Sunday, April 12, 2009

Second of the Three Roads

" Cartouche 2" measures 20" x 20" canvas, mixed media, acrylic,fabric trim, paper collage and oil pastel. I can't even begin to ask why? I remember painting one square which led to another and on and on. Exploration into painting in a new old way has been a challenge. I played with crackle compound around the edges and I did like creating narrow rows of little squares. The collaged images are from old work fragments. It's as if I'm traveling down a road and realize this isn't where I want to be after all...that sums up my effort on this second of the three roads. Click to enlarge. I finished the third attempt and will post it this week.
I went to the craft store and bought a string of shells, a straw wreath and rafia. I have a glue gun so now I'm going to challenge myself to make a new Spring-Summer wreath for the front door. For winter I bought a berry wreath and enjoyed it but now I'm ready for a change and how hard could it be? ha
I hope every one's holiday was sweet with family and good food. I visited my friend D. and we drank coffee in the morning sunlight and talked art...a gift we both needed.
Tonight I am watching the third episode of "Little Dorrit" on Masterpiece Theatre on my PBS station. It isn't my favorite Dickens but I just so enjoy the characters. Is anyone else out there in Blogland watching too?


  1. Mary Ann - this is a gorgeous color palette - I love the piece on your sidebar, I think titled new directions? - anyway, it is yummy - and the head dress/mask is just the best! I love masks

  2. Your Oasis series is really beautiful and well designed. Wonderful color sense too.

  3. I was wondering how long ago this was painted and if it was years, are you still using the compass image or has the path been found? I find that the compass resonates with me and that makes me curious.

  4. Mary Ann, I really love this piece. I know just what you mean about getting lost in the work and not even knowing what is happening until you stop and take a look...then you do wonder what in the world. Here is the thing I have found out...sometimes it takes months or years to reflect and learn where you were or what that came from.

    I do like the analogy of the roads...

    Oh the wreath...well now, that sounds like lots of fun.


  5. Neat - kind of has road-work colors to it. Is that a little partridge-like bird near the center? I really like it!
    Yesterday I had all the kids & grandkids as well as a boyfriend and his brother - whew! Fun times.

  6. Nice texture and colors. You are so creative. I too am watching "Little Dorrit". Won't answer the phone to anyone while its on. The characters are so strong.

  7. Great colours and the format works really well
    And yes I saw Little Dorrit - they serialised it on BBc Tv over here during the winter months and I enjoyed it immensely!

  8. lovely painting/collage. good to see you are working again, and talking with a friend about art--how wonderful. I am not sure if I saw Little Dorrit. Funny huh? Maybe I should order it.

  9. Wonderful design and I love the intricate little border. Yes! I was watching "Little Dorrit" on Masterpiece last night, too. Really well done. And doesn't Laura Linney, who announces it, look fabulous with that red background?

  10. Jeane, Your comments always lift my spirits...thank you. I have four small pieces called directions I - IV and they are all unfinished...can't find my way? ha

    Lindsay, Thank you, I have my Oasis series up at a salon and I'm getting good feedback.

    Sylvie, Thank you and thank you for the visit...I'll be over to your site soon!

    Pat,This is very recent work...and the compass is in the left hand corner. I've only done three and so far still searching!

  11. Kim, I think you are on to does take months, years for a piece to speak or come into it's own. I'll need patience.

    Karen, The bird was rescued from my scrap pile...a mystery.
    Glad you had family and was a perfect sunshiny day!

  12. Jean, "little Dorrit" is a must see for me on Sunday and like you I don't answer the phone. The characters are strong and there are so many of them!

    Rosie, Glad you enjoyed "Little Dorrit"'s been a great evening show for me in what is usually a bleak television schedule.

    Suki, Thank you, it does feel good to not only be working but beginning to finish some pieces.
    I had never read "Little Dorrit" but I would recommend it.

    Willow,I agree, "Little Dorrit" is well done...I have so much fun just gazing at the tea service, upholstry and costumes.
    Agree...Laura Linney looks great with the red background!!

  13. Really a lot to see when enlarged,,,love the sweet bird.
    (and many of my favorite colors here)
    I'm sure your wreath will be perfectly wonderful. A woman with a glue gun is a powerful thing!

  14. Mary Ann, I just loved your featured post at Katherine's....I can relate so much to where you are in your art life - it was nice to hear some one else at a similar junction - doing my art is so much a part of my life, that I very seldom question the reasons anymore, except I just love making feels good that I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself anymore and it sounds like you are at a very similar place - thanks, I really enjoyed reading why you do/don't do your art....xxo, Jeane

  15. Babs, Thanks for taking the time to look this piece over, the little painted fragments were doomed to stay in a cardborad box until I rescued them!
    I am pretty dangerous with a glue gun and the results are on my lifts my spirits to have something new on the door!

  16. Jeane, Your comment reached me in a way only art friends can understand...this blogland has produced a fine friendship between you and me...kindred spirits on our very own path...enjoy your studio time!

  17. I'm thinking of ancient ruins, secret chambers and underground passages. I love this painting Mary Ann! Thoroughly enjoyed your article at Katherines blog.

  18. Robyn, Thank you for your comment...secret passageways! WOW!
    Katherine was generous to feature me...great blogs out there her's included.