Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two Directions

Clay, silver and acrylic paint, approx. 5" x 7". This month is the celebration of poetry and on that note here is a favorite of mine...pure and simple by Billy Collins:
In the Evening
The heads of roses begin to droop.
The bee who has been hauling his gold
all day finds a hexagon in which to rest.
In the sky, traces of clouds.
the last few darting birds.
watercolors on the horizon.
The white cat sits facing a wall.
The horse in the field is asleep on its feet.
I light a candle on the wood table.
I take another sip of wine.
I pick up an onion and a knife.
And the past and the future?
Nothing but an only child with two different masks.
Today is a surprisingly hot day for Springtime at the beach. Our neighborhood pool is opened and if this heat continues, I will take my first swim of the year tomorrow.
On my reading list is "Drawing Closer to Nature" by Peter London, a very thoughtful book on art making but not a casual read.


  1. you signed on as a follower for my photography blog, you might like my other one about angels even more. Interesting paintings!

  2. Mary Ann, your "Two Directions" reminds me of Janus, the god of doorways. And the line from the Collins poem is a perfect accompaniment.

  3. Maureen, I will visit you angels blog as well, thanks.

    San, Oh good, it is so hot here today and I have been sipping champagne...I was trying for a conection and glad to know I was successful! ha

  4. Evening champagne here too, and a sense of celebration for the sun for one thing. I love this poem a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Fabulous poem,,love that last line, and of course it does fit well with your clay piece.

    So FUN to see someone else's clay work! (thank you!) What type of clay do you use? And is that background fabric? It's beautiful too. Hope you show more clay,,,along with your collages, as I would miss seeing those.

  6. beautiful work. and great match with the poem.

  7. I love this particular Billy Collins poem, too, Mary Ann. I thought of Janus, too!

  8. I like the last line as well. Actually, I was wondering if the clay was of your sons?

  9. popping in to see what is new. However, as I do I am quickly falling under the weather - so quick comment and then jammies!

  10. Leslie, Good combination...champagne and this poem. The sun always reason to celebrate but today a bit too much...over 85 and climbing!

    Babs, I remember it being leftover clay and did not require placing in the kiln.

    Luisa, Thank you...I'm a Billy Collins fan.

    B&W, Thank it too!

    Willow, Poetry month is a great opportunity to share favorites.

  11. Pat, This clay piece created itself, sometimes my best work is seeing the beauty already there!

    Jules, Run don't walk and get under the covers...feel better!

  12. Thanks for sharing the poem and the clay is awesome

  13. Beautiful art and poem... truely for a warm spring day like today. I am glad you are having delicious swims, I am envious! Roxanne

  14. Nikki, Thanks for the visit!

    Roxanne, The heatwave is over, I'm in sweats from head to toe and turning up the heat! ha