Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Friday Art Walk

This past Friday was our city's art walk with museum and galleries participating. About a dozen places are showing Altogether: Collage/Assemblage so there should be quite a mix throughout! My two pieces in the Art League Gallery are up and they had their doors open as well. I didn't attend...rain was expected and the last thing I felt like doing was parking, hauling my umbrella and crowds...what a party pooper, I have become! I'll take my camera and go over this week without the crowds and take a few shots. Next Saturday the Art League is having a reception so maybe I can get past my lazy butt attitude and get over there...I'll drag Pablo.
An update on the exercise program being reported in the sidebar. I've been pretty steady about going out to the cabana and cycling for 20 min...most everyday. I wear a jacket, listen to both classical music and the sound of the birds in the morning. I haven't weighed
myself but I can tell by my jeans that I haven't lost much if any...oh well!
All the plants have new buds and the weeds are taking off like crazy. I have a brick walkway and those grassy weeds are growing up between the bricks...I need to get my knee pads on and start pulling them before they get too far out of hand. I like gardening and I especially like weed pulling. They are forecasting sunshine for most of the week!
In the studio: I'm working on canvas, adding collage with acrylics. It sure has been a struggle...can't seem to find my way. I'll re-cap next post!
Tonight's movie is "Frozen River". The actress Melissa Leo's performance was an Oscar nomination but the other actresses got so much of the attention. Looking forward to this one.


  1. Great job on cycling Mary Ann. I have not been walking; tree pollen and odds and ends of demands on my time. Maybe this week. That doesn’t sound very dedicated, but I am okay as long as I keep going with some walking. It would be nice to have my pants fit looser, but I am after feeling my best which I always do when I walk. My studio happenings are in the in between stages too. It isn’t a fast process, this art making!

  2. Congratulations on the is truly so difficult when all we want to be doing is making art.!!!!!!

  3. Hey - great cycling! I've been mostly on track with my 40 days of walking - one slip up. My pants are all tight. One day, my matabolism just quit on me after years of active support. Hrmph!

  4. The lack of things like art walks is one of the few downsides of living in the country.

    I hadn't heard of Frozen looks interesting!

  5. That's fabulous about the art walk and show of two of your pictures. Hey, it's okay to be "lazy" sometimes. Good for us in fact. The exercise program sounds great. My friend A lost a lot of weight using a stationary bike. Lucky you to be even contemplating gardening and seeing weeds. MORE SNOW falls here. Ugh. I am jotting down that movie title. Be well, suki

  6. Wow you've done better than I have! I walked 7 miles yesterday in rain, sleet and snow and feel better for it! It's difficult fitting it all in!!

  7. That should be a great showing of assemblages,,,looking forward to some pics.
    Everything is budding and blooming here too,,,probably the allergies more so than anything! I noticed the 'carpet' of (my fave weeds/flowers) in the back yard today,,,dandelions! Gosh I have such a green thumb for dandelions.
    Exercise,,,next topic please,,I must be allergic,,,,I manage to keep avoiding it. Atchooooo!

  8. Come to my house and pull weeds. It would really be good, I'll make tea and cookies for when you are finished. I hate pulling weeds.
    Don't you just feel frustrated when you are in the middle of a project and can't figure the next step. That is where I am now. I would like to see the art walk with you as a guide!

  9. Leslie, Yes, artmaking has it's own pace. I am trying to keep regular hours in the studio and still can't find my direction.

    Janette, So true, I may complain but I am my happiest in the studio.

    Karen, Glad you are keeping up with your forty days...your matabolism quit you and me too as well as a few other parts! ha Katherine wrote more about your Tarot year...check out what she had to say on the post before.

    Cynjon, I highly recommend "Frozen River"...I believe the actress had a great performance.
    I always must live near a Macy''s my life rule!

  10. Suki, I am excited about seeing my work up in the gallery. A little party never hurt anyone!
    My Spring is coming along nicely...buds and weeds. Your eastern springs are so beautiful, green and scented too!

    Rosie, Don't forget I'm sitting for those miles...very different than are getting a true workout!

    Pat, Yes, I know that feeling of frustration...the answer comes but sometimes with time and failure...hope your answers come to you in a flash!
    I'm anxious to see the assemblage...a creative mix for sure!

  11. Babs, Stay in the studio where the dandelions never grow!
    I'm excited to see assemblage...I'll take photos!

  12. Big congrats to you from me! Great cycling and great show your pictures in the gallery!

  13. I found your website via looking at Leslie A. Miller's site. I noticed you live in Santa Cruz. I grew up in the Bay Area and used to go to S.C. as often as I could. In fact, I still have a cousin who lives there. I think I might plan a trip down there to see the show that you are writing about here. I would love to hear how you developed this site. I would love to be doing this too but feel "stuck" because I don't know how to go about it. I walk daily with my husband. We do 3 miles a day usually rain or shine unless there are huge winds. I live in the Foothills and love it. Have an art studio in my backyard but haven't been there in awhile. I need a kick in the butt. I love what you say about finding inspiration from each other and having this forum to do so. It is hard to do everything that needs to be done in life and still do what we "want" to do, isn't it? I feel that there just simply isn't enough time in a day or maybe I am just getting lazy or slower? Gorgeous day here in the Foothills. Same for you at the coast? I have a friend who lives in Aptos on Seacliff. She can see the cement boat from her window.

  14. B&W, Thank you, I'm going to photograph at the gallery tomorrow!

    Teri, Thanks for the visit. Sounds like you have plenty of the good things in life...good luck starting your art blog!
    Today it is full sunshine here at the beach!