Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cowboy Wine Country

A photo I took a couple of years ago of an area on the grounds of Mission San Miguel, Arcangel. I believe this mission is closed for repairs after a recent earthquake. It was built in 1797 and is very fragile and beautiful. We will be staying in a town about 9 miles south of this mission in an area called "The Cowboy Wine Country". It has grown over the years with winery after winery and people are enjoying the area as a destination. We will be staying at a great Inn with pool and in room spa so I'm happy! If you remember the movie "Sideways" then you might remember the film featured the area dotted with wineries and pretty countryside. When we head home we will travel over to the ocean and travel up the coast on Hwy 1 which is a really beautiful curvy road.
Tomorrow we pack the suitcases and Pablo works his magic and packs the car...I take everything when we go for a few days...need my pillow, books and he is the same way! He is taking his laptop and I think it will be interesting if I can stay away from blogland for a few days...if I can't then I know I can use his computer. Happy Trails!!!!


  1. Aah yes, I've seen this beautiful mission. That is some kinda gorgeous country!
    I so love a road trip,,,where you can take everything that can possibly be crammed into the car.
    "Just in case".
    Great trip-be safe!
    (especially on Hiway 1)

  2. Woow, what a stunning building, just the way I like them.
    Do try to get over blog withdrawl, Iknow it's hard!HAve a wonderful time.

  3. Have a wonderful, restful time. I'll be thinging about you!

  4. Tee hee. I know what you mean about getting away and being away from your computer!

  5. Today I'll be posting some pics from our trip to wine country in a different part of California---central valley---Lodi to be exact. It seems as though California is slowly becoming filled with vineyards. Great family farms are now boasting wine tastings and organic vegetables and flowers. It is really something. I live about a mile from a vineyard that sells their grapes to many wineries. Apparantly the grapes are supposed to be great. With all the rain we are having AGAIN today, it is no wonder that they burst forth as soon as the sun comes out. Have fun on your trip. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the rain is less the farther south you go.

  6. I've always wished I could live in a place that looks like this. Such glorious light. Enjoy!

  7. Oh Mary Ann, this sounds so fun - have a wonderful get away - love this photo - it looks so romantic..

  8. The photo is amazing...
    Have a great trip away Mary Ann...enjoy :)

  9. oh lovely - if you find your way to blogland come over to my humble little place and answer the question "I am..." today - or go one step further and enter the contest (see the details at the post) bring your friends with you ;)