Friday, April 24, 2009

Unkown Outcome

Acrylic on Rives BFK paper, measures 18" x 18" . The second approach and I would say it is in a precarious position. I'll need to journal, look, watch and paint some more but right now it's not holding my interest. I have been wrong before in not believing a piece has potential but we shall see. I recently read an article on
textures shapes and color about extroverts and introverts and big surprise...I am an introvert. I'm also a Scorpio and I like to keep secrets and veiled aspects of myself and the work. The article said an introvert needs time to go to feelings and examine meanings and that is so me. If I can't find a REAL reason for painting this painting then it is on shaky ground. So far, I see my love for the artist Hundertwasser and maybe I can follow that lead otherwise I will either save the good parts or gesso over the whole thing...drives Pablo crazy seeing things around her appear and disappear. I'll post something if there is anything new. Tomorrow I am having Deena over for some studio play time We both need to just talk and explore and get out of our regular lives for awhile and maybe next week I will return to this piece with "new eyes".
Weekend entertainment will include the movie "State of Play" starring an A-list cast. Also major interest in the MBA playoffs. Monday I am having my windows washed inside and out...that should open the world to us as the windows are awful from all the winter rain. Have a great your asparagus!


  1. I really liked this, especially the color and something about how you composed it all...hundertwasser is also a favorite of mine ... what wonderful inspiration...

  2. I actually really like this and also Direction 2 on your sidebar....nice!

  3. it will be interesting to see what you do. the day with your friend sounds fabulous. can I come? I think I am both an introvert and an extrovert. I like to ponder things within me and take my time trying to understand or groke things. But i also like to hear what others have to say although i often overreact to what they say but running out and doing it immediately. Better for me to hear, go away and ponder, then come up with my own vision which may or may not include the inspiration from others.

    have a glorious weekend. clean windows, yes!

  4. Well, don't gesso over this until you get the clean windows,,,,all the better to see it! That area with the spirals is super, as is Direction in your sidebar.
    I'm not so sure I go along with the Myers-Briggs thing. Like Suki proposes, I think we are all different types at different times. Too complex to put in a box.
    A day with a friend is a day with sunshine; enjoy it!

  5. I think this piece has great potential. What you need is a rest from it.

  6. Linda, Thank you for the encouragement. I am "sitting" with this piece. I know there will be more spirals and different colors but for now the "sitting".

    Jeane, The sidebar pieces are waiting for action as well...I seem to have plenty of pieces ready for the next approach!

  7. Suki, Always love your comments! We had a change of plans...she has a cold so we worked at our own studios but connected by phone, lit a candle, read what we had written and scaned our work to one it was "like" a studio date.

    Babs, Yes, I do need a clear view of my work...clean windows will help! ha
    Intovert - extovert - I'm just me handling life my best way...aren't we all doing the same?

    Robyn, I agree, the piece has potential if I stay away long enough to truly decide what to do next!

  8. Just watched State of Play - really liked it. Maybe it is because I finally got out of the house? :)

  9. I like your use of space in this piece Mary Ann. I love BFK print making paper; so soft. I like to make my own texture and this paper lets me. Your art wisdom guides you well, and I am sure you will know what to do once you have pondered and journaled. Thank you for the link. What I have learned is to respect the pause in which some people think prior to speaking. I am pleased I have been able to change my communication style to include leaving the moment of silence as it is.

  10. Frankly, this is just between friends, you can tell me, what is wrong with it? Just because it doesn't have a compass? That is O.K.! I like it. It leads the viewer to look at the darker part and then you come bck to the right side. It does all the things that a painting should do. Lighten up on yourself and put it in the closet for a while and then you will like it.

  11. Jules, Good news about "State of Play" ...thank you. Glad you are feeling better!

    Leslie, I bought a bundle of Rives BFK and I have plenty left...for mistakes for more paint and for more the stuff!
    I know what you mean about silences and letting them be...a true life lesson.

    Pat, Just between you and doesn't feel finished for me!I'm enthused about the spirals and will wade out into the ether of colors to do somthing more? It all goes back to meaning for me...the story. The compass has a new life in another piece and I'm very excited...will share.