Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday's Wall errr Corner Tour

Measures 35" x 20", acrylic, stones, wire, glitter on Cd's. I keep this mobile in a corner of my was one of those "I'd like to create a mobile before I die" projects. I saw the instructions in a craft book so I set about making an aquarium themed mobile. I collaged exotic fish eyes I found in an old National Geographic magazine and then with paint, making the discs feel like eyes, fish, water in movement. I added stones and glitter for the underwater mystery and I can tell you it was total playtime. I never know what to say or think at aquarium windows...watching the fish swim by...large schools, big lone ones...I always try to connect eye to eye...? click to enlarge.
The heatwave finally broke...Pablo took the portable fan out to the shed, the thick fog has rolled in....what a contrast! The pool is still heated to 84 but I don't have the courage to put on my bathing suit and wade in and keep myself under the water!
Life is pretty simple here at the beach....we have a new "Whole Foods" store and Pablo and I spent the evening walking the aisles and even had dinner at the deli....a Farmers Market Sandwich: Mozzarella cheese, basil, spring mix, chicken on sour dough sliced bread with the addition of balsamic vinegar....we added Tabbouleh for a salad...WOW! Life is good!


  1. What a lifeful thing to hang in your studio--moving and ocean-colored and with all those eyes!

    Your Farmers Market sandwich sounds so yummy. Saturday evening we went out for Mediterranean food. That tabouleh salad is hard to beat when you want to taste pure freshness.

  2. Oh - you are so creative. I like this mobile! The fish eyes from National Geographic - great idea. If you have cooling then we will get it soon - still a hot one here today. I'm waiting on beautiful grass fed beef from Black Tail Mountian Ranch in Montana by FedEx hoping the dry ice estimates will hold up in this weather for a 2 day trip.

  3. Wow, your Whole Foods sounds much jazzier than ours!

    Love the CD mobile. Tres cool.

  4. This is so fun, and look at all the aqua. No surprise, I know you love it. Very inventive.

    It was 95 degrees here today, and I'm loving it, while lusting for your sandwich.

  5. Love this!! I'm always looking for ideas for making things out of CD's...
    This one rocks!

  6. San, Thank you. I just love Mediterranean you say the freshness!

    Karen,Absolutely cold here today so watch for the cool off soon. Good luck with the beef...wonderful for your garden kitchen!

    Willow, This Whole Foods is two weeks old and everything is spanking new! No place to sit down and eat though?

  7. Babs, Thank you it was fun and yes, aqua!
    The store sparkled it was so new and the sandwich, I inhaled!ha

    Patrice, Enjoy...the skies the limit on creative choices...I had a friend make the small drill holes in the top and bottom...very easy!

  8. I love mobiles but have never made one...I am inspired to do so

  9. I like your mobile. The colors are wonderful and soothing - just like an aquarium. but I assume that was one of your intents.
    I like to have things hanging in every room. The most neglected part of decor is the ceiling.
    A vacant ceiling is an unfinished house, as I have always said!!!!
    Keep mobiling.

  10. so wherever you go in your studio these eyes follow you watching!! I envy so your warm, heat wave weather and pool. still quite chilly here at least today. no whole foods stores here either, but it sounds lovely.

  11. I love your fish-eye mobile... how fun and underwaterish! I am glad your heat wave is over... Roxanne

  12. Hi Mary Ann - what a fun project - your colors, as always, are wonderful - life in your part of the world sounds a moment at a time.....nice....

  13. These are beautiful! They remind me of butterfly wings also.

    Your lunch sounds delicious!

  14. Isn't fun to make something for yourself? I love the driections on your side bar. They are intriguing!

  15. Janette, enjoy making a mobile!

    Pat, I agree about ceilings...I used to have stars in the babies ceilings and I have painted soft blue sky color at other times in other houses!

    Suki, The heatwave is long over...we are all in our sweats trying to stay out of the wind.

    Roxanne, Thank you, feelings of an aquarium without fish food! ha

  16. Jeane, Thank you...color is an important factor in my in it all.

    Patti, Paper butterflies would make a great mobile!

    Leslie, Thank you, Sharing some small work in the sidebar has been fun.