Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Third of the Three Roads

"Yggdrasill Tears" measures 20" x 20" canvas, acrylic, paper collage, stones, copper leaf and metal rings. I've long been interested in Norse mythology and on this third road (exploration) I found the world tree among paint drips and blotches. Layers later I added the stones and it all seemed to represent my need at times to paint stories. I like this "way" of discovering imagery and will continue down this road for awhile. My compass is almost in the center.
I have a big grin on my face!! Katherine of
Treffinger Daily is featuring me today on her blog, both my art piece and writing and it all looks wonderful! Her question was: "What meaning does doing art have for you? Why do you show up in your studio or wherever, and pick up your tools day after day?Please stop by and enjoy her will love seeing her work.
Today is a happy day...Leslie at textures shapes and color has included my comments on her sidebar pertaining to her four questions. Her site is a must see!
On a personal note: My sidebar is featuring the results of my glue gun wreath creation. A tidy shell wreath...I actually like it on the red door and I used blue glass flat marbles to express droplets of water....easy fun!


  1. I love love love this and all your art. Seems to be part Klimt part Hundertwasser. Such beautiful colours.

    I'll be back

  2. Your three roads series is most successful! Congratulations on the recognition you are receiving--well deserved, I might add.

  3. I enjoyed your feature at Treffinger Daily and hearing about your path as an artist. I also like your current work, Yggdrasill Tears; especially the use of space and discussion of the symbols. I love wreaths and I often make one in the fall. Now I am encouraged to think of one for spring and summer!

  4. I love the shades of aqua in your collage. And your shell wreath is just too charming!

    You look fab in your new profile piccie, BTW!

  5. I really like this piece Mary Ann - the colors, shapes and overall feel - wonderful....

  6. It seems like I concur with everyone else. I am enjoying this new painting. It does draw the eye and the imagination into it. I also like that you are getting more centered with the compass. There is significance in that, no?
    Love the wreath.

  7. lovely new piece. makes me think of stone washed denim. thanks for the links too. enjoyed reading your words and hearing your story. the wreath is charming. i should make one but first....must find the door.

  8. Congratulations! This is beautiful..I'm headed over to read about you.

  9. Thank you Mary Ann for sending your words, your art, and your friends to my site. This is a lovely piece.

  10. Clever Pup, I once visited Austria for a month with family and fell crazy in love with both Klimt and Hundertwasser. I can't tell you how pleased that my work might reflect that love and influence. Thank you so much!!

    Elizabeth, Thank you so much, I think dead ends are just as good as open roads...I've learned plenty and will keep on letting my work inform me!

    Leslie, Glad you stopped over at Treffinger Daily and enjoyed a little of my history.
    The wreath was especially fun because it was instant gratification, a little glue and done!

    Willow, I am so crazy about the color aqua that it is a wonder I don't paint everything that color.
    Feels good to add somthing new to the door...refreshing for little money and little time.

  11. Jeane, Thank you, this one pleases me too...I like that when it happens!

    Pat, Great observation...I do believe the compass placement is a centering tool for me. I am so ready for new work...gesso paper today!

    Suki, I am glad you visited Treffinger Daily and that you like this piece.
    The saying: "Make it and the door will appear?" I made that up but I think it's a good idea!

  12. Nikki, Glad to know you are off to visit Treffinger I'm off to visit your site!! ha

    Katherine, Thank you... it was fun and a good way to stir things up a bit for me!

  13. I went to Treffinger Daily and did enjoy it, thanks.

  14. Just returned from Katherine's,
    and enjoyed her blog very much, thanks!
    Very insightful answer you gave to her question,,,and was easy for me to relate to.
    I agree with all that has been said about this painting of yours, adding only that it feels very 'free' to me.
    I knew you'd wield that glue gun well,,,the wreath is very fresh and original!

  15. I am really enjoying this wonderful work Mary Ann! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Loved the link to Treffinger!
    And this new piece is wonderfully textured and very sexy.

  17. I really love this painting Mary Ann and throughly enjoying the Wednesday picture series.

  18. Pat, Treffinger Daily is a great site!

    Babs, Thanks for the visit to me and Treffinger Daily. Getting out the glue gun was loads of fun and I'm really enjoying this wreath.

    B & W, Always nice to see your name show up, thanks for the visit.

    Patrice, So glad you like Treffinger Daily and my painting is sexy?? ha

    Robyn, Thanks for the encouraging words on Wednesday's to share. You are the Queen of sharing on your post...wonderful!

  19. Love the headdress, and all the new work - and I really like the new look of your blog!!

    Unknown? Not for long...

  20. I'm a new follower, I know, but I just had to say that I love this piece and you are introducing me to such wonderful other artists! Very rich blog you have. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is SUCH beautiful color. And all of the grids and rings and squares, and yes, the compass, are iconic and mystical.

    Beautiful, Mary Ann.

  22. Patrice, I'm glad you like the headress and my new look. Fun to change a little!

    Lindsay, Thanks so much for visiting and I'll be over to your place!

    San, Iconic, mystical and beautiful color...I'm floating! Those rings are those paper and metal ring sales tags?..silly me!