Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of the Three Roads

"The Playing Pieces" measures 18" x 18", canvas, acrylic, fabric and collaged items. This was an experiment in found squares, the composition created itself from a buildup of painted squares. I began painting on a canvas already painted so I was dealing with ready-made texture. Funny how a shape can capture one's imagination. This being the first of three, I painted the sides, top and bottom black as a way of connecting them. I am completely neutral on this one and the others investment was time, energy and just the pleasure (or pain) of working...the square . I'm still focused on the square but now writing in my journal and doing some research for the next attempt at new work! You can hardly see it but I have a compass stamped in one of the squares and it shows up in all three. click to enlarge.
On a personal note: Spring cleaning in and outside. Today I'm having a replacement of some rotten boards near the roof. Next window washing and sometime very soon, carpet cleaning. Next on the Spring cleaning comes me...pedicure, manicure, haircut and a spray tan! ha
Always good to have it all done before the holidays! We are having just the two of us for holiday dinner...traditional and some surprises. For dessert we are having Strawberry and rhubarb crisp...a special request. Will there be traditional recipes or some new adventures in blogland neighborhoods?


  1. First, that piece is loverly...the colors are wonderful!

    As for traditional recipes, I'm anxiously awaiting my first helping of Daylily shoots of the year!

  2. Beautiful colors (love those primaries) and textures - love the sheen and the skewing of the square!

  3. A lovely abstract. The colors are so harmonious and tie the piece together.

  4. I like the composition and the colors, Mary Ann. Nice.

    And your dessert sounds oh-so-heavenly! Yum.

  5. this is a really interesting piece Mary Ann - the off balance squares I really like - your personal spring cleaning sounds wonderful - pedicures are my personal indulgence ........

  6. Great textures, shapes and colors, Mary Ann. I love the new work.
    You also are going to take care of yourself! What a state of balance you are in...inspiring <3

  7. I really enjoyed looking at the piece, and I can see the compass. I like that idea, it suggests that we all need an inner compass in order to play life's game.

  8. I like the intriguing tilt to the lines of squares. A great piece. And as always I love the way your wisdom shines in your words; this time of self care – personal Spring Cleaning.

  9. Cynjon, Thank you, lots of lots of layers of colors.
    I'm dumfounded...Daylily shoots?

    Martha,Thank you, I love everything you said. Comments can mean so much to new work!

    Jean, Thank you, the colors do seem harmonious, even the blacks.

    Willow, Thank you for dropping by, some paintings make themselves...this one did.

  10. Jeane, I like the term askew for these squares.
    Yes, pedicures are pleasure, the shop recently added hot towels in addition to leg was like getting new legs and feet!

    Cynthia, I hope all bloggers take some time this Spring to take care of themselves...creative people need pampering for body, mind and will be a long summer.

    Pat, I like your take on the compass...we so agree on the inner order and direction.

    Leslie,For me,self care is a ritual to prepare personally for the change of season.
    Glad you like my tilting squares!

  11. strawberry with rhubarb - how Spring inspired!

  12. Yup, daylily shoots...just your regular yellow garden variety. You steam them, and they taste quite similar to asparagus...but a heck of a lot cheaper and easier to grow!

    There are more recipes here, and elsewhere online...

  13. i can't believe i've not stumbled across you before, since so many of my fave blogs are on your blogroll too. :-) i really love this painting. the colors are my faves, but it really makes me think as well. wonderful!

  14. Hi! - I always love your colors and I see a key in this one. Interesting. I'm gobbling up spring garlic a.k.a. green garlic. It adds a savory sweetness to whatever you are cooking - not strong like mature bulb garlic. You can only get it in spring at the farmers market - so sieze the opportunity! I so need a pedicure but I have a fear of those places. Ha!

  15. Just Me, Out of all the different types of dessert, this one was requested...light and fresh tasting after a big meal!

    Cynjon, Amazing lesson in daylily shoots, thanks for the site, I'll check it out.

    Julochka, Thanks for the visit, I checked out your site as well and realized you are the other half of the Julie Project...I am a devoted reader of tangobaby...nice round about circle of blog spots.

    Karen, I'm learning so much, garlic you say! I will now check that out as we have a great Farmer's Market!
    Have a great holiday!

  16. That shot of blue sends energy and excitement through to my finger tips! I want to use that color in something.
    As for the holiday, we're hand making tortilla's and filling them with savory and sweet. I was also thinking about falafal drizzled with lemon yogort sauce...
    ag! i can't figure out how to spell that custard-like dairy product? oh well!

  17. Squares, camel, compass, and key.
    Beautiful colors and lace. It's all intriguing,,,unbalanced, yet pulled together by the gorgeous color. Great composition.Unconventional.

    I had my toes done over the weekend, and that's a lil bit of heaven. Bring on sandal weather!
    Meanwhile, I need desperately to clean.I adore a shining clean house yet hate doing it.

  18. Patrice, I'm glad you like the energy of the blue!
    Your holiday dinner sounds wonderful! Whenever son visits me we have to go to The Falafal House! Enjoy your holidays

    Babs, I'm glad you like it...yes, it is off kilter just the way a experimental piece needs to be...?!
    Love, the pedicure and yes, almost sandal time here!!

  19. I was looking again at this and reminded very much of de Stael
    I really love it, and he is one of my present "gurus"