Saturday, March 28, 2009

Re-Post of the Recent Past

Gold 9
Actually this piece consists of 9 small canvas pieces 4"x4". Each one begins with layers of fabric machine stitched together in a circle of sorts. The fabric choices are varied...old paint rags, satin and cotton to name a few. Most have the addition of stones, some wire and all share paint and gold leafing. My heart was about the many layers and shapes of the human and divine. The imperfect within the beauty of color and gold...all becoming startling divine by connection and support. I like them all together but I have hung them in different ways.
This is such a grand day for me!!! My first ever post. I have plenty to learn and plenty to add but for a first day out, I have such a big grin on my face. I have been thinking and talking about having my own blog for the longest time. I called Gail on my server's list of consultants and she spent an hour and half talking me through and explaining options. I see her as my angel (we share the same birth date) because this old brain is slow and she was so very patient. Well my dear friends, the adventure begins. I'm sure it will evolve in strange and mysterious ways very much like my art and very much like my life...thank you for joining me on this very first day!

This month marks my blogs one year anniversary and I re-posted my first blog to celebrate! I can't tell you how much I have learned this past year and in 12 months I have met some wonderful blogger friends from all over this planet. Exciting, fun conversations, tender revealing sharing posts...this has been a great experience in what has been a not so easy year for me. Blogging has given me such joy! To each and everyone who has stopped by...Thank you so much and please keep coming back!


  1. congratulations on your anniversary! :-)

    .....and keep on blogging, please.

    thank you for sharing,


  2. Mary Ann! applause! a whole year! congratulations! it has been my pleasure to meet you! Even though we haven't met face to face, I consider you a dear friend!Looking forward to another year of your entertaining posts. xxo

  3. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary. May this year bring much joy and success!

  4. Can you please tell me if your collage show is still at the gallery? If so, what are the hours of the gallery and the days that they are open? I am thinking about making a trip down to SC this week and would like to stop by the gallery and see the show. Thanks! And congrats on one year. It has only been one week for me! But very fun and I love "snooping" in on everyone's blogs. Great fun!!

  5. I am not an artist at all...I just know how to take care of cats...but I can live vicariously through my artist friends...Congrats one 1 year of growth, friendship and art!

  6. ero, thank you!

    Jeane, Thank you...from the beginning I felt an easy connection and consider our friendship as REAL! ha Looking forward to another fun year!

    Elizabeth, Thank you...a whole's been great fun!

  7. Teri, Congratulations on your first week!
    I have two collages hanging at the Santa Cruz Art League show called "Altogether: Collage/Assemblage. The address is 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz
    Wed.-Sat., 12-5, Sun. 12-4

    Terri and the cats of Furrydance,Thank you, it's been a great experience...stop by any time!

  8. Many congrats Mary Ann - so glad you have been blogging and sharing your icy hot adventures with us all! May the fun continue.........

  9. wonderful paintings. congrats on one year. am so glad you found this medium as i have loved reading your posts, seeing your art. wonderful.

  10. Keep up the good work! I'm glad you re-posted this image because I love everything about it.

  11. Congratulations on your first blog year anniversary!

  12. I haven't known you the whole year,,but it's for sure been a pleasure. Seeing your work, reading your words.
    Very nice collage,I wish I could touch it, feel the texture that I know is there.
    I'm lifting my coffee mug to another great year!

  13. Rosie, Thank you...I will do my best with this icey (lukewarm) hot art adventures!

    Suki, So glad I've had this blog and the pleasure of meeting so many kindred spirits!

    Margaret, I'll keep on going...glad you like these 9.

    Robyn, Thank has been such a big deal to me to meet and shrink the miles between with such easy connections.

    Babs, It has all been great and thank you for the raised coffee cup!

  14. Congratulations, Mary Ann! I enjoy your blog so much. And I feel blessed to have come to know you. Don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog for the first time, but that was a good day.


  15. Congratulations Mary Ann! Thank you!

  16. This is terrific - a whole year! I'm so glad you continued with this (so grateful you got the chance) and that so many have become regulars here. That says a lot about you, your art and your wisdom. Hug. P.S. I'm seeing the beauty outside but stuck inside with terrible chest cold / wheezing - ugh!

  17. I keep returning here because your blog name always grabs me. I am never disappointing when I visit!

  18. You now macke it look easy. You are an inspiration to me.

  19. San, I consider it a great day we began this blog pleasure!

    B & W, Thank has been a fun ride this whole year!

    Karen, Who knew it could be such fun? I have such gratitude for this blog business. Sorry about your cold...the worst in the Spring...take care of yourself!

    Just You, I'm so glad I've pulled you in to visit...thank you and I will try not to disappoint!

    Pat, You were here from the beginning...thank you for your support and friendship!!

  20. Wow, I've just had a really nice poke around in your site.

    This work reminds me of Paterson Ewen and Joyce Weiland.

    And although I can only see a little tiny photo of you, I think we might look alike.

  21. Congratulations, I love the piece of art, what a great way to re-use things, it looks fabulous.

  22. Love the art - and wow - 365 days of thinkin' blog...

    Congrats! You've only just begun...

  23. Clever Pup, Thank you for stopping by...I'm not familiar with the two artist you mentioned...are there sites where I might see their work?
    I think I have several hundred years over you but our hair color is similar! ha

    Ro Bruhn, It was my pleasure visiting your create beautifully.
    I have a houseful of thinks to re-use! ha

    Patrice, Thanks for the mean there is more?!!

  24. i LOVE this piece

    xox - eb.