute shopping for travel essentials...we are driving so there is no end to the amount of essentials! Pablo says he is a spatial relations expert and I am giving him a challenge. Packing my Styrofoam 4ft noodle for swimming (I can't swim without it)and beach towels for the pool and bags of books should be interesting!


  1. Thanks for setting the bath tub scene!!! I was there!
    Your mask is divine.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip away...

  2. What an appropriate place for the "King of Neptune". I didn't know that the King of Cups was related to Neptune. I don't read or understand the Tarot but it is a facinating subject. And the setting must be spectacular. The piece is quite moving.
    I hope that this coming week will be as well.

  3. oh, that mask is just wonderful! what a superb item to keep and display!

  4. Mary Ann, this mask is just wonderful - obviously it is hanging in the right place - have a fabulous time away....

  5. Isn't there a certain satisfaction to researching a topic and then using what was gathered to inform an art piece? This is a stunning piece. I love the range of blues and the texture. I'm also glad someone else has a storage area for rotating art. Have a great holiday.

  6. gorgeous and haunting mask. have you seen andrea's masks on ??

    Have a totally fun vacation. Can you tie the noodle to the roof.?:)

  7. Jo, Thank you, the mask began with me as the model but as it fell apart and became more Neptune...I held it together with cloth and wire!
    We will leave on Sunday.

    Pat, King Neptune shares the wall with other mask and art. I think I enjoy the research as much as the art making!

    Julie, Thank you...he is very much a part of my every day life!

  8. Jeane, Thank you and yes it owns it's spot on the wall!
    We are going to Cowbody wine country...Paso Robles...should be fun!

    Margaret, I believe it is a rich experience this research business!
    Yes, the shed holds plenty of art and plenty of clothes and the house stays uncluttered!

  9. Suki, I will visit her site to see the masks.Thank you.
    Mr. Spatial Relations is on his own for organizing the car...I'm just packing and putting everything at the door...he is up for the challenge! ha

  10. Bet Neptune never knew he could look sooooo good!

    Have a wonderfilled time on your trip!

  11. That's a gorgeous mask, love it. How inspiring to have Neptune in your bathroom...