Monday, April 27, 2009

To the Depth of Dichotomy

Productive weekend in finding directions...Deena and I were unable to work together in my studio so we connected by phone and email. After lighting a candle and beginning with Deena's skillful coaching questions we both answered and discussed and planned our studio day. We hung up and worked for over two hours and then called one another again for reorganizing and recapping our efforts. I feel very good about the results and am on my way to explore this direction in a lively more connected way. The compass will play an important part in the new imagery. Deena gained insight into her journey as well and we both know we are better for our support system and friendship. Later we scanned to each other our beginning work and emailed our plans for the next couple of weeks.
I have also decided to join up with another free creativity coaching opportunity with Eric Maisel. I'm passing this information on to anyone out there in blogland that feels they would like to avail themselves of some free creativity (writing, painting,etc.) coaching.
From Eric Maisel's newsletter: If you choose the free creativity coaching opportunity, I would need the following information from you" a paragraph on you and a paragraph on what you would like to work on with a creativity coach." I need this information so that coaches-in-training can make informed decisions as they choose clients to work with. Send your information to me to with the appropriate subject line, "free creativity coaching" This will be email-based coaching, conducted at your own pace and aimed at meeting your needs, If you think this might serve you, jump on it! You might also let your friends know about this opportunity. As they may want a bit more information than is contained in this email, feel free to have them visit .

I have been a client two times and I felt very satisfied, I had friends that had mixed results but again it is an opportunity so please follow your intuition on this one.


  1. very nice!
    i see a definite link to my book!

    your work is very lovely...
    thank you for the glimpse inside your world!


  2. I never realized that help was out there. I always felt I was here alone and had to bang down the walls with my tiny fists. I thought that I would have to have a support group like you and Annie had but I didn't know how to do that. Do you think the coaching group get into purse designers?
    As you know, I love that you are using the compass. It obviously responds to something in me.

  3. I sure love that red ink - I see past, present, future, but can't quite make out the other word. Kind of mysterious.... You and Deena have a rare friendship - to be cherished for sure.

  4. Well, how can one go awry with Eric Maisel as a guide? Oh, I am sure there are some conflicts...not everyone meshes, right?

    Thank you so much for the heads up on this fine opportunity.

    I think it is wonderful you are doing this very important is also fantastic to have you share the process!

  5. So good, to have a partner on your journey, and the compass is So meaningful! Sometimes email communication is almost as good as the real thing.
    The link sounds fascinating,,,,who'd have thought!

  6. Interesting way you and your friend worked with each other. Lovely. I'd love to try the coaching, but right now I need homebuyers coaching. I'm not being very creative.

  7. Chuck. Thank you for stopping by...the blog world is sometimes a very small world!

    Pat, If you have something you need support and coaching about such as developing a purse line, marketing your line, any creative glitches...always nice to have another mind thinking of you and your plans! The support group with Deena and Annie and the others was magical and I'm grateful to still hae Deena in my world.

  8. Willow, I was blest with a loving family but not always supportive...nice to have a coach who works and supports and holds me accountable to attaining my goals.

    Karen, I have the stamp right in front of me and can't decipher it...I'm thinking heaven but it looks like an N?

  9. Kim, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have been reading Eric Maisel's books on creativity for years and receiving his newsletter brought about this opportunity. I have enjoyed the connection and the reliabilty of support that I have received in the past.

    Babs, The email process has worked in this coaching opportunity for me...I work well with support!

    Suki, When you get settled in you can always take his newsletter for coaching offers and he does have some very good books. Deena and I began our friendship in a Julia Cameron book study group over 10 years ago.

  10. I love the way you are always discovering more about yourself... your journey as a person and an artist. beautiful piece. Roxanne

  11. Roxanne, I have been making art for over 30 is my path...close to a religion I would imagine.

  12. wow! - what a concept for working with someone! sounds like it was very productive for you :)

  13. Jeane, My friendship with Deena and our art making duo is heaven sent or something like heaven sent! ha